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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Verbania October 5th 2008

Geo: 45.9215, 8.55156Having spent a couple of days immersed in the vineyards around Barolo we headed north to Torino this morning. This was a pleasant drive on another cool but sunny day. We drove into Torino about 11-30 but did not have a detailed map. Made a wrong turn and then roadworks made the correction time very slow. Eventually, Marg found the city map and we headed back into the centre. Stopped though at the river where there was a fabulously ornate fountain with statues representing the various months of the year. nearby was the Borga Medioeval, a reproduction Medieval village and castle constructed in 1884. We had a wander around there admiring the detail that had been put into this. There were several brides also there posing for pictures in this attractive setting. Drove into ... read more

Europe » Italy October 3rd 2008

Geo: 41.8719, 12.5674Yesterday morning we packed the car (and I mean packed) and with Brent and Marg headed out of Villefranche towards the wine district of Piemonte, Italy. With a large suitcase standing up in the middle of the back seat and all of us nursing various bags, it was not really comfortable, but we survived the 4-5 hours it took to drive here.We first headed to Ventimiglia and then up through the mountains towards Cuneo. There were many winding roads and a couple of hairy moments with some of the mad drivers around here. Fletcher did well to keep us safe and on the road. We stopped by the side of the road at Fossano for a quick picnic lunch and then continued into Barolo. This is a small village in the middle of stunning ... read more

Europe » France October 2nd 2008

Geo: 43.7042, 7.31015A relaxing and enjoyable day. Having spent the last few days on the road it was great to stay in one place and enjoy doing a lot of nothing. We met with Brent and Marg at about 10am and set out to walk around the beach front to the town of Beaulieu-sur-mer another lovely place on the Cote D'Azur. This was where we were going to stay with our friend, Peter Thompson , but the irony is that Peter is in Brisbane at the moment!! There was a large ocean liner at anchor in the bay and there were yachts out racing across the turquoise water. We had a leisurely stroll and went down to the harbour there for a look at the expensive motor launches and yachts in the marina. There were a ... read more
Friends at the beach, Beaulieu-sur-mer
Villefranche from across the harbour
Villefranche harbour

Europe » France October 1st 2008

Geo: 43.7042, 7.31015Our agenda today was to arrive in Villefranche before dark to meet up with our friends Brent and Margaret Rankine with whom we are going to spend the next 4 or so days. They had booked us a room in Villefranche which has been their headquarters for the past few weeks.We left Avignon about 9am heading south towards the Cote D'Azur. Another beautiful day and with the BeeGees and the Beatles blaring from our CD player, life felt good!!First headed towards Aix-en -Provence with the intention of making a stop, but the view from the distance of a smoky, high rise town rather put us off, so we drove on. We avoided the freeways because of the peage and were content on the smaller roads, even though this could prove frustrating when stuck behind ... read more
Main street, Villefranche
The beach at Cannes
The Carlton, Cannes

Europe » France October 1st 2008

Geo: 43.9486, 4.80597Today was my Classics day!! We left Carcassone this morning having looked around the new town a little more. Drove out on another glorious sunny morning towards Nimes. This promised a Roman Arena and other remnants of the Roman occupation, 2000 years ago. After travelling around Narbonne and Montpelier (more names for exploding cows fans) we arived in Nimes at lunch time. Parked and had some lunch in the centre square overlooking a beautiful fountain next to the Palais de Justice.Having dined well we walked to the Arena. This is one of only four which is still pretty well preserved albeit from being a Bullfighting ring. It is only about half the size of the Colisseum in Rome but it is still impressive. We had an audio guided tour through the main areas including ... read more
Le Pont de Gard, Roman Aquaduct
Palais de Papes, Avignon
Roman Arena, Nimes

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis September 29th 2008

Geo: 42.5075, 1.5218... read more

Europe » France September 29th 2008

Geo: 43.2126, 2.3561This morning we set out early to head towards Andorra. We drove up through the Pyrenees and crossed the border without incident. I was struck by the modern looking vistas of the place. Apart from one old church in Canillo everything thing looks very new. We drove into the capital, Andorra Le Vella. We found a park and went for a walk. What a disappointment. This is a duty free shopping place for nearby French and Spanish people and there seems to be very little history or sense of the past.We walked through the streets but soon returned to the car and drove back the way we had come. We stopped at the church of St Joan which is 11th century but seems to be the only historical building in the country. As we ... read more
Drawbridge entrance into La Cite
Main street in Andorra la Vella
Medieval city, Carcassone

Europe » France September 29th 2008

Geo: 46.2276, 2.21375Set out from Cadillac about 9am heading to St-Emilion. We have always enjoyed the wines of this area so decided we had to visit as we were so close. Drove through beautiful countryside, enjoying the vine covered slopes and the early morning sunshine.At St-Emilion we found a park and walked up through the town. Stopped at a wine store which was offering tasting and spoke English, "with a French accent". The young man there was very hospitable and offered us a couple of very nice reds to taste. We had a great discussion about wine with him. Eventually bought a couple of reds to enjoy along the way. We then walked up through the centre of the town which was old and very attractive. After about 45 minutes wandering we returned to the car ... read more
St Emilion landscape

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Cadillac September 29th 2008

Geo: 44.6374, -0.319413After a long breakfast where we had to talk more French, we set out to visit serious wine country. Our hostess had told us to drive to Royan and to take the ferry across to Le Verdon where we could drive through the Medoc region to Bordeaux. We took her advice and had a pleasant drive. But on arrival in Royan discovered we had an hour and a half's wait for the ferry.Once across the Gironde we set out to discover Medoc wines. Our first stop was at Chateau Carcanieux where the winemaker gave us a great tasting. He spoke perfect English, much to our relief, and we had a great discussion about wines of the region. We bought a couple of his reds. He also gave us a map and recommended where to ... read more

Europe » France September 29th 2008

Geo: 45.6934, -0.324972On Thursday we checked out of our hotel at about 9am and drove towards Tours. We had skirted this major town yesterday so today drove along the north bank of the Loire and made a stop in the city. Had a quick look at the old town which had some great Tudor style buildings and visited the Cathedral of St Gatien. This is an impressive Gothic structure with some magnificent stained glass windows and high vaulted ceilings.From Tours we drove to Angouleme. I have been wanting to visit this city for 22 years as Melissa had been a student there in 1986 and both Fletcher and Lucy had visited since then. We arrived in mid afternoon after a forgettable lunch stop at a roadside café and parked near the city centre. We walked to ... read more
Interior St Gatien's Cathedral
New shopping area, Angouleme
Old Town, Tours

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