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8th October 2010

good to read you.
I was just saying we have heard from you for a while & pop here you are! Its nice to have he next installment, though that was months ago. Where are you now? in outer Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia. Surely not at home! Chris is flying in para glider, I make jam. How tame is that? All the best Danielle
7th October 2010

China regulations!
Did you join in the physical training/dancing in the streets? Am surprised about the restrictions for m/c on the motorways and town centres! ........... enjoy, David & Diana
29th September 2010

Patagonia Argentina
Great pictures of one the last lonely places in the World...Amazing places to see and enjoy...to feel...to know...to smell... Well...com back to Argentina... Greetings from Patagonia Argentina Néstor Rubén Pedersen
14th September 2010
yet more roadworks

Flipping eck I thought the M1 was bad!
14th September 2010

MMM - I'm pondering whether you will be going back and doing the road once its completed? I guess all tarmac would be quite dull motorbike riding, but you must have nerves of steel after some of those stretches of road and roadworks! You certainly get some interesting scenery and its fascinating how the river colours are already so different and yet all the waters are from a similar region? I thought the prostraters were at first road workmen but seeing them in action can understand how they need a bit of protection - that must be their lifetime journey. Those 'roads' are just amazing - nice to see there are some pretty flowers as well. Carol and James
13th September 2010

Floal altimeters
Interesting how have been able to read the altitude via the plant life. Some scary roadworks on a knife edge.... David & Diana
4th September 2010

A different Tibet
What an eye opener regards our usual concept of Tibet.............. some very interesting flora. Thanks for keeping us in the picture David & Di.
31st August 2010

Well it does all look a bit Shangri -la-ish doesn't it? We've also decided there are some look alikes for Norway / Scandinavia, and Basque style houses! - and a bit of an English garden as you say! That muddy road looks decidedly interesting and the fan club kids are very cute!!!!!!! I guess you must feel well experienced on muddy dirt roads by now! Carol & James
25th August 2010

Hi, this is osman seeing those pictures looks amazing, but I can make out you guys might through the worse of nights and weather. Cool, wish I was there too. You guys have great days ahead. Tc Thanks for sharing those pics, with everyone who are travel maniacs.
23rd August 2010

Tibetian confusion!
Bewildering array of " religious " items/buildings etc............. all beautifully photographed and apparently guarded by chinese soldiers!
From Blog: R&R in Lhasa
19th August 2010

Yet again some wonderful photos that give a really great feel to what its like there. Ed hates to miss out on anything - as I'm sure you've know for some time! Looks like the new guest wing has been sorted - did you get a 'rain cover' too? Carol & James
From Blog: R&R in Lhasa
16th August 2010

Tibet as we think of it
Agree..........think of Tibet as the Lorraine mental picture......... not as the photos are portraying! Also some thought proviking comments regards " Fridge or Freedom? "........ but does it have to be a choice? Many thanks for insights into worlds far from us............ David & Diana
11th August 2010

Once again, this is a great travelogue. Wish I could be there.
10th August 2010

Highs and Lows
Lorraine Neil and I are loving all this fab information..... thank you! The highs and lows of life means something totally different when I read this lol!! take care now! xx
3rd August 2010

Couldn't get worse?
So.......... there was worse than Tajikstan! Your nerves must have been shattered after negotiating such distances of challenging terrain.. David & Diana
2nd August 2010

Hope someone hosed you down on a nice warm sunny day - you sure look dusty. Amazing scenery yet again. Somehow I thought Tibet was going to be green and lush and hilly - forgot that such high altitude precludes trees and lush vegetation. The service station looks fun - very decorative 'roof'. See you soon! Carol and James.
2nd August 2010

Omigod! I think if Max and I had been doing this we would have parted company by now. Scenery looks absolutely fantastic but what a price to pay in shattered nerves and sheer exhaustion! Big respect for getting through it.
31st July 2010

Tibet another world!
You certainly portray Tibet as being very different........... puzzling notice on back of door! Keep coming with these gems of your travel............David & Di
28th July 2010

Another instalment of amazing experiences and wonderful scenery, it must be incredible to set off each day to yet more of it - neat sunset too. The good karma is obviously continuing Carol and James
21st July 2010

Sea Gulls over Serento!
Enjoyed video play and the marvels of the fast evolving new technology. Sea gulls in Tibet! ??? well you provide the photographic evidence and presumably some of the lakes are where they feed? The photos with Yaks give the impression they don't have much to eat either........ but they are there, so must have food of sorts. Style of commentary much appreciated and indicates an embryonic talent.............you will have to publish Lorraine. David & Di
19th July 2010

Good comments
Really love the commentary and the trip. Wow, what an adventure.
17th July 2010

Flesh eating fish!
Presumably you mustn't leave yourself at the mercy of these fish for too long.........or do the just graze dead skin? David & Diana
17th July 2010

Fantastic Milky Way
Did you folk or the bikes suffer any altitude sickness etc? The Milky Way without any semblance of light pollution sounds brilliant ( excuse the pun )
16th July 2010

Thank you for including me in these, I love your take.... Be happy you missed the oil and the lady arguing over the vegitables!
16th July 2010

just like yesterday
hi lorrine and edwin. After saw your blog, I remember your trip in China. So many vivid faces appeared in my eye. I miss you, I wait for see more good pictures and articles from you. your chinese tourguide john

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