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ON MY OWN IN SAN JOSE I had a reservation at KC Hotel in San Jose. The name turned out to be problematic. The driver had never heard of it. It was dark. I was tired. He drove around in circles. Finally he stopped and asked a friend, and when we got to the hotel he charged me double because he had a hard time finding it. Still, I was so happy with the hotel. It was clean. The beds were comfortable. And I could finally stretch out and rest. The room was big and I did not have to worry about getting in someone else’s way. I went down to the restaurant, which is in the bar, and I ordered dinner. I wasn’t expecting much. After all, it was late, and it was a bar. ... read more

COSTA RICA WRAPPING UP WEEK ONE Sarina and I continued to dive daily in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. In all I did eleven dives, including one night dive. The night dive was easier than I expected. It is hard to keep track of your buddies, watch your gauges for depth and time, control a camera and a dive light and still have a hand for controlling ascent and buoyancy. You must hold your hand in the light when communicating with sign language in the dark. Still, it went surprisingly well. I was comfortable. I even had time to appreciate the phosphorescence in the dark waters. Thanks to Sarina scoping out critters I even got a few good photos. The day after Sandy’s mishap, we all went to Cortez Falls. It was a tricky walk over rough ... read more

RINCON de la VIEJA ADVENTURE PARK On day three we took a day off from diving and we went to a wonderful adventure park, Rincon de la Vieja. We booked it after a day of diving, and the whole group was excited about the activities in store for us. Sarina had arranged for two cars in Costa Rica so Shane drove us all in one of our vans. We started the day with the zip line. I had a little trouble at first, coming to a halt several yards from the platform, requiring some acrobatics to reach the other side, but eventually I got the hang of it. We crossed canyons carved by the, can you believe the name, Colorado River? This river was not nearly so grand, but still the view was spectacular. Just before ... read more

DIVING IN COSTA RICA There were five of us in Coco Beach where we shared a nice two bedroom apartment. Sarina’s cousin Sandy and her husband Shane got one bedroom. Suzanne, Sarina’s aunt, and I shared the other bedroom and Sarina slept on the couch. It was a little crowded. But we had a nice lanai which gave us a little more space and since Sarina and I were diving in the mornings it worked just fine. We usually did something in the afternoon as a group; a little exploration drive, shopping, or dinner. Sometimes we ate at a restaurant and sometimes Sarina or another family member cooked. We spent one memorable evening in a pizza restaurant playing Crimes against Humanity. We were close to the beach, but I never went to it. I got in ... read more

LAUNCHING THE 2016 TRIP I missed my summer trip this year, due to family business. When my friend, Sarina, mentioned at the dive club meeting that she was going to Costa Rica in early December and I was welcome to tag along I decided to do just that. I thought, “Diving Costa Rica will give me a jump start on another extended dive vacation.” Because I hadn’t been able to travel this past summer I kicked up my cold water diving activities. I decided to dive with my local dive shop on Thursday evenings. I also did a dive or two with the crew who maintains the Bruce Higgins Underwater Park in Edmonds. And our dive club’s Photo Safari contest kept me busy trying to find and take photos of three underwater critters that we were ... read more

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo August 24th 2015

Boat on the Border BuqueBus Ferry My Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Uruguay In Buenos Aires I went on line to check my bank balance and make some transfers. I had recently changed my return date to the United States, extending my 2016 dive tour by ten days. On my statement there were six or seven withdrawals on the same day. This made me anxious, for I pay foreign transaction fees to Argentine banks as well as to my U.S. bank. During my short trip to Ushuaia the ATM limit was only $100. Thus the excessive fees. When planning my trip to Argentina I had read about the “blue” dollar and travelers agreed one should bring lots of American cash to Argentina. The exchange for American dollars is almost 16% on Florida Street (blue dollars), ... read more

South America » Argentina August 21st 2015

THE PRISON TRAIN I awoke with a start and a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach. I glanced at the time. It was 9:45 a.m. No alarm... and I had told the tour company I would be waiting outside the house at 9:00 a.m. Oh, no! The dog had awakened me. There are three doors and a wooden gate between a knock and my room. I had not heard anything until Jhemil barked. I jumped up and dressed swiftly, but of course the tour bus was gone by the time I got to the gate. I had missed the train yet again! When I looked on the internet at what to do in Ushuaia everyone it seemed, suggested riding the Prison Train. I only had a week in Tierra del Fuego and this was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia August 20th 2015

THE THEMATIC GALLERY (Interactive Prison Museum) Ushuaia, Argentina Aug 20th Hernan, my host for my stay in Ushuaia, drove past the Thematic Gallery on my first full day in Ushuaia. I was intrigued by the prisoners scaling the walls of the old prison. He tried to explain what it was, finally saying that it was a museum. The name of the museum didn’t inspire me so I didn’t really think I would venture inside but the outside of the edifice made for some interesting photos. One morning I set out on foot to walk to the downtown area. Although only 4.6 km, it took about two hours because of snow and ice and part of the way there was no path. The landscape took my breath away. I had decided to go to a travel agent ... read more
Glorious mountains and icy harbor
The Oldest Tea Shop in Ushuaia
Thematic Gallery Diorama

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia August 19th 2015

A DIVE LIKE NO OTHER Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego The zodiac skimmed the smooth surface of the Beagle Channel off the tip of the Argentine coast, leaving a beautiful wake; spray splashed over the sides of the rubber pontoons. Silvina and I followed Carlos’ example and pulled our dive hoods over our heads like caps to protect our ears from the wind. This is much more comfortable for the twenty minute ride to our dive site than wearing them the normal way. I was surprised to see a dock in the middle of nowhere. We tied to it and Carlos began searching through the snow under our seats for our dive weights. My heart sank when he pulled out a knotted old harness and told me it was mine. I just discarded my own weight harness ... read more
Another Photo Opportunity
Sea Star
Sea Star

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia August 19th 2015

DIVING FIN DEL MUNDO Ushuaia, Argentina The Southernmost City in the World The snow came down off the roof and crashed onto the sidewalk right outside the door of the house. We managed to squeeze by and reach the door that opened onto the street. Hernan, my host whom I had contacted on Airbnb, had graciously volunteered to drive me to the dive shop. I was excited about diving in Ushuaia, and also a bit incredulous. I didn’t let my mind rest too long on the stark white surroundings. In the past three days about six inches of snow had fallen. The municipality hadn’t the means, or the desire, to clean the streets yet so taxis were unavailable. We loaded my dive bag into the trunk of Hernan’s car and he jockeyed the auto back and ... read more
Ushuaia Dive Shop
Linda and Silvina Living the Dream
The Dock

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