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15th June 2009

another great set of pics and commentary. ribbons tied on trees are normally for a triubute or honor to someone or something. very common in the states....yellow ribbons on trees honoring soldiers comming home.
From Blog: Bergama ruins
14th June 2009

sounds like ya'll are having a great time. wonderful pics and story. i am having fun reading and looking at the pics while your on your trip.....thanks!!!
From Blog: To Bergama
12th June 2009

Hi, A ditinct improvement Ashley keep it up. Nicky
9th June 2009

that is a sleek ferry!!!! looks pretty fast also!
7th June 2009

Congratulations and we hope you have a lovely time in Turkey. So now that you are married, when can I expect to get another niece or nephew!??! We're in the UK for December - hopefully see you then. Lindley, Cathy & Cale xxx
6th June 2009

congrats!!!! live and ride a long happy life!!! chuck
5th June 2009

You kept that one quiet. :o)
16th February 2009

I wish it were warmer too
It's been getting cold here, this is not why I moved to the Canary Islands! I might as well go back to live in England. :(
From Blog: Puerto de Mogan
10th February 2009

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24th September 2008

Oooh, lovely
Foca looks lovely :) I suddenly 'got' the reference to the fireworks with your photo about it being Ramadan (until 01Oct). Evening night life must be quite fun at the moment?
3rd July 2008

Sounds like you had a marvellous trip! Lots of nice food anyway. I'm sure you're so glad to be back and haven't got your next trip planned already.
From Blog: Back Home
27th June 2008

Lovely buildings! Looks to be something of a find, particularly since the food seems to be as good as the scenery!
From Blog: Tournus
24th June 2008

Sounds like a lot of fun. Christian Loriau
23rd June 2008

It all sounds lovely!
From Blog: Tortoni
20th June 2008

I remember seeing the shrines when visiting greece ages ago, mostly blue or white. Scary, but you would think even more effective than signs saying 'slow down'. The Nature park looks stunning :)
From Blog: On to Vergina
9th June 2008

Oh dear - sorry to hear about all the rain!! Hopefully you will get some better weather soon. On the positive side, at least you aren't stuck in an office with only a fish for company...
From Blog: Alpine attempt
1st June 2008

The bike handled exactly as expected, a bit heavier, but no problem at all. We hit a variety of road conditions, motorway, A road, urban roads, roadworks with narrow lanes. All were fine, though there was a lot of traffic so I never really got to fully open the throttle. The loading and unloading were fine. No real glitches or problems. I want to make one or two minor adjustments to how the bags load on the rack, but nothing to worry about. All good. Ready to go.
27th May 2008

It does bring a whole new meaning to "travelling light". It all pretty much fits, this has been tested. One pannier has mostly bike stuff, tools etc, and waterproofs, the other has electronics, digicam ,EeePC etc, and wash stuff (in two separate waterproof bags). Most clothes fit into the bag on the bag. There will also be a small rucksack on top of the rear bag held in place with a cargo net, it is mostly empty, it will help when unpacking the panniers. There is also a small bag mounted behind the windshield for passports, documents, coins for tolls, shades and stuff.
27th May 2008

Ready to go
Goodness, all the packing in those panniers - impressive!!

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