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30th January 2011

i dont know how you do it
Well I read your return posting about a trip which was tempting but i think i need to be put on your email list as well , you guys are just never home :) maybe you dont need a house to live in just a big store room to take care of summer and winter things when not in use . wish i was with you on this trip i will be following your posts to see the excellent photos that i know you will take even from your first entry here .Have fun im sure you will and come to think of it ,isnt it winter time back home :) perfect time to vanish for a few more weeks WASA from OZ
25th January 2011

Both of you with one foot in....
Nice photo of you both managing to each have a foot each in both continents! Interesting to see and hear your views on the Afghan memorial........ David & Di
From Blog: Yekaterinburg
25th January 2011

Your luck
Weren't you lucky with the brief change in wind direction for the few days you enjoyed Moscow!!! ? Very lovely set of photos..... David & Di.
From Blog: Moscow
12th January 2011

write a book........ agree entirely. Many thanks for sharing your adventures. Sorry the m/c had the sulks at the end........ see you, David & Di.
5th January 2011

Write a book!!
I've finally caught up with your blog. It's a really fantastic and engaging story - you should write a book! Hope to see you both again soon, Paul
31st December 2010

wild ride everywhere
Ok I've followed this last trip all the way loved the photos and updates. Well done and welcome back home ( even thou your away more than you are home :) ) Looking foward to hearing about you next adventure away maybe to OZ one day again. Keep up the good work Lorraine and Ed of enjoying life and sharing your thoughts and feelings along the way with others . Cheers Warwick from OZ
30th December 2010

thats a good picture of me
23rd November 2010

wow - great pictures
Isn't it amazing how life goes on all around the world with such beautiful intricacy? Love the photos and enjoyed thinking about your splendid cow again! Lx
21st November 2010

Ulan Ude
What a good idea to stop off here, a wonderful place and not at all what I would have expected. Would have loved to see a photo of you in your 'gear' Lorraine. Carol
20th November 2010

Edwin the only male!
Fascinating account of a world we never thought existed...... good you did stop off but Edwin had to pay the price of being the only male in the tourist party......... at least he was only expected to keep pouring the vodak, not to drink the same total as the ladies! D & D
18th November 2010

we dont want to see pictures of edwin i want pictures of you xx
12th November 2010

But what about the practicalities?
Great blog. Seems like a fantastic trip. But what about the practicalities? Where do you wash your hair? How far is it to the nearest Mars Bar? How are Russian shoe sizes measured? These are things we need to know.
12th November 2010

Meals on train?
Great to travel through you but it would appear your only food/drink supply was at the stops at stations........... assume no meals ( other than the hot water ) were provided on the sleeper? .......... and the hot water may have been for hot water bottles, though no doubt there was heating on the train!!. David & Diana
12th November 2010

train journey
Fascinating journey, it looks great fun - foraging for food.They have obviously arranged times to stop the train around 'meal times'. It looks much more picturesque than my image of Siberia but I suppose it is summer - probably a lot bleaker in winter. Carol
11th November 2010

A Great Train Journey
Superb - a journey I would love to have done but can now enjoy through your writing and photos. Thank you x
10th November 2010

Ways to deal with officials
You certainly have a way of winning with officials Lorraine! Wear 'em down ! What fun to be travelling off the tourist trail. David & Diana
10th November 2010

What a difference you portray between China & Russia. Trust you had a good trans-siberian train ride....... David & Diana
9th November 2010
the symbolic skylight in the Pamiri house

I wont can you tell me about Pomir house
31st October 2010

Awesome pictures
All these places of Azerbaijan are great.This is really a nice post.Thanks for sharing.
19th October 2010

Beijing endings
Hi, Glad you managed to get around the traffic jam that extended from the ? Tibet border to Beijing - it was even reported here - I was just hoping you hadn't caused it!!! As ever wonderful photos and interesting commentary. A great achievement. Carol and James.
18th October 2010

British Reception!
Congratulations Edwin & Lorraine on successfully achieving your transcontinental crossing and on an m/c.......... apologies for the pathetic reception from the British Government for your achievements! David & Di.
15th October 2010

Congratulations guys!!
I have been following your trip with interest & envy. Your entries have remained so positive throughout the trip ... even though you've obviously had some patience tests en route!! So .... obviously the question is .... Where next??! If you're passing through KL be sure to pop in! x And BTW .... do you have some pictures of Chinese food which you have taken? If so, could I use some for a project I'm doing soon??
14th October 2010

Bravo well done we will keep watching! Xris & Dlle
13th October 2010

What a wonderful adventure. Thanks for your delightful writing and photography. I wanted to be with you. Riding through a road tunnel as a detour. Great.
13th October 2010

Well done!
Congratulations! Where to next? I've been enjoying the blogs immensely and looking forward to reading about your next adventure.

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