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9th November 2009

It's raining and cold on Monday 9th November in the Midlands and I arrive at work to Guatemala. Thank you for putting a smile on my face (means my team won't get it in the neck today!) Seriously though, fantastic. LOL x
3rd November 2009

Mrs P
I keep being rejected so this is a trial test!!
21st October 2009

We want close ups!
Having caught up on all your earlier postings in one go, I am now an addict and opened this latest posting as soon as it arrived. What a surprise to find that quiet Edwin was doing a motor cycle streak!!! Your journey sounds fantastic. Enjoy Val.
19th October 2009

Hello, & when are you in Mexico?
Hi, I haven't had time to read all of your notes, but sounds like you are having an amazing time. Will HAVE to hear all about it when you are back - I will leave a week free!!! I am going on my own trip, but nothing compared to yours - starting in Mexico next Friday 30th October, then onto Costa Rica, then 'hopping' across to NZ before spending Christmas in Thailand. I thought that you would be well away by the time I get over to central America -when are you going through? Would be great to met up if you are around, but I doubt it. Anyway, all the best for the rest of your trip. Kathryn.X
18th October 2009

Hi Lorraine and Edwin, I have just read this and your previous blogs all in one sitting as this is the first one not to get caught by my fire walls. I am completely stunned and so envious - what a fantastic trip - what experiences - what sights. Thank goodness you will have this amazing record to look back on as you will not be able to remember it all without prompts. I hope you continue to have wonderful journey and enjoy every minute. Very kind regards Val
18th October 2009

utah - wagons ho!
you e right - just like wagon train country - its just like all those western films we used to have to watch with our Dad back in the 60s and 70s. Ed might not remember that far back. Travelling through this scenery must be just one long WOW!! Your photos are stunning - much better than those on the official site. Keep up the good work we e following your progress with great interest, I was thinking you must be heading well towards Peru by now - hope you enjoy that as much as we did. Carol and James.
15th October 2009

you lucky sods
just waching with intrest.keep the shiny side up
7th October 2009

Fantastic; great photos - you are obviously have a wonderful time. Carol
7th October 2009

Bunckin Bronco
I'm missing the picture of you on a buckin' bronco! Sounds like you're still having fun and not too saddle sore and the weather is certainly better than drizzley Hamburg - mind 5 had a spot of sun myself recently (have a look at http://www.babelsberg-studio.com/nafplio/ when you get a chance). Pete and Ina
7th October 2009

Is that Ed on the bronco?
6th October 2009

hello over there
Looks fantastic, have u got bike buts yet? Garden fine I'm off to plant your Fritillaries this week. Love from Louise
2nd October 2009

Thanks for the updates - have just spent my lunch hour with bears and glaciers! Love Sue x
30th September 2009

Hi Loving the blogs - thanks for the updates. Glad all is OK. Mandy x
29th September 2009

You've surpassed yourself
This looks like it's going to be one mighty challenging act to follow. I'll be thinking of you as I catch the 0640 to Waterloo!
23rd September 2009

now we are getting into the grove
Great to see you both having fun :) big trip, big ask but i see you have the right bike for it to. I am enjoying reading your blog and Im sure Dave has started reading it to as he seems to read it word for word and i just look at the pictures :) LOL .Staying in touch, your mates from Down Under in OZ WASA
18th September 2009

HI Lorraine and Edwin, I'm soo Jealous, look forward to reading about your adventures Look after yourselves Bobx
17th September 2009

Hi tupela, Excellent stuff - its going to be a bit of a slog catching up with august and sept? You've set high standards to set off. A pity its not something you can do / catch up with, on the back of the bike! The photos give a good idea of where you are and what you're doing. Good luck with the ongoing journey and hope all continues going well. Carol and James
From Blog: Heading North
17th September 2009

Here's to a great adventure!
Hi Lorraine and Edwin - you guys are amazing - have a fantastic trip and I will enjoy reading your escapades. My schoolgirl dream was to see the Alaskan pipeline (daft I know) and have always wanted to go to Alaska so great to see your pictures. I blame it on my geography teacher at school. Bon Voyage and happy riding........ Lorraine at DTW
From Blog: Heading North

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