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4th July 2017

I'm glad you wrote an in-depth blog. It is brilliant and helps to paint a full picture of Antarctica. I hope to go myself one day
3rd December 2013

Marbelous Roads
OK............... you've survived those marble roads. You must be quite an expert on various religions............. gather there are about 90 different religions in the world! As always, a fantastic photo record...........thanks................... David & di
11th November 2013

OK................ must have been impressive........... a great collection of pictures David & Diana
9th November 2013

Am sure Edwin prefers walking to horse riding ! Great scenery....... David & Di
1st November 2013

Animal Skins
Any further ideas why Edwin\'s treasure was covered in animal skins? Hope neither of you have an allergy to animal hairs. Some stupendous photos including those of the flora... David & Di
1st November 2013

Bus Stops
Fascinating collection of photos............. including those of Bus Stops which are far more of a feature than the one in Unst...........Zetland (or is it Shetland! )
14th October 2013
real live (and blurred) Omul fish in the aquarium

adequate title
I wish an aquarium full of omuls would be made available for free... Thank you.
16th September 2013

Another great set of pictures............. interesting that good old Newcastle folk built the Angara
15th September 2013

R & R
It certainly has the feel of an R & R, going for a couple of days to the island in the middle of a lake, but it looks quite the part. It still fascinates me that there are all these places we have no idea exist and people who are happily getting on with their lives. philosophy over! Loved the wild flowers! Carol
14th September 2013

Mongolian entry
Your final hurdle actual made us laugh........... very entertainingly worded David & Di
14th September 2013

Photos Brilliant
What a splendid set of pictures.............. all very interesting & exciting......... many thanks
1st September 2013
passing more shrines - this was a very large & ornate one with ....

you're a star!
keep up the good work you're a real star
22nd August 2013

Mmm ... lots of forests. Glad the bears didn't find you in the forest! and plenty of onions and gingerbread - interesting countryside. C & J
24th March 2013

Wow, the flowers really are so colourful, and don't the Russians have a good eye for a massive monument and paintings on the ceilings!
2nd March 2013

Over the Rainbow(s)
Wow! Just gazing enviously at the double rainbows, rather less enthused by soggy camping, though, but tea & wodka sound like the perfect remedy!! Keep up the bloggery - we appreciate it. Just off to the Explore! website... holiday plans loom. Of course, we'll hold you and Ed jointly responsible! James & Carol
26th February 2013

scenic scenery!
Its fascinating how each country varies, how beautiful the scenery is and how well organised rural populations are. We do tend to forget there's a whole world out there where people are just getting on with their lives - and they are so very different from our own in many ways but interesting, but in some ways similar. I love the hats, I bet they need them come winter. And the roundabout? This region looks like a very enjoyable bike riding sector - not too rough? or is that yet to come?
16th February 2013

'on the move again'
Great to get another blog of this journey. You're doing a pretty good job for their tourist industry, 'cos you make it look and sound so interesting! - and great photo's
13th December 2012

Man's influence!
Its rather shocking to see how man changes the world in such a dramatic fashion. Otherwise great fun, carry on blogging. - I'm still reading and looking forward to the next! Carol
11th December 2012

Great blog!
Only just discovered your blogs last night. You provide a tremendous insight of your adventures into places not often travelled. It would be wonderful to travel the world by motorcycle, but since I do not have a motorcycle licence, I will have to live vicariously through your blogs. Look forward to reading more of your blogs.
23rd November 2012

Long straight roads scare me, I used to end up falling asleep on them as they seem to mesmerise me!!!!! You obviously survived them ok. - as well as the K. vodka! Well done, or is that why you had eye tests after your return? Carol.x
17th November 2012

Lada Samara
James tells me there used to be a Lada Samara, seems logical! The industrial seemsmore what one would expect of Russia. Lenin's house looks very 'nice'. Caught up with you at last!! Carolx
17th November 2012

Iit really is fascinating, such beautiful buildings and not at all what I'd expected of Russia. I thought you meant to say bar of motorbikerS!!! Love the looks of the mb and sidecar. Carol x
25th October 2012

moscow r&r
wow. what an r&r. You've certainly wetted my appetite for a visit to Moscow. so interesting to see places that don't always feature on the regular tourist track.
25th October 2012

Love the one of Ed praying for his petrol, especially after all the photos of the pretty churches. These photo's certainly question one's perceptions of Russia as a cold dark forbidding place. Carol xx
25th October 2012
The Motherland Calls

The Russians do like their big memorials and they do them so well, some very impressive statuary.

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