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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia August 15th 2015

JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE WORLD Ushuaia, Argentina As is usual when planning a new trip, daily life gets in the way. I had planned for Patagonia to be my last stop on this journey. But making it happen seemed impossible. I must be getting tired. I thought about not even going…after all, what was such a big thing about Patagonia…what’s in a name? Still, I had said I would end my trip at the tip of the land mass of South America, and that is Tierra del Fuego, the island, and Ushuaia, the town. I finally decided to travel on the fifteenth of August and stay for seven days. This leaves me ten days in Buenos Aires for more tango and time to do the sightseeing I have been putting off. As the date ... read more
Inside the Terminal
My Room
Mirtha and Jhemil

South America » Argentina August 6th 2015

SPANISH LESSONS Casona la Boheme Buenos Aires When I was in the planning stages of my 2015 Scuba Diving Trip, I decided to add Buenos Aires to my itinerary for two reasons: Tango Lessons and Spanish Lessons. I like to balance the less glamorous activities like back packing and diving which require a more rugged attitude, equipment and clothing, with the more feminine pursuits like dancing. Sometimes I just tweak the activity a bit, like painting my toenails alternating colors of fingernail polish right before embarking on a twelve day hike, or coordinating my camp shirt with my handkerchief that I wear around my head with my hiking shirt. So I book-ended my dive trips in 2015 with a month of tango in Buenos Aires. I prepared for a long term stay in a Spanish speaking ... read more
Tango in la Boca
Tango in the Street
Afternoon tango milonga

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 25th 2015

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Buenos Aires My introduction to Buenos Aires began on the plane from Panama. My seat mates were a lovely couple returning to their home in Buenos Aires with their youngest son after spending two years in Virginia. They loved the US; she was especially smitten with New York (which I have only visited once). They were so pleasant and proud of their city. The trip itself ran into some difficulties so leaving Puerto Lopez by bus and flying through Panama to Buenos Aires took a walloping 40 hours. I slept a little in airports and on the planes, but only in short segments. When I got here I was so glad to just get off the cramped plane and stretch. Before dealing with money changers, taxis, and hotel check-in, I wanted to relax and ... read more
Casona la Boheme
 Foyer of la Boheme
Welcome Respite

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 23rd 2015

ALL BUSES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL Puerto Lopez Bus to Guayaquil Bus Station Transfer to Guayaquil International Airport Place: My room in Alcazaba in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Activity: Purchase a ticket to fly to Buenos Aires I bought my airline ticket to Buenos Aires this morning. I wasn’t sure what day I would travel but as I perused the web sites I learned that the cheapest day to fly was tomorrow, so I sat down at the computer at nine a.m. to purchase a ticket. I didn't confirmation until noon. I looked at many ticket sites and chose the cheapest most direct route…twice. A message would come on the screen saying I had made a wise choice and once I filled in all the required information and my payment plans a message would come up saying ... read more
Puerto Lopez Bus Station
Guyaquil Bus Station
Another view of the Bus Station

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 18th 2015

DIVING PUERTO LOPEZ Day One I popped out of bed and made my way downstairs with my dive bag and underwater camera. Maria, the manager, and self-appointed Spanish instructor ordered me a moto, the trike, and the driver had no trouble finding the dive shop, even though I didn’t know the name. I needed a new mouthpiece for my regulator. I had been getting a bit of sea water with my inhalation and sure enough, when I inspected the silicone mouthpiece there was a small cut in it…just enough to let water enter when I breathed in. I wanted Jorge to exchange the damaged mouthpiece with the mouthpiece from my back-up regulator, my octopus. Instead he put a new mouthpiece on for me and wouldn’t accept any payment for it. A German man and his son, ... read more
Trumpet Fish
Model Fish

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 17th 2015

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS My first day in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador and it’s my birthday. I looked up the translation for birthday on my telephone and practiced it all day. I walked out the door of my hotel and looked down at the ocean in the distance. I figured all I had to do was walk down this dirt road in front of my hostel, turn right at the main road and I would eventually run into the waterfront. I could check out a few dive stores and set up three days of diving. I started walking, and was surprised to see that Puerto Lopez has trikes like the Philippines. They are basically a refitted motorcycle with a cab over it. The driver is in front and there is a rickshaw type seat in the back for passengers. ... read more
Puerto Lopez Dog

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 16th 2015

ON THE WAY AGAIN Ecuador, Quito to Puerto Lopez I wanted to get out of the city and do some more diving. I made plans to travel by bus to Puerto Lopez, below Quito on the coast of Ecuador. Sometimes called “The poor man’s Galapagos.” In the eleventh hour, I decided on a hotel…Alcazaba. I decided to leave plenty early because finding your way around a bus station can be challenging. My bus was at 10:10 a.m. and it was an hour to the bus station (Carlos, the concierge at my hotel, said to plan an hour) so I decided to be up at 6 a.m. and out of the hotel by 7. Instead, I overslept and woke up at 6:49. I hustled and was out of my room by 7:06. After I paid my bill ... read more
Arrival: Puerto Lopez Bus Station

BRIGHTER DAYS As I prepare to say good-bye to the Galapagos Islands I want to emphasize how great it was to dive off the live-aboard. My cozy little room was an unexpected pleasure. Regularly the cook prepared foods I love. There was always tea available just a few yards away. One of my synch cords for my camera broke but I still had one strobe and lots of opportunity to photograph the biodiversity that this area is famous for. The sea teemed with turtles, eels, and sea lions. On one of our twenty foot safety stops at the end of a dive, a group of wild dolphins entertained us with synchronized swimming. My gear was always ready on the dive deck when it was time to dive. Waves slapped the bottom of the bucking zodiac as ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Darwin's Arch July 2nd 2015

GALAPAGOS - TOO DEEP Our days on the Astrea followed a pattern; dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat. Charging batteries and setting up the camera for each dive didn’t leave a lot of time for other activities. After the evening meal I was ready for some quiet time and sleep. On day two we had four dives planned off Wolf Island. On the last dive we saw eels, turtles, and lots of fish. Toward the end of the dive I suddenly realized I had lost my buddies (we actually dived in a group). I started to come up and then worried that I was too close to the island and might get battered against the rocks so I decided to go toward open water at the 20 foot level. When I found the drop off I ... read more

GALAPAGOS TWO ANTS: The Deciding Factor I am resting on my bunk. The door is open, as is the window, the better to catch the cooling ocean breeze. Outside the lights from another dive ship periodically come into view as our dive yacht, the Astrea, drifts around her anchor. The waves lap against the hull and the gentle rocking will soon lull me to sleep. So what about the ants? I had two double beds in my room at the hotel in Puerto Ayoro. I discovered that the coverlets harbored small, biting, red ants. When I left for my dive with Albatros dive shop two ladies were spraying my room and furniture. When I returned, exhausted, there were more ants. I set about finding a way to soak my underwater camera in fresh water. Half an ... read more

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