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15th July 2010

Shipton's Arch
Fantastic ventures and insight....... but the name of arch seems very anglicsized!Would be very difficult to get such a giant in photo with evident scale.......... enjoy the remainder of your journey.............David & Di
13th July 2010

What an adventure, the pictures and commentary are perfect and once again my whole team are with you on this adventure, waiting for the next instalment with bated breath - what will happen next - Tibet or bust! Brilliant - thank you.
10th July 2010

Wow! - again!! what an amazing day, and what fantastic scenery along with the difficult conditions. Tootling around N Yorks will be very sedate after this! Well done. Will China be plain biking? Looking forward to the next instalment. Carol and James.
10th July 2010

Off the radar!
Thought it had been sometime since your last blog and were beginning to think the worste.............but now we understand, you found the worste! Glad you finally made it over the treacherous passes into China. David & Diana
9th July 2010

We knew it was tough - but this?
Hi Ed & Lorraine Ever so pleased that you're still with us and still battling through. I'm not so jealous now - but what an achievement. Your current adventure reminds me of the slogan on the back of Paul's bike - Nuckinfuts ! Keep it up - in all senses of the word. Best regards & the same to Kev, Jeff and all. Chris & Danielle
7th July 2010

hi just managed to catch up with your travels after our jaunt to italy, we are now home, but unfortunately the bike is not. it is on route from bolzano italy after a clutch fail and an inability to fix it, bloody bm's who'd have one!! anyway looks like yours is coping well. thanks for the everest base camp pic and arrival in beijing text. see you both very soon tracy & jason
29th June 2010

Life in that lake
Don't believe there would be no life in Kara-kul lake....... find life everywhere else on Earth, including under Antarctic Ice sheet! Davi & Di
27th June 2010

Pamir highway
Wow you are flying high! The road looked a bit better till you got to the corrugations - that can't be much fun on a motorbike - it never was in a car or landrover either!. The yak seems bigger than I expected. You seem to be missing summer up there in those high plateaus - we're having a bit of a heatwave as I expect you've heard! Look forward to the next blog. Carol and James
22nd June 2010

We all know how much you and Ed like rolling around in the mud together - you must be in your element! Looks fantastic. We're in the Black Forest on the GS at the moment - a walk in the park compared to what you lot are up to! Keep 'em coming - love to everyone from Max & Christine.
22nd June 2010

The mountain routes look scarier than anything we did on TransAm so well done by surviving. Life will be so dull on returning, so I bet you are planning the next one already. How are the rest of the team faring? we want more Aaron gossip! You must be close to the end by now, so keep safe. Nigel
21st June 2010

I LOVED your post and photos from the Pamiri house, etc. Tajikistan looks like such an amazing place! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, new foods, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
21st June 2010

B****Y H***!
Maybe I'm not so envious after all! What a day though. Lorraine- you're made of stainless steel! Now we're starting to cross our fingers that all keeps going as well as it has for you because after the TransAm we know what the photos really mean - worse than we ever encountered and more!
21st June 2010

Keep it going guys.
I'm aching with envy. Whatever you do - don't light up when you're sitting on a bucket - you never know what was in it last! Still, it's not too bad here in midgieland! Cheers Chris & Danielle
21st June 2010

Who took the photo?
Unbelievable way of bucket filling the petrol........ presume no smoking etc. allowed? The "spot of colour "photo could be of the fox lily?? Who took that photo from the other side of the hole in the road!!!? David & Di
21st June 2010

What roads!
Scarey.......... do you think you encountered as troublesome roads in the Americas? Both m/c and riders are made of tough stuff.......David & Di
20th June 2010

Hi, I'm lost for words this 'road' is quite amazing. Sounds like it is also lots of fun - when you get the bike upright again! The bikes are obviously well up to these challenges so far - what else is to come? I think your 'blue lagoon' lost some stars for missing out on chairs and tables! Lol Carol and James.
16th June 2010

Aaron's problems
Hi Lorraine - well we all knew that Aaron had money coming out of his back****! Let's hope that Ed has managed to get your polybag out of his nether regions by now and that you haven't forgotten the stash taped beside the air filter, the waterproof one inside the camelbak or the stash under the insole of your left boot! Cheers Chris
14th June 2010

So many places to return to..
Very interesting Lorraine and Edwin, pity about the rain .......... some interesting architecture in Baku.......... thanks, D & D
14th June 2010

What no timetable!
Clearly you need a lot of patients ( though the vodka no doubt helps ) to cope with non existent timetables...........David & Di.
14th June 2010

Keep on rollin'
Hi Ed & Lorraine You wonder if these people did anything except make blue tiles! Every episode of your adventure is being watched and followed with envy. Best regards to all of you. Chris & Danielle
13th June 2010

dancing girls!
Hi, great to see you're getting into the swing of things - next time you must remember to pack that little black number for those evenings out dancing! THe Timur tiling is fantastic - what remains! Hope you're keeping those underpants clean - just in case of emergencies and further searches!!!!!! CT & JT
12th June 2010

Keep up the scenarios for our consumption!
So, where do those dollars go to? Sorry to hear of your troubles at customs posts......... some of the central American also presented problems........... which reminds us, any suspect speed cops around on the silk trail? Very interesting travel news.............thanks ( but take care who you dance to or with Lorraine. ! )............ David & Diana
12th June 2010

Pontoon Bridges
Rather you than us negotiating ( or should it be navigating ? ) those potoon bridges. It is good to hear that the locals are so helpful and even prepared to negate police instructions! all the very best for your travels........David & Di
11th June 2010

It is great to hear about all your adventures. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip. Can't wait to hear the stories first hand over a Yorkshire pint.
11th June 2010

Please tell me you have photos....
of Aaron being strip searched!!!! I'm now getting used to reading the blogs - at the beginning it all felt wrong - we should be there with you. However, hearing how hard the days are now getting, I think I'm happy to be in Ystradgynlais Continue to stay safe - loads of love to you both. The spare room is ready and waiting for your return. Karen xxx

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