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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lakes Entrance October 8th 2015

The next morning we agreed to spend the day in Eden and then decide whether we would go further north (to places like Bega, Merimbula and Bermagui) or return back to Victoria and look for Victorian activities before returning home to Tasmania. The first thing to do was to have a closer look at Twofold Bay. The environment around the bay is generally quite rugged and regularly has cliffs that allows viewing seaward. There is a very pretty lookout adjacent to the town that is maintained by the service group Rotary. The area also has a memorial for those who are lost in the seas around Eden. A viewing platform allows visitors (and other users) excellent opportunities to see whales as they travel up and down the Australian coast. It seems somewhat strange that Eden now ... read more
Rotary Park Lookout, Eden
Rotary Park Lookout, Eden
Aslings Beach, Eden

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eden October 7th 2015

Georgi had wanted to see the bay at Eden, from the time when a friend was on a cruise ship and the ship anchored in Twofold Bay. This bay was named by George Bass and is one of the deepest bays in the Southern Hemisphere. Our plan was to drive to Eden and maybe a bit further before we turned and start heading for Melbourne and the journey home to Tasmania. Our first stop was Orbost where we had hoped to get coffee. We got a few other necessary things done (like emptying the grey water tank) but finding a place with coffee was proving difficult. There was an art gallery but that was closed but we did eventually find an organic cafe that welcomed Georgi with open arms. The owner and Georgi were getting on ... read more
Snug Cove fishing fleet, Eden

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lakes Entrance October 6th 2015

We left our campsite near Golden Beach fairly early knowing that we wanted to cover a fair bit of territory that day. It would be a particularly difficult day of driving as the winds were particularly strong and gusty. Because the Gippsland Lakes is Australia's largest inland waterway (measuring approximately 600 square kilometres), it was important for Georgi to see the various parts of the Lakes and to gain a full understanding of the geography of the lakes and rivers, particularly as I had spent my earlier life here. The Gippsland Lakes (in order of size) are: * Lake Wellington * Lake Victoria * Lake King * Lake Reeve * Lake Tyers * Lake Coleman The rivers that flow in to the Gippsland Lakes are: * Latrobe * Thomson * Avon * Perry * Mitchell * ... read more
Lakes Entrance
Barrier Landing, Lakes Entrance
Reeve Channel and Rigby Island view

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 5th 2015

We had a pleasant nights sleep at The Honeysuckles with the surf just audible to us camped at the back of the dunes on the Ninety Mile Beach. The Ninety Mile Beach is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world. Because a significant portion of the beach is only accessible by boat it is also one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world. Boat access is available from either Bass Strait or from the Gippsland Lakes. We took a drive along the coastal road that runs parallel to the Ninety Mile Beach and stopped at Golden Beach for a coffee. There are now many more houses here than when I last visited and the "town" can justify a couple of cafes and a real estate shop. This is the most southern ... read more
Camping on the 90 Mile Beach
A view of the 90 Mile Beach from the nearest sand dune
Walking on the 90 Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria October 4th 2015

We awoke to bush birds and looked out the window to discover we were living in a rainforest! Not just any rainforest but Tarra Valley. Lenny came here as a child with his grandparents. It's a wonderful place to escape the heat of the summer and in winter time, you could build a roaring fire in the shelter and be warm while you drank hot tea and ate passionfruit cake. The fireplace has been bricked up now which is a bit sad, but the carpark has been sealed so I guess that's progress for you. We met Dusan and Lily in the carpark and chatted to them like old friends. They were from Slovakia (but working in Malaysia) and were enjoying their holiday in Australia. Lenny tried to influence them to go to Wilsons Promontory on ... read more
Tarra Valley
Tarra Valley
Tarra Valley

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gippsland October 3rd 2015

The way forward from Ballarat and the goldfields was rather complex. The easy part was drive to Melbourne but where to from there? There are so many options it can be really confusing. I left the brain to do the thinking and decided not to focus on where. And so it was that we got to Melbourne and then went in to auto-pilot and the next thing we were down in Gippsland! My grandparents had often made the Bunyip roadhouse a stopping point for a trip to Melbourne and it seemed logical to do the same going the other way. However, when we got there, the roadhouse had been pulled down - we chose to drive back to the fruit orchard which now sported a newish cafe (now there was less local competition) and had lunch ... read more
Bulga Park
Bulga Park
Bulga Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat October 2nd 2015

Despite the disappointing time at the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, we had planned to spend an entire day at Sovereign Hill, the replica gold town in Ballarat. In fact, we had also booked to do the sound and light show (called Blood on the Southern Cross) at Sovereign Hill, which is almost entirely focussed on the Eureka Uprising of 1854. We were up bright and early this Friday (pre-Grand Final Day in Victoria) but the traffic was very light and there didn't seem to be anything happening. We stopped for some fuel and I asked the attendant was it particularly quiet for a Friday? She replied that the Victoria Government had declared that a Public Holiday should be celebrated on Grand Final Eve. Not hard to believe when Victoria is the only place in the world ... read more
Sovereign Hill, Ballarat
Sovereign Hill, Ballarat
Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat October 1st 2015

After a night at Vaughan Springs, we filled up our water bottles with spring water and headed off on a meandering journey to Ballarat. It wasn't too far so we took our time travelling through Hepburn Springs and Daylesford (Victoria's Spa country) before lunch. Along the way, we stopped at Lavendula, a lavender farm that had a cafe. It was a very pretty spot and had been in the one family for many years. Both Hepburn Springs and Daylesford can be tricky to navigate through if you leave the highway because there are many small lakes and quite a few of the roads are dead ends. We had lunch at Daylesford at Victoria Park and then continued on the highway to Mount Franklin (an extinct volcano). You can drive around the outside slope of the mountain ... read more
Lavandula Farm, Shepherds Flat
Lavandula Farm, Shepherds Flat
Mount Franklin

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Castlemaine (Australia) September 30th 2015

After a pleasant camp at Mt Tarrengower, we were fresh and ready for more tours of the goldfields. First port of call though was the Castlemaine dentist (to assess a damaged tooth)! We celebrated surviving the dentist with morning tea (including something sweet of course) and then drove around Castlemaine checking out all of the lovely old buildings. We stopped at the Castlemaine Market building (which is now unfortunately a visitor information centre) and took some photos before driving up to the hill and inspecting the old jail site. Castlemaine was a central area from where smaller rushes (in what became outlying suburbs) occurred. We drove out to Chewton and then out in to the bush a short distance to inspect the remains of the Garfield Wheel. There are only the stone supports remaining now but ... read more
Castlemaine Market building
Drinking fountain, Castlemaine
Chinese Bank, Castlemaine

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Maldon (Australia) September 29th 2015

The excitement started to build as we left Echuca because we were headed for the Golden Triangle. The area bound by Bendigo, Ballarat and Stawell has had more gold nuggets found than the remainder of Australia! In fact, more than 90% of all of the gold nuggets in the world weighing more than 500 ounces have come from this one area in Victoria. History, Architecture and Gold - the Golden Triangle has something for everyone. We had coffee in Rochester before arriving in Bendigo at lunchtime. We had heard that the Bendigo Regional Art Gallery was worth visiting and Lenny was particularly pleased when the entry attendant advised that they had a number of works of ST Gill, the noted goldfields artist. The building that houses the art gallery is a beautiful piece of architecture and ... read more
Beehive Mine Chimney, Maldon
Maldon town
Old buildings in Maldon

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