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26th March 2021

Thank you...
Very nice post. Thanks for your share. I like it. VATIVE LIFE WELLNESS
13th March 2021

Traveling through you.
Great writing and story telling. I enjoyed reading about this leg of your adventures. Thank you for the pictures of people and places. I look forward to your next blog.
29th November 2021

Thanks for reading and critiquing my blogs. I enjoy seeing your photos of your travels, also.
20th February 2021

Albania is on our short list to visit. I'd like to go exploring there soon. In all my reading I've been surprised how much Albania has to offer.
22nd February 2021

I really didn't do justice to Albania. This was a busy trip and I was getting pretty tired. But it is an interesting place. There was obviously more to do than just relaxing. but I enjoyed that for a change. Just finished reading more of your blogs. Would love to see Antarctica.
30th January 2021

Diving Montenegro
It is great reading about diving. Keep the blogs coming.
29th November 2021

Diving has been my passion for thirty years. Covid has slowed me down, but more soon.
15th December 2020

Next Stop: Montenegro
A very enjoyable read! We had similar encounters on border crossings on a tour beginning in Albania and ending in Slovenia -- definitely time consuming but I thought interesting too. So nice that you have warm memories of the kind people you met along the way. Accidentally leaving behind that new skirt was a real shame!
6th August 2020

appreciate it a lot
25th March 2020

Faculty of Science
Wow lovely pictures,i love to travel under see.
16th March 2020
Lovely photos, i loved to travel under see.
27th February 2020

Wow!amazing pictures,lovely stones.
22nd February 2020

Wow lovely pictures,
19th February 2020

Wow lovely view
14th November 2019

Scuba in my future
Hi Linda, I don't know what i am doing but I did find your page. I am excited about future adventures. I hope to run into you often. However the process of preparing will take time. But I am excited as I had been wondering how I could keep moving in my OLD age with something I enjoy. I hope I can make this happen and find a dive buddy in the process. I hope to run into you often.
29th November 2021

Scuba in my future.
Just take the first step. Your journey will begin. Investigate what you are interested in. I wish you many adventures.
28th January 2020

Scuba in my future
Hey there...I want to encourage you to take chances and change things slowly. Discover what you truly enjoy and make time for it. Sometimes it is easier to take a step into the unknown by limiting expectations and noticing the little things. As for scuba...go someplace warm and take an introduction to scuba class...Malta is beautiful. The Philippines are amazing. Get a passport. Buy a ticket. Try airbnb.
28th January 2020

Scuba in my future
I wish you all the best as you pursue your goal to dive and discover the amazing things we see underwater. Our world is amazing.
19th September 2019

Rock Fish
A very nice shot.
28th January 2020

Dive Destination - Croatia
Hello again, I have been slowed down a bit by a torn meniscus. I thought I would take the time to catch up on my blogs. Alas...although the pain is controlled, my energy has waned just managing life without my car and my activities. Thank goodness for reading. When I can get away again I will be thrilled to rack up new adventures.
8th September 2019

Travel adventures
Time to do some above ground activities. Blowing bubbles is the best but time to check out new things. As you say each shop has a story to tell. Life is grand. Enjoy the adventure.
30th June 2019

Nice Wrap up to your adventure.
I enjoyed reading this addition to your travel blogs. I am happy you made it back to your hotel the night when you were a bit unsure of the the hotel's name. Even with out pictures to this blog entree you have painted the pictures with your words. Keep writing and I will keep enjoying your travels.

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