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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast September 3rd 2015

After a fabulous cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs and a heap of other stuff by Marcus, we packed up and headed off to find the highway to Brisbane. We planned to have lunch somewhere close to Brisbane but we couldn't find a park anywhere so we just kept on going towards the Gold Coast. We thought we had taken a turn off the highway to a park / reserve but it ended up being a new housing estate (there's a lot of new houses up here) but we stopped and had lunch anyway. We found one of those huge shopping centres and wandered around there for a while and then headed off to find our caravan park. Forgot that it was now peak hour traffic and it took ages to get anywhere. Finally got to the ... read more
Big 4 Holiday Park, Gold Coast
Big 4 Holiday Park, Gold Coast

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Eumundi September 2nd 2015

We shot out of bed early knowing that Eumundi Market kicks off officially at 8am (and knowing almost everyone would be there from around 7.30). We parked where we should have slept and walked across the road to find the place where I had chosen we would have breakfast. After half an hour looking, we gave up and went and asked the lost and found office...sorry, a late scratching for the muesli, yoghurt and fruit breakfast people. Drat! We chose the next most popular breakfast offered (baked apple and yoghurt) and then had coffee and raisin toast. We walked around the market more slowly and came across people from Tassie and Lorraine (Georgi's sister). We had second breakfast with Lorraine and walked the market again this time buying a few things. By this time, we had ... read more
Eumundi Markets
Eumundi Markets
Eumundi Markets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Eumundi September 1st 2015

We had stopped on the edge of the road that went from 1770 to Bundaberg (an old section of road that had been bypassed or realigned). There was quite a bit of traffic going past at night but no glaring headlights and we slept well. Georgi wasn't feeling too flash (she'd caught what I had been suffering from for the last week) and we tried to get a medical appointment in Bundaberg without any success. We did stop in Bundaberg and buy a replacement teapot (the previous one made of glass had jumped out of the cupboard and smashed itself to pieces) and have coffee. It had warmed up by the time we got to Gympie and we had just enough time to grab a quick lunch before the doctors appointment. The parking in Gympie is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 August 31st 2015

We head off to the marina early in the morning to catch a LARC. LARC stands for Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo (vessels built for the military to transport troops and equipment in and around coastal areas). It has a huge 7 litre diesel motor, four wheel drive (and a propellor to push us through the water). This cruise / trip / experience is something unique. A full day on an ex-army vessel exploring the creeks and waterways (and what is in those waterways) as we journey along the coast of Bustard Bay to the lighthouse at Bustard Head. Our crew are David and Blake and they provide the commentary, feed us, drive the LARC and keep us amused. To get to the lighthouse involves sailing over the Round Hill Creek (where the marina is), the Eurimbula ... read more
LARC tour
LARC tour
LARC tour

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 August 30th 2015

As we drove out of Rockhampton (on a new piece of causeway) we were confronted by yet another Brahman bull wishing us goodbye. There seemed to be bulls everywhere in Rocky; saying hello, goodbye, on buildings, everywhere! We drove down the coast and left the Bruce Highway to enter Gladstone on a "new" road. This made it even trickier for Georgi to get her bearings, so we drove around the town of Gladstone and through the CBD, stopping to have coffee at what used to be a hotel. Gladstone is very industrialised (and accordingly has the reputation of being heavily polluted) and the smokestacks were certainly pouring out plenty of fumes as we toured the town, stopping at the previously frequented places of Georgi (including the family homes). It had all changed so much. We continued ... read more
Gladstone home of the Brown family
Barney Point, Gladstone
Tannum Sands beachwalk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton August 29th 2015

This was another day where we hadn't planned anything other than drive south. After returning to the highway, we drove a short distance before the traffic became quite heavy (the Bruce Highway is mostly single lane with short passing opportunities each 5 kilometres if the terrain is flattish). We decided to pull in to the Flaggy Rock Creek Cafe for coffee and cake. They had home made ice cream too so we had to try the mango but it wasn't anything like what we had enjoyed previously at Wild Mango in Kununurra. Because Georgi wanted to spend some time in her early home town of Gladstone, we decided to stop early in Rockhampton (so we had plenty of time in Gladstone tomorrow). We refilled the gas bottle, topped up the bus with diesel and found a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay August 28th 2015

We were hoping to make some good distance today, getting up early and just driving south without any planned stops. We drove through Ayr's twin town of Home Hill and then on to Bowen. From there we went to Proserpine and thought about going to Airlie Beach / Shute Harbour but we stayed on the highway. We drove through sugar cane plantations that were being harvested and got to Mackay mid-afternoon. We pushed on further, hoping to find a quiet spot near a creek or beach. We heard that there was a good camping spot near Ilbilbie so we went looking for that but the sun started to set and we decided to pull in near a relatively dry river bed. The next morning, we looked out the window and noticed two young guys had launched ... read more
cane train

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville August 27th 2015

After driving down the rest of the mountain road to Wallaman Falls, we returned to the Bruce "Highway" (another topic) and headed south to Ingham and then continued on to Townsville. For the past few days (since Cairns) we had been hearing a squeak in the clutch which we decided needed to be looked at. We were hoping we could get the local Toyota people to fast track a look / see and possible fix. The Toyota people (Mike Carney Toyota) were quite helpful and asked us to bring in the bus on Thursday. We drove through the Townsville CBD (which was particularly quiet) and parked next door to to the Aquarium and Museum. We spent most of the day visiting these two attractions. The Museum has been recently expanded to showcase all of the Pandora ... read more
Turtle undergoing rehab at Reef HQ
Firing a cannon on the "Pandora"

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Wallaman Falls August 24th 2015

We camped the previous night near Murray Falls so we took the opportunity of visiting the waterfall first thing in the morning. It's a little way off the highway (and the last few kilometres are gravel) but it sounded like a nice place to see. Access is restricted but there are huge pools where the cascading water has eroded the rocks to make a few swimming pools (although they would be very dangerous in the wet). We took some photos and drove back to the highway. We went the other side of the highway and down to the beach (at Hinchinbrrok Channel). A really fabulous location although it was misty and a storm threatened out on the water. Further down the road we came across another vehicle parked in a ditch. Seems the locals have difficulty ... read more
Murray Falls
Murray Falls
Murray Falls

Oceania » Australia » Queensland August 23rd 2015

We had arranged to meet Mitch and take him from the car rental depot to the airport. He had been very busy on his first Bash, working long days and driving long distances. We had spoken to some of the entrants at Mt Surprise and they were all very pleased with his efforts. After picking up Mitch we drove out to the airport where it started to rain quite heavily. We got out of the rain and had morning tea after Mitch was checked in. Soon it was time to say goodbye but it was great to see family on this long trip. We didn't have a plan as to where we would aim for today because of our late departure from Cairns. It rained steadily as we headed south towards Tully (one of the wettest ... read more

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