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So... Im going galavanting round the world for 4 months on my own, with very little cash... lets see what happens 😊
South-east asia
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 25th 2009

Well I think its about time I did my blog about my week in Sydney staying with my amazing (tour guide) cousin Peta :) I arrived in Sydney fairly late on the Monday after the most horrific flight from Melbourne, honestly for anyone who hates flying this flight might have just pushed you over the edge... luckily I love flying so for me it was just a bit to rough. Anyway, I collected all my bags etc then went in search of Peta who I knew would be waiting outside somewhere... little worrying seeing as there were cars everywhere, people coming from all directions and I hadn't got any way of contacting her... luckily we spotted each other and all was fine. So as I said, it was a bit late but we decided to go ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 20th 2009

Well this week has just been incredible. My Melbourne experience has been so different to the rest of my trip and Melbourne as a place is so different to the places I have been so far. Obviously being over 2000 miles away from Cairns one might expect a change in weather. I really should have done my research before leaving the UK to appropriately pack clothes suitable for where I was going but, being me.... I didn't - My "warm" clothes consisted of: one pair of jeans (which I actually got in Perth) and one jacket (which actually isn't very warm at all) so as you can imagine... I was cold and needed warm clothes - even more so because i'm flying to New Zealand next week which happens to be close to 0 degrees on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City July 11th 2009

Well the road trip is now over :( it was the best 3 weeks ever. Here is just an update on what happened since last time. Day 12 - Airlie Beach The today was well good - we swam down at the lagoon and layed in the sun for a while. My tan had finally started to get better :) yay! That evening we had didgeridoo lessons which was so funny. I actually managed to play it quite well. After that we went and got ready, had a cold shower, had a BBQ, then headed for the clubs. Becky and Meri entered a wet t-shirt comp and Becky won which was so funny. We got loads of free drinks all night. Wehay! Day 13 - Airlie Beach Again most of the day wasdown at the lagoon, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach June 26th 2009

So I'll do a bit of an update on the last week of our road trip. Day 5 - Hervey Bay (Hervey Bizzle as we call it!) We got up really early as our rubbish vans also act as an oven in the sun so it was impossible to sleep. Me, Rob and Meri headed to the beach to catch some sun - turns out that as soon as we got to the beach the sun decided to go so that was annoying. We went coles to grab some lunch then headed back to the campsite. Rob lost his wallet which was no where to be found the whole day, the dreaded conversation of me lending him money was now a certainty. Anyway we headed to coles to ask if we left it there, no luck, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay June 19th 2009

Hey everyone!! So much has happened since the last entry so ill try explain as much as I can. So the last couple of days in Brisbane were fun, got all the stuff ready for the road trip, packed everything up and collected as much free stuff as we could find.. food, blankets, tents, sleeping bags - you name it, we found it!! Me and Rob walked down into the city on the last night and unfortunatly because he had a hole in his jeans we were unable to go to the casino... never mind! We said our good byes to the city and headed back to the hostel! Went out for a few drinks with everyone as a good bye party then crashed out in anticipation for a very early and hectic start. The Road ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay June 12th 2009

Hey hey I just spent the last 3 days in Byron and it was incredible. I loved it, gorgeous beach, clear blue sea and the weather during the day was perfect!! Byron bay is really hippy, loads of surf shops, the hostel we stayed at was called arts factory and it was so funky, hammocks out in the garden, a lake and a volley ball pitch. The dorm was really nice, the hostel was slightly strange with the rules and deposits etc but never mind. The day we arrived we spent ages down on the beach, had some food and went shopping. Becky got her tattoo done which looks really good and we spent the rest of the day sitting by the sea. That night we went to a club called cheeky monkeys, great music and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane June 9th 2009

Hey hey :) Can't believe how fast time is going past!! Its crazy!! So a few updates since the last entry!! I have booked 3 days in Byron Bay which is about 2 hours south of Brisbane, should be really nice, weather is meant to be good! Also it will be nice to be near the sea again as it seems Brisbane is the only place "coastal" city thats not actually by the coast!! Hmm... Also we have 2 "Wicked" Campers booked for 22 days to start our epic road trip up the east coast which is oh so exciting!! 1045 miles in 22 days, 5 of us!! Going to be insane!! Urm.. so since my last update... been mainly sorting out the plans for the trip, learning even more cooking skills which I still can't ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane June 4th 2009

Hey everyone, Sorry its been a while, trying to get on here once a week to do an update as internet isn't exactly cheap and I havn't had a huge amount of time so... Arrived in Brisbane on Thursday last week!! Rob met me at the train station which was sooo crazy to think he was actually there, complete surprise aswell as i had missed all 4 of his phone calls and had no idea he was going to be there. We headed to "Chill" the hostel where he has been working, i checked in and dumped my stuff in the room then headed up onto the roof for a few drinks and a long catch up about our travels!! The view from the roof is great actually, especially at night. We then headed out to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 27th 2009

G'Day ay!! Its my last day here in Western Australia, been here for a week now, staying with my cousin Tim and his Girlfriend Kate in Perth! The start of the week was a shock as I decided to come over on the 1st day in over 100 days since it last rained.. was crazy. The storm I landed in had flooded areas, traffic lights were down, people without power. Bad times!! So arrived in Perth, immigration and quarintine here is very strict.. they asked me all sorts of questions about the fact I declared my cookies and bracelet and also about where I was staying!! Turned out fine though. The week has gone really fast, i've done so much!! Kate and Tim have been amazing, letting me stay here, feeding me, taking me places and ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 21st 2009

Part 1 - leaving Malaysia :( I have just embarked on the final leg of my south east Asia trip so thought I would start writing my final Asia blog entry. At the moment I am on board the night train from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Singapore, an 11 hour train journey which plan to spend sleeping. I'll start from where I feft off on my last entry. I spent today sorting out my luggage ready for my next flight, checked out of my room at 12 and put my bags into storage. I took a walk to the anuja for one last time for an orange juice, an ice mill, a roti canai and rice with chiken! I said goodbye to the staff and returned to the hostel. I then sorted out my insurance ... read more

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