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Well, there has not been much opportunity to blog from Gautemala. Internet cafes are few and far between, though there are plenty here in Flores. I want to go back and post date entries for what we have done each day as we have been very busy. We went to Copan in Honduras and spent two nights there. We explored the ruins. We drank Margaritas. We exeperienced a tropical storm. After that we went to Quirigua which I never did learn to say. No one there spoke English though the shop next to the hotel sold beer. We explored the ruins. There was an immense storm. From there we travelled to Livingstone where we ate lunch. Then on to a lovely retreat - Hotelito Perdito - down the river and into the jungle. Run by extremely ... read more
Another Flores Sunset

It is very difficult to describe just how wonderful Tikal is. It compares to Cichen Itza and to Palenque though it is as different from either of those as they are from each other. The diversity of Maya civilisation should not be so surprising as it did go on for the best part of a thousand years - and, of course, the culture persists. I don´t think it was ever a static thing and communications between the various centres were, I think, different from the kinds of communications we take for granted. Not better nor worse but different. Anyway, the monuments are monumental. They have dug up the big stuff. The very, very big stuff. It is possible to run from temple to temple, climbing the steep and rickety wooden staircases provided like it was some ... read more
Jaguar temple
Probably temple 5
collared toucan

Did I say about the minibuses? They add an entire new dimension to dolmus. I mean, they stuff more people in than you would believe was possible but everyone is pleasant and friendly. No, not madly comfortable but I consider them quite good fun. Anyway, we made it to Puerto Barrios and, from there, caught the public launch to Livingstone. Livingstone is interesting but, quite honestly, I wouldn´t want to stay there. We ran into Ashka (not sure if I have spelled her name right) and accompanied her on the remains of her shopping trip then she gave us a lift to Hotelito Perdito. We passed through the pirate bay where the pirates apparently wrote each other messages in Spanish and through some immensely beautiful scenery and arrived at the jungle lodge. Booked into the bungalow ... read more
Flores sunset
Flores sunset 2

Quirigua is this little town. Which has ruins. Quite spectacular ruins. It also had a most spectacular tropical storm, after we had seen the ruins. It was amazing. We also got to see an ancient Bond movie whilst the storm was going on. No one in Quirigua speaks English. Or, if they do, we didn´t meet them. What we did have was the ruins all to ourselves. Except for the men looking after the trees. There are some amazing steles but, honestly, not a great deal else has been excavated. Again, I can´t upload images directly from my phone so we will have to show you those elsewhere. Being uploaded to my photobucket Next day we headed up to the main road where we got a minibus to Puerto Barrios.... read more
Stele and Altar

We caught a bus to Chiquimula (I think that´s how you spell it) and from there to the border. No hassles crossing the border. They have a special deal if you´re just going to Copan. There´s a little village called Copan Ruinas which, basically, services the ruins. We found a pleasant enough hotel and booked ourselves in before exploring the town. Found a good bar called Twisted Tanyas. Much recommended should you go there. They also do food. We had excellent tilapia on the second night though on the first night we just had beer. All this time there was thunder and lightening in the mountains. The rain came down as we were heading out to eat so we ducked into the nearest restaurant. Where there was another powercut (did I mention the first powercut?). We ... read more
Bird in a tree
Macaws at Copan

Well, here we are in Guatemala City. We did not do much yesterday apart from travel. 9.5 hours to Miami, nearly 4 hours lay over, 2.5 hours to Gautemala City. Hotel Posada Belen is lovely - comfortable, friendly, very helpful staff. We had some beers some soup and bed. Up early this morning for an excellent breakfast, eggs, beans, melon and cheese with coffee and toast. Then we searched long, long time for a cash machine. Eventually found one. The search involved a lot of walking round Zona 1 which is atmospheric. There were multiple bands playing in the main square and market stalls everywhere selling pretty well everything. I´ve got a new bag - well it holds my wallet out of the way and ties it to my belt loops. Once we had cash, we ... read more
Hotel Tortoise
Parque Central

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing July 5th 2009

Predictably, the worst part of the journey was the M25 where we got stuck behind a very nasty accident for a long time. We are, however, home and safe.... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 4th 2009

Dinner was sensational. Ashley started with a duck foie gras which was very intense. Hilary had roasted goat cheese with honey which was amazing. The duck was medium, in the French sense of medium. It came with several vegetables, some of which worked better than others. The sauce was a bit sweet but well flavoured with orange, fennel and, I think, sage. We didn't photograph the cheese chariot though Hilary thought this was the best bit of the meal. The crème brulee was incredibly sweet but not so huge that the sweetness became a problem. All in all an incredibly good meal that has left us feeling very full up indeed. We had a couple of carafes of the house white wine and, before dinner, we were drinking at the Audomaroise micro brewery.... read more
Goat's cheese
Creme Brulee

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais July 4th 2009

We are further north now in St Omer, about 30 miles from Calais which makes getting across the channel and back to west London pretty easy, assuming the weather continues to hold. It has been warm again today. I really cannot complain, we left the UK at about 2.30pm on 5th June, since then we have not needed wet weather gear. This close to the channel, and on a Saturday, St Omer is rather unsurprisingly full of Brits. It also has a mix of French and UK bikers hanging around the town square. It is quite lively with in my view with rather too much beer being consumed in the afternoon. Part of me wants to turn around and do it all again. I doubt we would still have jobs to return to if we did ... read more

Europe » France » Picardy » Laon July 3rd 2009

Last night's dinner was, as predicted, pleasant enough but overpriced. The cheeseboard was, however, sensational. We did get four courses for the money though neither of us could finish the crème brulee. Today was the first cool and not very sunny ride since we left the UK back in early June. It was cool enough to wear gloves, the first time I have worn riding gloves since Italy on the way out. I have learnt that after almost 4 weeks of sweating into leathers that any clothes worn under them are no longer fit for wearing afterwards. I am going to need to find a way of getting the leathers smelling like leather again and not of four weeks of stale sweat. Hilary's jacket, on the other hand, no longer smells musty - it's been worn ... read more
Holy Cows
More holy cows

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