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23rd July 2019

Its a Long Trip....
28 Months... wow I been to 20 to 30 days trip i though its become a very long trip... but you break the record indeed... what kayak you're using? inflatable I think : (Explorer K2) https://pickakayak.com/intex-explorer-k2-review/
30th July 2019

A kayak in there
Thanks Chris, these kayaks are Seabird Discoveries - we like them. We hope to be heading to the Murray Darling soon and spending a few months kayaking one of Australia's most iconic rivers.
16th August 2018

How is it going
All the best with your travels. End of year a bit busy here. regards Mark
23rd May 2018

How is it going
Hi there, Not a lot on your Blog Len. A little envious of you roaming (my parents are grey nomads at this time of the year) and it is cold and windy at home. Hope all is going well. Regards Mark
7th August 2018

We rethought the idea and decided to post a few photos on Facebook instead
18th January 2016

Sarah from Kimberley Wild
Hi guys! I just came across your blog by chance! So glad you enjoyed those oranges in the kimberley heat. So now I have bumped into you twice on the road and once online! We must stop meeting like this. It's such a small - and wonderful - world we live in. Warmest regards, Sarah
19th January 2016

Sarah from Kimberley Wild
Great to hear from you Sarah. We'd love to be up north now and catching the end of the wet season. If you are ever down this far south, feel free to look us up. I'm sure we will cross paths again sometime. Cheers, Lenny and Georgi
19th August 2015

Hello from Acton Park
Hi Len I have just reviewed your past 30 days of blogs and photos, great photos. You certainly are having a great experience. Where to next and when are you due home? Greg
19th August 2015

Back to Tassie and work?
Hi Greg, thanks for your comments. Currently in outback qld and heading towards cairns. Bit behind with the blog as usual. Due back at work early November. Cheers Len
17th August 2015
Yellow Waters Cruise

Amazing photos - and beautiful indigenous art. So clever. xx
29th July 2015

Hello from Acton Park
Hi Len Its been a while since I wrote but I think I have viewed most of your blogs and the photos have been amazing. I envy you both with the fantastic experiences you have had. You have certainly explored our outback!! Hope you are well. Greg
29th July 2015

All good up here (but a little warm)
Hi Greg, Saw that you were in perth? recently visiting rellies. It is very warm here in Darwin and we hope to get the last of some bugs ironed out of the Coaster before we leave for Kakadu (soon). Cheers Len
30th June 2015

So envious!
So good to read all your adventures. Going to pick up Catherine and Ben today, looking forward to seeing them.
29th June 2015

What an amazing day! We need to go back and take this canoe trip. We love the photos. Cheers The Huxs
29th June 2015

Sir John
Georgi would love to look after the girls while you do the canoe trip up Sir John Gorge! Cheers Lenny
29th June 2015

Thank you
Hi Lenny and Georgi We love your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us. It was fabulous to read about our day with you- which was fantastic and about all your other days at Mornington. It really is a very special place:) You are lovely people and very fast canoers! We look forward to following more of your adventures on the blog. Cheers Felicity, Dan, Ally, Amelia and Freya
29th June 2015

Canoeing with the Huxs
Hi Huxs, We really enjoyed our day canoeing with you guys. It was a big highlight of our travels on the GRR. Would love to see you again one day. Cheers, Lenny and Georgi
28th June 2015
Campground at Kurrajong

Kimberley Landscape
It has been fabulous Greg. You must get up here to see it.
11th May 2015

Great pics - again
Thanks for the great commentary and pics - just like being there (except missed out on trying the Cobblers!). :-) Love to you both. xx
5th May 2015

Hi from Acton Park
Oh dear I am sorry to hear of your mechanical frustrations. I have heard that Kununurra is lovely, so at least a pleasant place to wait for the repairs.
23rd April 2015

Looks like an amazing trip Len... and lots of memorable experiences. Hope you are enjoying married life, would love to meet Georgie sometime. Jon and I head off next year around Aus we have just bought our caravan, safe travels I love looking at your blogs, Cheers Denise
24th April 2015

The Big Lap
Denise, We expect to be back in November so we should try and catch up before you and Jon head off - cheers Lenny
21st April 2015

Hello from Acton Park
Len Apart from a couple of minor hiccups you seem to be going well. Bitter Springs seems lovely from the pictures. I am popping out to Glenorchy on the 22nd to see a couple of people so I will pass on that I am monitoring your progress. Keep safe and enjoy! Greg
22nd April 2015

It's a tough life
But, whatever it is, someone has to do it...there are more vehicle dramas to come I am sure...

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