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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk June 19th 2009

The day started with the apricot and the anti-apricot. I'm not going to explain this. Be puzzled. We saw a place for sale in Selcuk, a house in the old town, on the hill. It was rather run down to say the least, probably needs a new roof, new floorboards, new stairs, new windows and new doors. It was quite fascinating and certainly had potential, and some of the rooms were remarkably cool which is a benefit of stone walls and floors. At the right money I might have considered it, but the owner really wanted way too much especially since the restoration work needs to be done to meet the strict preservation rules on what is an historic area and this will no doubt mean higher costs to get the place straight. She would have ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk June 18th 2009

The best things to say about the ride today are 1. No mishaps 2. We made it to Selcuk We checked in at the Homeros, a really nice and friendly place on the hill. Had tea, ate gozleme (a sort of pancake). We are going to be here for a few days, some day trips planned, some on the bike and maybe some on the dolmus. We had a little wander around town, looked at some places. This is the area we are thinking of retiring to in a few years. We ended up at the old Artemis temple, it is a really peaceful place. It is partly flooded at present, home to terrapins and geese. It is also a great place to get a view of Selcuk over time, the column of the temple, to ... read more
Bike outside Homeros
Various monuments
Silly birds

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Aphrodisias June 17th 2009

I found a new road surface today, something to add to gravel, rock, and the rest. Tar. It is going to be fun trying to get the tar off the bike when I get home, For now I am not going to worry about it. For once we got to go riding without the luggage which is nice, the bike copes well with the luggage but it was good to leave it, and the windshield behind for a day. Most of the ride was fun, apart from the short bit of roadworks and tar, and the urban highway around Denizli. Urban highways are never fun, but are often necessary to get to places. The rest, the vast majority of the ride out to Aphrodisias was on open roads winding through pretty hills and some stunning mountains. ... read more
Stadium with mountains
Hilary near Aphrodite gate
Nero and Agrippina

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale June 16th 2009

After a rather good breakfast, bread, olives, melon, watermelon, cheese, omlette, washed down with lots of coffee, we spent all day wandering around the travertines, and the ruins of Heiropolis. I managed to not put sunblock an a bit of my legs with the inevitable result, a rather red patch which is a little sore. Oh well. Hilary managed to miss a bit as well, but it is all minor so nothing to worry about. We took the short way up, a path over the travertines which requires shoes to be removed. It is an easy enough walk and the stone is on the whole pretty smooth and not slippery. It was rather full of other tourists which was pretty much expected, but they pretty much only do the travertines, the ancient pool and the theatre, ... read more
Travertines again
More travertines

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale June 15th 2009

It was a long and hot ride from Bergama to Pamukkale but all went pretty much to plan in that we did not get lost or have any sort of mishap. We took the inland route via Sahili, more direct and less highway. There were a couple of events of note, firstly roadworks, there was a short bit of unsurfaced road and gravel which returned to a reasonable surface after a few hundred yards, I thought great, through that, then.... Back to unsurfaced road, loose gravel and dust, it just stretched into the distance as far as the eye could see. There was about 10 miles of it. We went slowly, bikes and gravel / loose stones are not a good combination especially when the surface below is uneven. We got through it. I do not ... read more
Pamukkale on the evening of arrival

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bergama June 14th 2009

After riding for the last 9 days it was nice to have a break and do tourist stuff. The tourist stuff being wandering around the ruins of Bergama. These are both extensive and impressive. We took many photographs. I was wondering why people go to visit these places. I'm pretty sure that I know why I do. I am interested in history. I am particularly interested in classical and pre-classical history. I like to wander round ruins and soak up the atmosphere, trying to imagine what it was like to live there, live through the events we know from history. I don't know why other people go. We went to the acropolis then strolled down to where they are excavating 'ordinary' buildings. We went into the mosaic house and were extremely impressed by the mosaics - ... read more
view over theatre on acropolis
theatre on acropolis

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bergama June 13th 2009

Today was all excitement. We had a glass of tea at the tea garden then headed for the bike to discover we had a flat front tyre. There was a wedding last night and we guess it was some kind of high jinx. The empty panniers were also opened. Some men came by with a hand pump and the tyre has stayed inflated. The first part of the road was as hairy on the way back as it was on the way out. Then we got a smooth run. After stopping at Behramkale / Assos for a quick take in of the view we found the old coast road beyond Ayvacic, which is attractive although in places all you have to your right is a short vertical drop to the sea. We found a place serving ... read more
Breakfast on the coast
Ashley by the pool
Acropolis hotel, Bergama

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Troy June 12th 2009

I'm not really sure about all the fuss over Troy. Helen and all that, plus the links to the creation of Rome. But anyway, it is virtually on the highway south out of Canakkale. It is interesting in some ways and I got a picture of the important bit, the palace walls of Troy VI and Hilary, So I guess that is Hilary of Troy. After Troy we left the highway to take some rather more interesting roads out to Babakale. Some through tiny villages with chickens in the street, and on one occasion an untethered foal which was a bit shocked by the Harley, but nothing bad happened. Other parts were on some lovely winding roads through olive groves, hills, and at times the coast, all of which was very pretty. Then there was the ... read more
Roman theatre at Troy
Babakale harbour
The Westernmost point of Asia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Canakkale June 11th 2009

It has been an eventful day. Firstly, on leaving Alexandropolis, someone had obviously checked out the saddlebags. Nothing was taken because there was nothing in them. It happened on the past trip as well, in Ancona so maybe it is something about street parking in port cities. We loaded up the bike and after coffee set off for the Turkish border. It all went smooth until we got to the border. Exiting Greece was easy enough. Then Turkey, entry with a vehicle is a multi stage process. Got through the first bit where details of the bike were taken. Then after some back and forth sorted the visas and passport stuff. Then we got sent back to the start because the registration number of the bike had been entered incorrectly. LT07TZX had become LTO7TZX (the letter ... read more
Ashley had a shave
And me writıng this entry
What we did last week

Europe » Greece June 10th 2009

Rules of the Road More about Italy and France later, and maybe Turkey. For now Greece. The Greeks drive fast. On any highway there is only one accelerator position - floored. Advisory speed limits for roadworks and bends only apply to others. 130kmph is advisory. Greek traffic cops see very little. Greeks will make maneuver into tiny spaces at speed, or when pulling out. Scary! OK, the positive. Nobody will attempt to pass on the inside. On urban roads they do not lane split or try to pass unless there is a passing lane (or invited to pass), and they stop before the traffic light goes red. It is all very predictable. The key is to watch ahead and predict what is going to happen, it is very predictable once you get over UK driving standards ... read more

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