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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sipadan August 1st 2018

DIVE DAY THREE - SIPADAN Feeling Better After dives one and two on Sipadan I had a day of rest, and moved back into the Cube Station. What a relief. The other women are so friendly and we have such fun sharing. I also found out there was tea available all day in the common room and every morning there was a really complete breakfast, as well. On my third dive day I grabbed fruit, toast and tea at the Cube Station and then caught my cab to the dive center. I got there ten minutes later than usual and the divemaster gruffly said I should go to the boat, which I did. And I waited, and waited and waited for the rest of the divers, so I hadn’t been holding them up. I was dreading ... read more

Asia » Malaysia July 29th 2018

SEMPORNA - IT FEELS LIKE HOME When I got to Semporna I checked in with Scuba Junkies. I dived with them before, on both trips. They were full up, no space on the boat and no Sipadan ticket, but Dave did allow me to leave my luggage in the extra room till I found a hotel and a dive store with space for me. The problem was this was really “High Season.” Everyone was full up. For a minute it looked like I might get a space with Seaventures…the Dive Rig located in the middle of the sea off Mabul Island. Wow! That would have been awesome. But they also were completely booked. I checked with at least five dive operations with no success. Finally I decided to cross the bridge to the other side of ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau July 26th 2018

TAWAU BORNEO I stayed at City Garden Hotel in Tawau. I have been to Borneo three times, once in 2013 and again in 2014, but I never spent any time in Tawau. During the first trip I had some diver’s ear problems that caused me to miss my reservation to climb Mount Kota Kinabalu, but only temporarily. My hiking guide was a fourteen year old boy who could do the climb twice in one day. I am sure he was fed up with this slow old lady. I did a couple of other tours and then went to Semporna to dive at Sipadan, one of the top ten dive sites in the world. The second time I took a taxi straight to Semporna and dived with several dive shops so I could dive more than once ... read more

Asia » Brunei » Bandar Seri Begawan July 18th 2018

BEAUTIFUL, HOT BRUNEI Will I ever feel strong and capable again? Brunei was a bad dream. It is a beautiful country but I caught a bug and I am still under the weather. I will have to return another time to see its splendor. I think I read that the King's Palace is the most expensive in the world but it is only open to the public three days a year. In fact, it is so secluded only the roof is visible. In order to catch a glimpse of it you must take a water taxi. I was feeling good when I arrived in the airport at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. I had a hotel already booked, The Jubilee, some plans for sightseeing and diving, and the hotel had free shuttle service. I checked at the ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong July 7th 2018

My flight from Seattle to Shanghai was three hours late, so I missed my first connection, Shanghai to Denpasar, Bali. It had been a long flight and my legs were really aching and I was a little rummy; you know...a little fuzzy headed. I Arrived in Shanghai and went to Immigration. Oops! By accident…I meant to go to Transit. From there things got a lot more interesting. You remember that time four years ago when I got punished in Beijing? Well…don’t mess with the rules, Folks. I was told to step off to the side. A few more officials arrived...lots of head shaking and talking. The gentleman holding my passport asked me if I had overstayed my transit visa four years ago? I answered yes, right up front. I still wasn't alarmed, but getting a little ... read more

North America » United States » Washington July 3rd 2018

Early this May I went to a Dive Expo in Seattle…like a Boat Show, but for divers. And I got a lot of follow up advertisement for Live Aboard trips and I fell in love with a boat, La Galigo. A beautiful wooden boat made of iron wood and teak. Interior like Norwegian wood inlay and bright red sails. Wood, and Red Sails. It was a must lust for me. Leaving port in Labuan Bajo in Bali on the ninth of July. I said I Want That! Only thirteen divers. To Komodo Islands. 13. Lucky Thirteen. Well then, where else? Brunei might be interesting. I only passed through the airport once, but I almost missed my connecting flight I was so enchanted by the lovely sales girls and their modest behavior and sweet smiles. On my ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu » Hideaway Island December 6th 2017

LAST STOP, VANUATU Vanuatu… I love the name; it just rolls off my tongue. When I got to Vanuatu, as usual, I was tired after traveling and just wanted to rest. Beautiful weather and a beautiful swimming pool still could not lure me from my room. I ate and browsed the internet looking for a dive resort. Many people fly to Espiritu Santo Island for diving but I had limited time and even more limited energy. I saw there was a little island resort nearby, Hideaway Island, so I packed up my luggage and changed hotels. Hideaway is only a five minute ferry ride from the mainland. The ferry runs all day. If it is not moored on your side there is a signal to press and the boat driver will return quickly to pick you ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands November 29th 2017

SOLOMON ISLANDS LIFE ON THE LIVEABOARD What is there to say about diving on a liveaboard? Well…we do a lot of diving. I was on the Taka for seven days and did nineteen dives. Most days four dives are scheduled. That seems like a lot, but diving on a liveaboard is easier because your dive gear is always set up. Each diver has an assigned tank secured to the bench and it is filled between dives by a long air hose attached to the compressor. We each have our own dive station and our loose gear, fins, mask, booties, etc. are in a bin under the bench below our tank. Because we were doing so many dives each day we were all using Nitrox, which is a mix of air and oxygen and means you don’t ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara November 23rd 2017

THE RAIDERS HOTEL While I was reviving at the Lime Lounge I came to a decision. When I first arrived I made reservations for the Raider Hotel. It was reasonable and I liked the name because the Raider’s football team is THE football team in my family. My late husband grew up next to the Raider’s home field in Oakland and spent a lot of time there as a boy. My three daughters are huge fans. Then I found out it was on Tulagi Island. I had no idea how to get there so I cancelled my stay. Now the Raider Hotel looked like the best choice for me until I could get on the liveaboard. I took a taxi back to the hotel for my luggage and then asked to go to the yacht club, ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara November 21st 2017

THE SOLOMON ISLANDS OFF TO A BAD START The Solomon Islands…the name conjures up stories from my childhood memory. When I was young I had a set of Christian books about Kings, and of course King Solomon is one I remember. On the other hand, I know next to nothing about the war in the Pacific. I don’t even know where my uncles served during the war, and now family members who could have told me have all passed away. The first time I visited the Philippines many years ago there were still remnants of the military presence in the Philippines. On this trip I discovered wrecks abound in Papua New Guinea. The German Channel in Palau was a site of military activity in WWII. But I didn’t learn about the war in the Solomon Islands ... read more

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