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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison September 28th 2008

well.... i'm home and what can I say, it was an amazing trip! Here are some more photos for anyone who hasn't had a chance to see them! These are just a few of my photos from Harnas!... read more
baby on tire

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 18th 2008

Hi Guys, Had a great day in Spain today. Went to the towns of Avilla and Segovia. Old Roman Catholic Churches and Convents with a lot of interesting history. We seen the aquaducts, Alcazar which is the castle that the Disney castle was designed after, and a cathedral. it was very interesting. We took soooo many pictures today. The quaint towns and countryside it was great. Went to the Plaza Mayor and had dinner at a great outdoor cafe. Wandered the shops and made friends with a local artist. Bought some artistic masterpieces and had a great photo op. And of course some girl talk! We are having a great time together though we are exhausted but becoming accustomed to the local late social atmosphere. -Mark have fun in Georgia will try to get a hold ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 16th 2008

Hi guys well we made it here in one piece, the plane ride for me and Jamie wasn´t that bad at all. We got to watch a movie, they gave us socks,pillows,blankets and headsets. So we were set. Of course we got no sleep. It is Sat night at 11:50 here right now so we still have not gotten to bed. While we were in line to get our passports stamped Nikki got in line next to us.She didn´t even see us and at first we didn´t see her. Than I looked next to me and just gave her a hug. We have been walking all over Madrid today. The buildings are so pretty. It is not as big or crowded as we expected. Going to the El Rastro tomorrow, Prado museum, some parks that are ... read more

Africa » South Africa August 15th 2008

Hello I can't check my email on this computer so hopefully nothing important was sent to me. I have to check out of my room by 11 today and my plane leaves at like 10 at night so I am going to the lion park for the day! I think it is the one with the babies that you can play with, but I just found out that there are two different parks only one has the babies and I'm not sure which one I arranged to go to so I guess I will see when I get there. It should be fun either way though! My safari was really fun, but different than I expected. It seemed very fenced in everywhere, but other people have told me that I should go to Kenya for my ... read more

Africa » South Africa August 11th 2008

Hello everybody I am waiting for my safari pick up now... it is so far an hour and a half late... Oh well I guess even though I left Namibia I am still on african time ain't I. It was so sad to leave Namibia that I was crying in the airport... I don't know why my trip isn't done yet and I really miss home, but I really enjoyed my time in Namibia. Everyone is so friendly and I am going to miss them ALL. It is weird to think that I know people from all over the world. I am in a pickle now, because I need to go to London and Ireland and I WILL go back to Namibia. Hope everybody is doing well. Mom please don't forget the moisturizer. Also, i told ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek August 9th 2008

A few things I learned at Harnas A warm shower is a small miracle It is possible to be dirty immediatly after showering Sometimes your feet stay cleaner if you don't wear shoes There is a huge difference between a cold shower and a freezing cold shower It will kill you, but you will learn Blisters are a sign of hard work If your hungry don't ask what the food is Spinach can taste REALLY good if your hungry enough "Get in the que" means get in line If you are not confident you WILL get hurt The plants can sometimes be more dangerous than the animals If Frikkie says do it, you do it Cheetahs pee ALOT over night If you can't count on your team you are in big trouble Cheetahs can't pull ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek August 8th 2008

So 8-8-08 the olympics start today am I correct? Everything is fine here in Windhoek... I walked around a bit this morning and went to some book stores and a grocery store! I got sterilized milk there it was amazing! Also got cheese bread and crackers so I hopefully won't have to buy alot of food from the lodge i'm at because It is sort of pricey... not too pricey but still. I currently am washing all my stuff in the sink here and hanging the clothes line in my room... it is kind of funny actually to look at... but I need clean clothes! There won't be any more pictures coming because my wolverine ran out of batteries and the adaptor doesn't fit the plug here... even though it specifically said Africa on it. Mat- ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek August 7th 2008

Hello everybody Well, I am back at the chameleons lodge. Leaving Harnas was so sad and everybody was crying I have memories and friends that I think will last a lifetime. So... I am trying to attach some pictures to this email via my lovely wolverine that is working wonderfully thank you mat! I don't even know how to explain everything that I experienced at Harnas Luckily I kept a journal the whole time so maybe when I get home and am not paying for internet I can put some more detailed experiences down. But, just to be brief today... It is SO hands on there. I touched EVERYTHING! And it was so amazing to bond with the animals. I had three favorite "enclosures" Cleo and Pride were two cheetahs that I absolutely loved and slept ... read more
cleo and pride
zion and frikkie

Africa » Namibia August 2nd 2008

Hello everybody! I'm still alive and coming into my last days here at harnas. I really like it here but lately have been a little homesick. For food, we usually have meat of some sort (usually Kudu) along with carbs of some sort (pasta or what have you). There are no fresh fruit or vegetables... only the animals get those! No milk or cheese or anything either, but i'm alive and not starving so Its all good! I went on my second cheetah walk today and I must say I think that is my favorite thing to do here. Pride chased the bottle I was running with for a while today and there was an incident when the bushman were driving three donkeys (which later I saw being shot to death :( ) Through the area ... read more

Africa » Namibia July 28th 2008

Hello well everything is going good here. Today was a bit boring, as I was on game watch all day so they just stuck us out in a treehouse type thing by a waterhole and we counted the wild game that came to drink. It was fun though as we talked alot of the time (there was 4 of us). So far, I love all the animals. The baby baboons were a bit scary at first (they are pretty old now), but I am alot more comfortable with them now, so they are really fun to play with. The food here is okay, but really boring. I think so far my favorite thing though, was taking cleo and pride (two cheetahs) for a walk the other day. We walked them in a new spot... by the ... read more

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