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29th May 2011

sounds like a nice trip and walkabout!!!!!! very happy to hear that Hiliary is in good shape!!!!!! chuck
4th May 2011

need a pic of the swamp monster!!!!!!!! glad your ok and still having fun!! chuck
1st May 2011

glad y'all are safe....looking forward to pics. i probably will never get to that part of the world, so i do enjoy your pics!!!! i bet the harleys are expensive!!!!
From Blog: Safe in Selcuk
27th March 2011

sounds like a really nice day!!!! glad ya had fun and the weather is finally turning for the better!! say hey to hillary for me....... chuck
From Blog: Shillingford
13th September 2010

very cool!!!
thanks for the update. i think i would consider all possibilities also. maybe look at a bike that i could get serviced everywhere, and a good parts availability would need to be considered. not sure how harley service is over there. good luck with your move and have fun on this trip!!!!! chuck
From Blog: Back in Istanbul
14th May 2010

it seems y'all are haveing a great time......thanks for the updates!!!! chuck
4th May 2010

it is really great to follow y'all on your excursions!!! great pics also. sorry to hear about Ashley.....heal soon!!! chuck
3rd May 2010

I really enjoyed your Tikal post! It's funny to hear that some of toucans hang out in the car park! Not what you expect to hear from the jungle! My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
From Blog: Tikal
3rd May 2010

as willie would say....
on the road again!!!!!!!!! thanks for the update!!!!
1st January 2010

Hotel Madrid
It's a historic hotel. Luxurious in the 30's. We found in comfortable enough (yes, we had a private bathroom which worked) but it is not a fully modernised chain-type hotel. Personally I prefer the atmosphere and the history.
5th October 2009

Hotel Madrid Gran Canaria
There are not much informations about the Hotel Madrid in the web. Are the rooms in the hotel o.k. - it is a very old building - are the rooms so oldfashioned too? Is there a bathroom in the room or outside on the floor? Is the service o.k. and the room in an aceptable form clean? I would be happy if you give me more informations?
6th July 2009

well i can tell it is not TEXAS bbq!!!! lol lol it does look good chuck
26th June 2009

cozy cafe...
the cafe looks very inviting and a nice place to rest. i am still happy ya'll are posting the pics and this blog!!!! chuck
26th June 2009

that canyon walking trail looks wonderful... actually looks cool in temps..... chuck
From Blog: Millipark
25th June 2009

Happy holidays
It seems like you two are having such a wondeful time. Stephen Hopkins is missing Ashley badly though!!, just counting the days because the computer skills are much needed before we reach crisis point!!! Just joking!!! Hillary has a lovely tan!! feeling very envious!!!. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!! Cheers !!!
23rd June 2009

Wow, it looks like you're having a fab time.Stunning scenery...... Very envious ! Thanks for the updates.....
22nd June 2009

all the work that went into building these places, with nothing but manpower......awesome.
21st June 2009

great pics!!! thanks for the small history lesson you give with each stop.....very informative!!!! chuck
From Blog: Market and Efes
20th June 2009

it is sad
that hotels frown on folks using their"private" beaches.....especially when the beach was there before they were.........glad ya kept away from the snakes......i understand they give a pretty nasty bite!!!!! chuck
18th June 2009

it appears the trip is going well!!! try some baby oil on the tar....should get most off, if it hasnt set to long. there are other ways to remove it also......later. i am really enjoying this trip.....the internet is wonderful!!!! chuck
18th June 2009

the travertines are cool!!!! looks like frozen water and small waterfalls. very interesting!!! stay safe and have fun!!!! chuck
From Blog: Pamukkale
16th June 2009

Not snow
It's calcium carbonate - like stalactites and stalagmites or the scale you get in your kettle. It's very shiney! It's entirely natural.
16th June 2009

is that snow????
hehehehe, it is in the 100's here in south east TEXAS..... very glad you got through the gravel without any mishaps....have fun and stay safe!!! chuck
15th June 2009

Looks fantastic - Hilary of Troy xxx
From Blog: Bergama ruins
15th June 2009

HI Hilary, I am really glad it went well -you looked lovely, hope you are enjoying your honey money - what a fantastic experience - all the best Lizzie ps Sitting ina little golfish bowel - called the office xxx

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