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June 14th 2009
Published: June 14th 2009
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After riding for the last 9 days it was nice to have a break and do tourist stuff. The tourist stuff being wandering around the ruins of Bergama. These are both extensive and impressive. We took many photographs. I was wondering why people go to visit these places. I'm pretty sure that I know why I do. I am interested in history. I am particularly interested in classical and pre-classical history. I like to wander round ruins and soak up the atmosphere, trying to imagine what it was like to live there, live through the events we know from history. I don't know why other people go.

We went to the acropolis then strolled down to where they are excavating 'ordinary' buildings. We went into the mosaic house and were extremely impressed by the mosaics - some of the best I have seen anywhere. Not sure how well they will show in the photographs. We found the path back down to town then took a taxi up to the Asclepion which was not really needed as it was closer than anticipated. It is a lovely, peaceful place. They were dressing up the theatre for a live performance (lights and sound) so we did not get wonderful photos - but it is good that the place is still in use.

Many photos were taken.

Time now for a beer and food. The beer was good. Bergama is not a gastronomic delight but we did good enough, Now, after food we have more beer.

There is something I do not understand. Trees I get - green leafy things with bark and big trunks. Ribbons I get - bits of fabric (or other material) good for hair control. So what is the logic of tying ribbons on trees? Two trees in Bergama, near the summit had this, I've also seen it back in the UK at Avebury and other places. I m sure trees do not need decoration and derive no benefit for this rather odd practice. If anyone can enlighten us on this point we would be... interested. Here in Bergama many of the 'ribbons' were bits of plastic bag.

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15th June 2009

another great set of pics and commentary. ribbons tied on trees are normally for a triubute or honor to someone or something. very common in the states....yellow ribbons on trees honoring soldiers comming home.
15th June 2009

Looks fantastic - Hilary of Troy xxx

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