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25th October 2012

locals and gold
Aren't people just amazing, so helpful and kind when you can't even speak the same language. I love the gold it's beautifully worked, had no idea there were such treasures in wherever it is you are!!!!! Rostov. Everything looks so clean and shiny too, I suppose sunshine and blue skies help. Carol xx
22nd October 2012

you doing very well,
Thank's Lorraine even I am learning loads from these blogs and i was driving the bike!!! LOL You are a star!
9th October 2012

Giant Garden Gnomes
Who would have thought the Russians had a penchant for such things? I always felt we had more in common that first sight suggests! Good to know you are still travelling and nice to have a personalised travelogue ... catch up with you one day. M x
21st July 2012

So Edwin has found the cake Mecca1 .... and stocking up kiosk.......... have fun, LoveDavid & Di
20th July 2012

Fascinating stuff. Good to see you sampling local cuisine and enjoying sunshine - long may it last. We are still hoping to have some summer!!!! Amusingly ads for Thomas Cook and Premier Inns keep showing up at the top of the pages. Looking forward to the next blog as always. Carol X
19th July 2012

road trip
hi,thanks for the blogg.once again its great to keep up with you both.hope you both well and enjoying your trip,ride safe and see you when you return. carl
17th July 2012

Nuclear Missile Museum
Very interesting David & Di
17th July 2012

Fantastic Photos
You might as well be in Buzz Lightyear Outfits with all the " stans " you plan to manage to pop in and out of............... brilliant photos as usual............. take care, David & Diana
26th June 2012

travel bug re-ignited
Hi Lorraine and Edwin, I am enjoying the blog so much that if anyone was to make an offer to buy us out I would immediately accept it and I would be off as well.
25th June 2012

Great commentary and pics, but make sure Ed keeps away from the "Fire!" button in that bunker. Ride safe.
25th June 2012

Good to have the updates back
Hi Lorraine, its great reading the blogs again, look forward to reading more as you get further off the beaten track, did you catch any football? C xx
22nd June 2012

Happy travelling!
Good to know you're making good progress, and we're looking forward to the next 'editions'! I'm amused to see that Saga 'travel insurance for the over 50's' sponsors these pages !!!! Neat photos, hope to hear from you again soon.
22nd June 2012

May the wind be always at your back and the sun shine softly on your face
Wish I was ensconced in your little bag!
21st June 2012

Great stuff!
Beauty, another adventure! Can't wait to follow it again, thanks for making me jealous and giving me itchy feet on a wet Melbourne morning! Good luck and enjoy, will be following.
21st June 2012

Another Holiday
Great photos it looks lovely places, when are you back home. take care and ride safe.
3rd May 2012

How jealous!
You guys really now how to make someone jealous. Looking forward to following your next travels. By the way, I think the moose needs to work on his hide and seek skills a bit.
From Blog: Northern Lights
17th April 2012

"And we're off.... or maybe not"........ presumably Edwin ? !
Splendid record......... superb photos of the northern lights
From Blog: Northern Lights
13th April 2012

Please STOP!
Please, please, stop travelling to places on my "must see before I die" list. Every time you post another blog entry it serves as a reminder that I've not been anyway recently and my list is not getting any shorter, and I'm only getting older! Seriously, beautiful photos, but isn't it time you stayed at home and left the travelling to others?;-)
From Blog: Northern Lights
6th May 2011

very interisting i like that picture thanks
9th April 2011

I love the random pictures you have there. They're right! You should write a book. Shed.
22nd February 2011

Oh........ brings back some very enjoyable moments( especially vaccing out the rucksacs! )........ and more new species to you both to add to your awareness portfolio ( exuse pun! ) David & Di.........
From Blog: The Open Seas
22nd February 2011

I wish I could be with you. I love the Shackleton adventure. Please let me see what you see.
From Blog: The Open Seas
21st February 2011

Bloomin Amazin
You guys, you just don't stop!.. And lets face why should you. Great! Those swells, oooohhh i'd be chucking my guts up - more food for the petrels eh? My legs are only good for riding bmw's not waves!
From Blog: The Open Seas
3rd February 2011

In an effort to be completely unoriginal .......I don't believe it!

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