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9th February 2019

Peacock Dancer
Nice. Very nice.
16th February 2019

Rangoon - More to see
I love you guys...thanks for keeping up with me
7th January 2019

Beautiful Friendly Burma
Hi Linda You might recall talking to Janet and I over breakfast at the great feel hotel. We are the couple from Australia. We have been inspired by your blog and will continue to travel as well when ever we can. its been our fourth trip to Burma and love it even more each time we visit. Yes the Strand hotel is a lovely old hotel full of colonial charm. it was owned by the same family that used to own Raffles in Singapore.Will keep reading your adventurous blog for wonderful inspiration you provide older travellers. Best wishes for safe, healthy and happy travels. look us up if you ever visit Australia. kind Regards Jim & Janet.
16th February 2019

Company at Breakfast
Thank you for your great help. It made my trip even more wonderful...As you will see, I also got to Lake Inle and Bagan, although I probably could have made it a little less trouble if I had a checked a map before choosing my route.
6th January 2019

Good for you for making the best of your situation. I’ve read how much you love to dive. Maybe it was the heavens slowing you down a bit for a rest? Happy New Year.
20th December 2018

Mongolian gobi tour
Mongolian gobi tourReally can fully enjoy the adventure .This is the most amazing place I have seen.
16th February 2019

Blood Brothers
We are in absolute agreement. Mongolia is still one of my favorite spots and the Gobi was an amazing adventure.
3rd November 2018

Glad to see you diving again.
13th October 2018

Wow :)
Hi! Wow, just wanted to say thank you for sharing! I fell on this site quite randomly searching the web for informations but also reviews of the galapagos, the diving and the boats! I'm actually pretty decided to take the family there next year and perhaps some of us want to take a diving cruise in order to get loootttssss of diving in :) Seeing these pictures confirm my idea! I've seen the Astrea boat on this site and it seems legit, normally prices compared to others and still good quality! But there's other interesting boats.... ahhh so hard to make a choice! Any recommendation / anything you've heard about a boat or another ? Not much arm strength either haha I don't want to be stranded in the sea :P Again, thanks for sharing this! Emily
6th September 2018

Trip of a lifetime
For a diver you've just completed a trip we all dream of... you've now been in the waters of some very amazing, wonderful and famous dive spots. Your pictures make me wan to be on the next flight. Love to see a summary blog about what went well and what didn't. Which dive experience was your favorite and did any of them fall short. Did you plan the trip well and what would you have done differently for next time. MJ
2nd September 2018

Liveaboard Experience
I've been diving since the late 80s and have never done a live aboard. You know the one strange guy at the dive resort or the dive boat that annoys everyone? I'm always afraid of getting stuck for a week on a live aboard with one of those guys. What has been your experience? Your photos are always so outstanding. Thanks for taking us along.
24th August 2018

Solomon Islands
Amazing reef.
1st September 2018

I am so glad you commented on this photo. I like it a lot, but to some it looks just ordinary.
24th August 2018

Enjoying the Solomons
Your photos are outstanding. I"m always sad when the beaches are trashy. We've got to start taking care of our world. You are lucky they went back for your bag. Enjoy the diving photos.
1st September 2018

Thanks for the kind words. I love taking photos but sometimes I become too critical.
24th August 2018

Hope things improve
Banking safety is good but frustrating. Glad you have cash again and hope you find a clean place to sleep.
1st September 2018

Thanks for the reality check. Yes, I am grateful for bank safety, and for every irritation there is a reason lurking. Smile.
7th August 2018

My pilgrimages...
You can read about each of my pilgrimages as I've posted blogs for each.
8th August 2018

In the Beginning
I'll be sure and do that.

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