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South America » Peru » Ayacucho July 19th 2005

I am here. I am tired. I am out of it. This morning was hell. Got to the airport at 330am, running on 1 hour sleep. Julie did not have a flight, but I did. We ended up dealing with it. She had to buy a one way ticket. When we got here everyone was eating breakfast and getting ready for their first day at their placement. I went straight to bed and slept until noon. The house is much different than the one in Tanzania. It is actually more hotel style, with all the rooms in the same building, and some common rooms for reading, hanging out, etc. No outside area except the roof. And it is right on a main street of the town. I got lucky again and have only one roommate. A ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima July 19th 2005

I could not sleep at all last night. I seriously found myself online responding to work e-mails about how to manage the channel business at midnight. What a pathetic way to spend a night in Lima! But this morning I was up at the crack of dawn, and on the road to exploring the massive city of Lima. Julie met me at my hotel around 9am just as I was finishing breakfast. Our tour guide picked us up shortly after, and we were on our way. We went to an archeological site on the southern border of Lima. This site has been excavated since the late 1800s and they have not even scratch the surface (please forgive the spelling, I am on a Spanish keyboard). This site was the equivalent of Mecca of the pre-Columbian cultures ... read more
Bones Under Church
Hairless Dog

South America » Peru » Lima July 17th 2005

Julie, a friend that I met in Tanzania last year, is stuck here until Tuesday with me! There are also two other girls that are stuck here as well, but we don't know where they are. So Julie came and woke me up today and we walked out to the main strip. There were thousands of people around and the streets were blocked off. I guess they are celebrating their Independence Day this weekend, even though the real Independence Day is not until July 28th. The parade was just getting started this afternoon, and has been going well into the night. In fact, it's 7:30pm now, and I can still hear the fireworks booming outside. They sound like bombs going off across the hall! I should still be out there enjoying all of this, but I ... read more
Independence Parade
Cafe and Cake

South America » Peru » Lima July 17th 2005

Somehow I have made it to Peru, but my luggage went back to San Francisco. I guess it got fed up and decided to go home. I would normally be pretty upset about this, but I'm not really in a normal state of mind right now. Things just can't really get to me anymore. I seriously considered staying and volunteering at LAX for 2 weeks instead of coming down here. They could really use the help. And I was already prepared to teach conversational English and computer basics, and I think the majority of the employees there could greatly benefit from those skills. But, they finally got me on a flight out of there to New York, and I decided, what the hell, I'm sure JFK employees could use my help as well. So I flew ... read more

I left my house 12 hours ago and I have only made it as far as LAX! My flight out of SFO was delayed, and I missed my connection to Costa Rica. So in other words, I am screwed. I tried to sleep on the floor at LAX last night, but it didn't quite work out. I would've gotten a hotel, but by the time I realized I was screwed in was 2:00am and the ticket counters opened at 5:00am this morning, so I decided to stay. United now has me on a flight to JFK at 1:00 this afternoon, connecting with a LAN Chile flight to Lima. I only have a 2 hr. layover in JFK, so if we're delayed, I might be sleeping in JFK tonight! Oh yea, TACA airlines has my luggage and ... read more

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