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PAPUA ABOARD THE GOLDEN DAWN This trip was to deliver the Golden Dawn to her winter berth in the Port Moresby yacht club. We had a good time diving, eating and talking. Only three days to dive, but it felt like plenty. Craig, the captain, had lots of good stories. Owning the largest personal yacht in Port Moresby, he is often asked to aid in rescuing boats and boaters who run into trouble. He has been attacked by a shark twice. These are terrifying tales. He is concerned about diving safety and is helping to get a new hyperbaric chamber for Port Moresby. He is a great skipper and his boat is well designed as a dive boat, but due to government restrictions it isn’t profitable for him to run dive charters so now he hires ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay » Alotau November 15th 2017

SERENDIPITY IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA I had a very pleasant one day lay-over in Manila between Palau and Papua New Guinea. My hotel, M Suites, was first rate; modern, clean, quiet, and inexpensive. After a restorative good night’s sleep, I saw an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in Makati Medical Center and still had time to go to the local mall and buy a small rolling suitcase to carry my underwater camera, and I didn’t even feel rushed. I arrived at the clinic a little early and had a bagel and tea before finding my way to the room noted on my hospital form. I sat patiently as people arrived and entered adjacent doors. I might still be sitting there if not for a very nice man in a Security uniform who finally asked, “Who are ... read more

Oceania » Palau » Koror November 9th 2017

PALAU WITHOUT FINS Diving and More Today is my down day; I slept in, then called some family members. I meandered up to the café for the breakfast special. The coleslaw was especially tasty. A pleasant faced man, Senator Reclai, chatted with me until his business associates joined him. He told me there was a library at the college right across the street. My room was dimly lit as was the motel common room and due to the heat and insects I opted for the library. I was able to type in a bright, clean college atmosphere. The librarians were very nice and helpful, but I still never got an internet connection. It has been so frustrating. On my way back to my motel I decided to get a massage. I stopped at the Anthias Café ... read more

Oceania » Palau » Koror November 4th 2017

DIVING IN PALAU I slept soundly and was grateful I had no schedule so I didn’t have to rush off somewhere on my first day in Palau. At around 2 o’clock in the afternoon I set off to walk to the local café for breakfast. I mistook the hardware store for the café so I chatted with the owner and picked up a few things. (I really like hardware stores, especially small ones; you never know what you may find.) He told me the café, right next door could give me information about diving. After lunch I asked the waitress about a dive store and two young people at another booth gave me a brochure and said they would send a car at nine the next morning. On the way back to the motel I found ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao November 2nd 2017

ANILAO 2 THE STORM I settled into a routine…eat, dive, relax, eat again. The diving was easy and there was so much to see. The weather was foul; heavy winds and heavy rain. It just got worse and worse, but we are divers, right? It makes little difference underwater. So we got up, ate breakfast and went to the boat. Surface intervals were very cold. I was hungry for the sun. Then one of the staff told us there was a typhoon in Leyte and we were getting winds and rain because of it. On the way back to my room after lunch I glanced up at my bungalow and wondered if it might slide down the hill. Then I shook off the thought…don’t borrow trouble I told myself. The fifth night I woke to use ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao October 28th 2017

SOUTH PACIFIC - PHILIPPINES ANILAO My time in Puerto Galera was nearly over. On the last day I got in the pool with Bria. After lunch we joined Steve and went to the beach. There was quite an extensive shopping area and I purchased a couple of t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Then we went to the water’s edge. I had parcels so Steve and I took turns watching our purchases and wallets and playing in the water. When we got to the hotel we discovered that the whole group was again invited to dinner at a special villa that the hotel rents. It was basically the same routines as the night before, but the food was good and the larger dive group made it more interesting. I did not stay for the karaoke. I packed and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera October 24th 2017

TOURS with Marco Vincent Resort During my stay at the Marco Vincent resort I am sure I regained the ten pounds I lost while walking the El Camino in Spain. I ate three delicious meals each day and did only 300 steps a day. Thank goodness my room was on the second floor and I had occasion to go to my room often to get my things for that was the extent of my exercise. As I said, I hoped to catch up on my blog and rest since I couldn’t dive; my jaw was throbbing. The staff wanted to cheer me up, however. The day after the boat ride, right after breakfast they took me on a tour of an aborigine village. This Mangyan village houses about a hundred families. (There are perhaps ten different ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » White Beach October 21st 2017

THE SOUTH PACIFIC ONE Puerto Galera, Philippines As October approached I began planning this season’s adventure. In March I agreed to go Puerto Galera, Philippines on October 21st with Sarina, from my dive club - The Emerald Sea. She booked us an all-inclusive five day dive package at a great price. I began my dive travels five years ago in Puerto Galera and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I should return. The question was “Where did I want to go after that week?” My planning was complicated by a worsening pain in a tooth. I had a root canal that never really healed. I saw the dentist every week or two for several months and even with x-rays he could find nothing wrong. I was concerned about booking an expensive trip and finding ... read more
Business Class Dive Boat

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Fisterra June 25th 2017

THE LAST HUNDRED KILOMETERS I must apologize. I mix kilometers with miles, indiscriminately in this accounting of our walk to Santiago, Spain. Lauren took special interest in the signposts along the way, in kilometers, as they marked our progress. When we reached Sarria, we expected to encounter many more pilgrims because if you walk from here, the last 100 kilometers, you get the same certificate of completion as those of us who walked the 500 miles from St Jean Pied de Port. I was relieved to discover that after the first few days the trail really wasn’t that congested (especially since we were still starting very early in the morning). A few cafes were really hammered by large groups of people, but we tried to keep a pleasant demeanor and remember that everyone walking the Camino ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela June 22nd 2017

Hiking the El Camino ROUTINES AND SURPRISES We hiked through farmland and villages. First it was wheat fields. Then there was wine country. Then corn. We enjoyed wild flowers along the roads. Then there were tractors and billowing dust as the fields were harvested. We hit milestones, 200 miles, 300 miles, 400 miles. Rural areas gave way to more and more cities. We walked through acres of park trails at the edge of several cities. Always there was the unexpected. We arrived in one small village in the early days and it was late. We looked for a bar. Finally we found one but it only had bar food. That was OK with us. We were hungry. As we were waiting for omelets a young woman at the next table started talking to us. Susan and ... read more

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