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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cockle Creek February 8th 2015

The most southern location in Tasmania (where you can drive) is Cockle Creek. It's a very pretty location that was visited by the French explorer Bruni D'Entrecasteaux in the 1790's. Since then, whaling and timber have been industries that have developed and declined. Nowadays, Cockle Creek is best known as the end point of the South Coast Track, a long coastal walk of approx 80 km that commences at Melaleuca. We planned to walk to South Cape Bay (which is approx 16 km round trip) to test our abilities to walk longer distances when we travelled up north. We chose to walk on Saturday which was forecast to be 35 degrees C to see how we would cope. It's an interesting walk, taking you along Cockle Creek and then up into lightly forested bush before coming ... read more
Lenny at end of road sign Cockle Creek
South Cape Bay track
South Cape Bay

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet January 26th 2015

After we replaced the alternator on the bus (the first of three major service / repair tasks which would continue each month until March), we had two trips up the East Coast during January. Mayfield was packed, with people, tents and vehicles looking like sardines in a tin so we just couldn't stay there. We continued on and parked on the side of the road. We had a great view (all to ourselves) of Great Oyster Bay until these two young Brits stopped to chat. We gave them directions down to the beach and heard of their plans travelling Australia. They were lovely to chat to. The next day we drove up to Freycinet and climbed the Wineglass Bay track to the lookout. As we were walking back down to the bus, we met the two ... read more
Lenny at Wineglass Bay Lookout
Georgi on Wineglass Bay track
Gateway Cafe at Orford

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bruny Island January 1st 2015

What a busy week! Christmas, over to Bruny again, engaged, New Years Eve, married on New Years Day in a secret ceremony and then Georgi's birthday. A special thank you to Ted and his children, Ben and Taylor and to Catherine who "allowed" us to take over "their" holiday and to all those who came to Bruny (some unwittingly) to help us celebrate and to those who posted congrats on facebook or wished us a long and wonderful life together. And also special thanks to those who helped make the day run so smoothly including Veronica and Gerry and Bernice and all the staff at Bruny Island Premium Wines and to Trevor our excellent bus driver. 2014 was a great year for us and our plans for 2015 were taking shape now that my unpaid leave ... read more
Christmas presents being paraded
Here comes the bride
The Newton Radley family

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Campbell Town November 29th 2014

Now we had our licence to thrill, it was time to get out there and have some fun! Of course, the imagination runs wild when you have something new to play with and already we were discussing where we could go and how long off work we would need. To start with, we agreed we would have practice weekends away; getting to know how everything worked on the Coaster, how it would drive in different conditions and how we would cope with being together 24 hours a day in a bus. We had lots of plans - both short term and longer term ones too. You can read about those more as you travel with us. Our early travels included Bruny Island and Campbell Town to meet the boys. On the latter trip, we drove up ... read more
Callington Mill
Campbell Town

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart November 6th 2014

Things progressed and we were confident that the Coaster would go around the corner (and into the carport) so we agreed a price with Lawrence and Deb and proceeded to make arrangements to get our Light Rigid Licences. A Light Rigid Licence is required to be held when you want to drive a vehicle that has a Gross Vehicle Mass that is greater than 4500 kg but less than 8000 kg. Small trucks and buses (with around 15 -25 seats) usually fit in to this category. The logistics were a bit tricky as we had to (firstly) get Lawrence to drive the Coaster into Hobart for a service and check-over and then when that was completed get the Coaster delivered out to Glenorchy where we would sit a written examination and then perform a practical test ... read more
The corner!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart September 20th 2014

We thought that we should visit Lawrence and Deb and talk to them about their bus, now that they had finished their travelling around Australia. Georgi had always wanted to travel in a bus like theirs. We drove up to Triabunna and Lawrence kindly offered to drive the bus to Mayfield Beach so that we could "test it out" for the evening and overnight. Lawrence and Georgi went in the Coaster and Deb and I drove behind in their ute. Mayfield Beach is fabulous (but can get quite busy). It overlooks Great Oyster Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula. Lawrence parked the Coaster and then set up the outside bbq / stove for us. We said goodbye and then had a walk on the beach. We both knew the Coaster was just right. We celebrated with a ... read more
Georgi and Lawrence and Deb
Celebratory drink

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