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Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli June 10th 2009

Vergina to Alexandropolis we rode 250 miles or so along the Odos Egnatia and stopped 45 miles from the border. We are staying in a cheap portside hotel which seems clean enough. It has good air conditioning and our room is quiet. It did have at least one mosquito but Ashley killed it. It was a long, hot ride with no real breaks though the scenery was dramatic in parts. We passed a town called Drama but didn't stop to take photos. Ashley did very well riding into town and getting his head around the chaos driving here. This town is fairly crazy. At around 10 everyone comes out of their houses and eats souvlaki at a restaurant. It gets smelly and smoky and loud. We enjoyed this for a while then came back to the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina June 9th 2009

From Ancona to Vergina. We managed to upload some entries from the ferry though the connection was very slow. We didn't sleep well though I usually sleep very well on boats. The room smelled funny, the beds were uncomfortable and very far apart and I was worried that I would oversleep and we would miss Igoumenitsa. We got a cup of coffee before disembarking, proving we were no longer in Italy. I don't really understand why it's not possible to get proper expresso outside Italy as, in Italy, everywhere seems able to make it. We met up with Mick (a biker from Ireland we met in Ancona) for breakfast n the harbour front then headed for the Via Egnatia. Which does seem to be almost finished. There was one, short technical section around Ionnana. There were ... read more
Ashley ın Vergına
Hılary ın Vergına

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 8th 2009

So far everything has worked to plan which means that Monday evening we are sat on a ferry from Ancona to Greece. Looking back we have been amazingly lucky with the weather, we missed the storms in Northern Italy, saw some in the distance, and caught a torrent of rain when sat in a bar in Pontremoli. So all in all, a few spots of rain and some nasty spray in the UK, and a few spots on the last leg yesterday, south from Bologna to Cattolica. Today the short hop from Cattolica to Ancona was uneventful, beyond anything one might encounter on an Italian highway. I think Italian car drivers think everything on two wheels requires no more space than a Vespa carving through the traffic of Milan. (Hilary says that the Italians do not ... read more
The ferry we are on

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Rimini June 7th 2009

Not Rimini, but Cattolica is not in the database. I, Hilary, have done two stupid things already. Well, 2 stupid things of note. Last night, after eating in the excellent restaurant Norina (where we ate last time we were in Pontremoli) we took a glass bottle of water in the bag with us. We also had the Eee PC in there. I put the bag down in a bar and broke the bottle but Ashley had wrapped the Eee well so my stupidity did no real damage. There was lots of water in the square as it poured and poured with rain. I think it must always rain in Pontremoli. My other stupid was losing my sunglasses which I need for the bike. I have no idea how I did that but I have bought some ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany June 6th 2009

ess than 32 hours after leaving Northolt (NW London) we are in Pontremoli, Tuscany, Italy, this is the real benefit of the French Motorail, overnight Calais to Frejus, I rained on us in showers on the way to the tunnel, nothing the waterproofs couldn't deal with but it took the shine from the chrome and replaced it with roadspray and left us feeling cold. The tunnel was as swift and painless as ever and the motorail terminal was not hard to find. They wanted to load the bike early - it was checked over like a hire car to agree any damage (none) went onto one of those open car carriers and got tied down with tapes. I the went exploring for food and came back with a bottle of wine, some good bread and some ... read more
Bike on train

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing June 4th 2009

I know a few of you wanted to see these.... Yes, wedding photos. Tomorrow we start the honeymoon: ... read more
Signing the register

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria February 8th 2009

We spent Saturday night in the Hotel Madrid. It's mainly famous for being the place where Franco spent the night before leaving the Canaries for Mainland Spain. I don't think it can have changed a lot since then. It may have been swept, but not much redecoration has been undertaken. It has photographs of history all over the walls. Engels, Garbo, Loren... Even the music was.... They were playing Sargeant Pepper in the bar. The hallway leading to our room was full of immense and very healthy plants. Open to the outside via a balcony it had a fountain which even ran some of the time. Our room had a tiled floor and a rug with robots on it. I am not sure that the robot rug was strictly congruous, but there was no effort to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria February 6th 2009

Arriving in Puerto de Mogan was quite a relief after travelling through parts of Maspolomas and Playa del Ingles. We guessed wrong on the bus connection from San Bartolome, we should have changed in Playa del Ingles but soon found a connection with the help of a taxi driver. We failed to get on the first bus, a mass of our continental cousins from Germany crammed their way onto the bus, but got onto one half an hour later. Puerto de Mogan is quite a pretty little place, but the weather remained cold and looking like it might get wet. Finding a place to stay was not a problem, we ended up with a small apartment so then went shopping for coffee, food and a few bits. Then wandering around we got grabbed by a time ... read more
It has water and fishes in it
And pretty little villas

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria February 4th 2009

We went out for the day, a trip further into the mountains, to Tajeda. It was stunning. The mountain road, the views, the volcanic landscape. We had lunch in Tajeda, the best food so far, really good. On the way back we got a good view of the summit of Pico Del Teide rising above the clouds. During the day the temperatures are struggling to get close to 20C, but in the sunshine it is still easy to get burnt. After dark, with the north wind, the temperature drops like a stone, so another evening on Gran Canaria back in the hotel room by 19.30 and wrapped in blankets in an attempt to stay warm. The only positive is the 8 cans of Tropical (the local beer) bought from a shop in the afternoon have stayed ... read more
Another view from the heights
Not warm

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria February 3rd 2009

After a day trip to Las Palmas, nothing much to mention about, fun in a city way and pleasantly warm, the next morning we set off for San Bartolome, The bus ride through mountains was really spectacular with some amazing views down to the coast, crazy hairpin bends, ravines, and sheer drops, San Bartolome is located at the top of a valley affording some stunning views. Slowly as the afternoon wore on the cloud descended, by early evening covering the town in a light mist and a few drops of rain. With this rather unwanted weather the temperature fell to what was probably less than 10C and made worse by a chilling breeze. The town pretty much closed down after the day trippers left, so we grabbed some beer from a local shop and headed back ... read more
San Bartolome 2
San Bartolome 3
San Bartolome again

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