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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome July 3rd 2015

We arrived in Broome just in time for a quick lunch and then we headed off to Gantheaume Point (a beach where people park on the beach and go boating, fishing and swimming). Our sunset (and whale watching) tour departed from here. This was the same tour that we had done in June but this time we expected to see some whales as it was now "official whale watching season". The operators were so confident of seeing whales that they offered a free trip if you did not see whales. Once again, we were taken out to Tradewinds by the sealegs tender (a boat with wheels) by the owner/captain, Cameron. On board we met Emma and Abbey. Almost as soon as we had left the mooring we saw whales further up Cable Beach with another whale ... read more
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whales

It was an early start to the morning as we had a chopper ride booked before our last fastboat run through the waterfalls and before breakfast. The chopper ride was great with fabulous views from the 150 metre level and plenty of opportunities to take photos (particularly of the waterfalls). After breakfast we were ready to jump back in our seaplane (with Georgi in the co-pilot seat again) and this time we took the scenic route back to Derby. We flew over a barramundi farm and mud flats and lots of islands - it was a great trip. Thanks to Steve, our pilot, who was very capable and made us comfortable by joking around. When we landed at Derby airport, the ambulance came and took one of the passengers to hospital. She had suffered a fall ... read more
Georgi checking out the view  - no doors on the chopper!
Lenny and Will the chopper pilot

It was only a short drive in to Derby from Willare but we wanted to find somewhere to have a shower because the water was off at Willare. We checked one of the local caravan parks and after paying $5 had a luxurious shower. We also found a hairdresser on site and each of us got a haircut. Before the pick up for the trip out to the airport we had time to visit the Derby jetty plus check out the wharfinger museum (a wharfinger is a person who manages a wharf). The museum turned out to be the history of Derby for the last 100 or so years and was quite interesting. Georgi got excited about various bits of information relating to some research she was doing on property ownership. Ask Georgi about it. After ... read more
The co-pilot
Our first view of the houseboat hotel
The seaplanes return to Derby

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley July 1st 2015

To get a head start on our trip to Derby the next day we decided to take a leisurely drive out to Willare Roadhouse (and Caravan Park) which is about 50 kilometres from Derby. It was only about 170 kilometres from Broome so we headed off late in the morning (after coffee and toast in Chinatown) and got there early afternoon. As we looked to organise a site with power we saw that there were two cyclists near a BBQ shelter. It might have been a camp kitchen under construction but it wasn't finished yet. We introduced ourselves and found out that they had cycled from Darwin to Willare (including the entire Gibb River Road) and were completing their journey in Broome. What a feat. Take a bow Scott and Kate from Hobart. Lovely people too. ... read more
Willare Roadhouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome June 30th 2015

Back in Broome to catch up on domestic duties (does that include the travel blog). We had previously stayed at Town Caravan Park which is perfectly located on Roebuck Bay. They only had one very small site available this time so we tried Vacation Village on the way to the Port at Broome. It is the best caravan park in Broome. It is clean and tidy, has lovely staff and the atmosphere is one of pride and value for money. First thing Saturday morning we headed off to the market for breakfast. Tasty muesli followed by delish bacon, salad and egg sandwich. Whilst there Lenny booked us on a sunset cruise for the evening so it was back to the campground for lunch and change of clothes. The cruise started with a very wet ride to ... read more
Another sunset cruise off Broome
Spa and Band jockey for position on the deck of MV Oceanic
Butcher birds visit the camp kitchen at Vacation Village

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome June 25th 2015

We had met Jane and Jamie earlier at the Courthouse Market but had always planned to visit the Broome Bird Observatory (BBO) and do some tours. And so it was that we drove out Crab Creek Road and the 20 odd kilometres to the BBO. We had decided to stay a few days and as there was no power available in the campground, we decided to defrost and empty the fridge and transfer all of our food into one of the camp kitchen fridges. We would stay in one of their rooms. We arrived about lunch time and booked in for a bush and plains tour that afternoon with Nigel, one of the two wardens at BBO. The next few days were relaxing as we did a lakes tour with Rick and then a mangroves tour ... read more
Black faced Cuckoo Shrike
Singing Honeyeater
Beach below the BBO

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque June 21st 2015

A very early start for this tour was required (5.45am) but we were held up as a couple turned up after 6.00. No apology offered but just waltzed in. You feel like smacking them. This was a tour to see King Sound (renowned for its 10m tides), which feeds the world famous natural phenomenon of the Horizontal Waterfalls. We visited to see the whirlpools created by the tides and a tidal waterfall at a 7,000 year old reef that is absolutely spectacular. This is a cruise for thrillseekers. We took a sealegs amphibious vehicle out to the rigid inflatable that was moored in Cygnet Bay and then we were away! Two 250hp Honda motors provide plenty of go! We learnt about the pearl operation as we cruised past the oyster beds in the bay and then ... read more
Our transport
At speed on the bay
Mangroves and rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cape Leveque June 20th 2015

After lots of favourable reports, we decided to visit Lombadina (a small aboriginal community just down the road) and bought some fresh bread there to make a picnic lunch in their park. It's a lovely place with lots of big trees and lawns that are watered and maintained. We noticed that they had a workshop and so we decided to ask whether they could have a look at the exhaust on the cruiser. Of course, they said no problem and so we waited until the workshop returned from their lunchbreak and spoke to David about our exhaust problems. He had a look and said that he could fix it that afternoon so that was fine with us. Georgi went to the art and craft workshop and met Garry's mother who told Georgi about the history of ... read more
The Church
Inside the Church
Another shot of the park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia June 19th 2015

We had heard a lot about Cape Leveque and so it was on our list of places to visit. We had also heard that the road to Cape Leveque was also very poor, but hey, we had just finished the Gibb so we weren't scared. Approximately 200 kilometres from Broome but half of it is sealed so it would be easy. So we thought. We should have listened to the mechanic who said it was a car killer. This is a very tough road with very bad corrugations and lots of potholes too. We had a lovely cooked breakfast at the Town Cafe next door and packed the cruiser. The Road to Cape Leveque is about 20 kilometres from Broome and then there is blacktop for another 20 or so kilometres. Then the sandy section starts ... read more
Sunset at  Cape Leveque
Sunset at  Cape Leveque
Sunset at  Cape Leveque

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome June 10th 2015

We had heard a lot about Broome and Cable Beach (and seen the photos) so we were prepared for something stunning when we arrived in Broome. Firstly, we went to Cable Beach where we had drinks at Zanders (a restaurant / bar with views of the beach) and then we walked around the area to see if it was the right sort of place for us. In the end, we weren't sure so we stayed at a caravan park in Cable Beach. The next day, the caravan park looked horribly cramped for space and Cable Beach looked like a lot of other nice beaches we had visited. So we moved to Roebuck Bay Caravan Park which was right on the water (and closer to Broome central). We checked out Green Mango cafe and performed quality control ... read more
Georgi on the beach
Greg Quicke at the Courthouse Market
Courthouse Market

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