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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora June 29th 2015

GORDON ROCKS Promptly at 6:30 a.m. we gathered at the dive store, then walked to the pier and boarded the boat. It was a small cabin cruiser, like most of the others in the bay. Somehow I thought everything would be gilded in the Galapagos. The boat was unexceptional. The dive masters and captain were knowledgeable and the divers were friendly. We all got in the water where our boat was anchored to test our weights because it was imperative that we could submerge quickly when we got to our dive site, due to strong currents and rough seas. Then we snorkeled for a while because two young people were doing an open water course before our dive. We snorkeled close to the rocks where sea lions were playing in the surf. Unfortunately I am not ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora June 28th 2015

GALAPAGOS – ARRIVAL One evening in the Dominican Republic, Michael and I were wondering where I would go after Puerto Rico. I was unsure. I knew I was eventually going to Buenos Aires for tango, and Patagonia for some hiking. But what was I going to do in between now and then. I casually threw out Galapagos. I had no idea where it was or how I was going to get there. I knew it was off the coast of Ecuador and Ecuador was on my route to the rest of South America. Michael loved Ecuador; he had spent almost three months there on one of his trips. We looked up the Galapagos on the internet, and the information was so exciting I would have left right then if it had been possible. I realized I ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center June 26th 2015

Mitad del Mundo, the Middle of the World The Top of the World highway, in the Yukon, is an alternative route connecting Dawson City to Tok, Alaska. When I saw “The Top of the World” on our map, it drew me like the Pied Piper’s flute drew the children through the streets of Hamlin. In Hammerfest, Norway I had my photo taken standing next to the Struve Meridian marker that commemorates the first accurate measurement of a meridian. So, too, I felt compelled to get a photo of the monument at Mitad del Mundo, the Middle of the World in Quito, Ecuador. I packed a snack, some water, and my Kindle so I could read during the hour and a half bus ride to Mitad del Mundo. I bought a ticket at the bus station I ... read more
Fairy Tale Horse
Mitad del Mundo Monument
Hummingbird Sculpture

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center June 23rd 2015

The taxi driver drove through narrow streets littered with cups, paper, and bottles looking for my hotel. The buildings were covered in Graffiti. After twenty four hours of travel I was finally in Quito, Ecuador. I had chosen to stay in the old city because of the many heritage sites. Now I was having second thoughts. When he finally found the hotel the driver walked me to the door and the concierge, Carlos, helped me with my luggage. My room is on the second/third floor and has two large windows that overlook the plaza and the fountain. I soon discovered life is happening here. There are often lovers embracing, mothers or fathers spending time here with their toddler, men eating lunch, and musicians playing for the passerby. Motorcycles park under the large palm tree. You can ... read more
Golden Glow

CHUTES AND LADDERS and other (bored) board games Puerto Rico to Ecuador While I was standing in line…the “foreigner” line, for the nth time, I thought how airline travel is much like the kid’s game, Chutes and Ladders. You spin: you move forward, but sometimes it’s backwards, or even sideways. I started this leg of my trip (like an octopus) in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My flight left at 3 a.m. I don’t drive while I am traveling, although I may have to rethink that, so my landlady taxied me to the airport. We got there about 11 p.m. I was a little rested and it was still warm, although the airport itself was chilled with air conditioning. The game: At first I was the only person in the airport; it is not very big. Then people ... read more

THE WASHING MACHINE Guanica, Puerto Rico Diving Day One SURPRISE!! This morning, my first day of diving in Guanica, Puerto Rico, I opened the door to the dive shop, and the guy on the other side looked a bit familiar. I took a second look, just as he also recognized me. What laughs we had. Curt, from my dive club in Washington, was there with his daughter Felicia. For one day of diving! The same day I was diving! Pretty amazing coincidence; more of that travel magic. We took a small transfer boat out to the anchored dive boat, San Juan Divers. It was about a twenty minute ride to the first dive site. The ocean swells were pretty intense. There were about ten divers and one dive master. Pedro carried two side anchored tanks so ... read more
EEK! EEL in my face!
"May I look at that again?"
"Hi. I am having a great hair day."

TRANSITION On My Own Again Guanica, Puerto Rico I checked into the hostel, Posada San Francisco, and then went to Marshalls, near our old hotel. I wanted to stay busy so I wouldn’t miss Michael too much. At Marshalls I bought a new piece of luggage on wheels. As much as I hated to, I was abandoning my wonderful, Samsonite dive bag. It had sentimental value, as well as being a great bag for scuba gear. But it had only two wheels and I had to wrench it in the right direction with a kick between the wheels for good measure, in order to get it rolling. And, it fell over when you released it. It was clear I could not manage the recalcitrant dive bag and my other luggage without help so I had to ... read more
Computer area with view
Very nice vase...homey touch
Kitchen on the 4th floor

June 5th INTRODUCING: SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO We took a taxi from the airport to Historic Old San Juan, yet another capital city. We booked our first two nights into the S. J. Suites Hotel. There were ups and downs to the hotel. The price was right and the location was wonderful. The air conditioner, however, was controlled by the manager which meant it was very cold at night. Michael finally fixed that. We were the only people on the fourth floor so he went into the hall and turned the AC off. What a relief. Since we didn’t want to spend our dwindling remaining time together on the computer, we stayed at S. J. Suites till Michael left for the airport. Once again I enjoyed sightseeing in the city with Michael. We stepped out the ... read more
Typical Street Scene
The Fort
Gun Placement

AFFORDABLE LUXURY Peirgiorgio Palace Hotel Our second day in Santa Domingo started with the Weston Suites’ very fine breakfast. It was probably the most complete free breakfast I have had since I started traveling. It had a buffet that changed daily. You could order eggs the way you like them. There was a very diverse fresh fruit tray, breads, and some days there were pancakes or French toast. There were cereals and yogurt, juice and hot beverages, and it was all you can eat. The breakfast room was on one of the top floors so there was a great view as well. When we were full we went to the bus station and caught the bus to Sosua, Puerto Plata. It was a three and a half hour ride. The bus was comfortable and the price ... read more
The Main Foyer
The  Gardens
The Pool

HISTORIC SANTA DOMINGO Dominican Republic We decided to go to the Dominican Republic, on our way down to Puerto Rico, where Michael will be terminating his adventure in the Caribbean. We had two choices of airports in the Dominican Republic. We finally settled on flying into Santo Domingo, the capital city. Michael is very comfortable in big cities and likes to visit a country’s capital. I was happy to take advantage of his experience and broaden my travel skills. We got a hotel right on a busy expressway. It was a comfortable hotel and featured a very nice complimentary breakfast. At my instigation we took a taxi to the university area looking for a vegetarian restaurant…big mistake. The restaurant didn’t exist any longer and the taxi driver, trying to please us, took us to another restaurant ... read more
La Fortaleza de Santo Domingo
At the Top
The Cathedral

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