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Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 7th 2012

A great opportunity presented itself recently-- an opportunity at an industry-leading company with best-of-breed technology that will considerably cut down on my business related travel and provide more room for growth. The one caveat is that this company is a direct competitor to the one in which I am leaving. So when I gave my 2 weeks notice, they obviously cut me off immediately. Technically, I would be on the books for two weeks, but I would not be allowed to work, or to start my new job. That left me in a position of a forced paid vacation. Never one to pass up a chance to take a trip, I booked a ticket to Belgium. Music has always been a huge part of my life, but for many years there was one thing that trumped ... read more
Malted Barley
Val dieu
Délirium Café

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep April 8th 2011

Kep is along the South Coast of Cambodia, about 30km from Vietnam, about 20km outside of Kampot and around 100km (and a million miles removed) from Sihanoukville. What used to be a 'rock star' vacation spot for Cambodia's elite, was abandoned in the 70's when the Khmer Rouge took over. Brutal fighting took place in and around Kep and afterward the villas of the rich and famous were left to the elements and became modern day Angkor, they are shells of their former glory. Temples to what used to be. Nature, war and looters leaving nothing but skeletons of beautiful mansions. Last time I finished up my Cambodian leg of the trip on the beaches of Sihanoukville. Back then it was a quiet little town with guesthouses and a few beach bars. There were warnings ... read more
Small infinity pool

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang April 5th 2011

For the first time in all these years I am sitting down to write a travel blog with no notes, no journal and no plan to guide me. For the first time I am writing this because I feel like its expected of me. In the short time since I posted last, on that early morning in Koh Chang, I feel like I have experienced more than I did most months I was here last time. My theory is that when you have 6 months, you feel like you have all the time in the world, so you waste it. When you only have 2 weeks, you savor every minute. During the past 6 days in Cambodia every minute has been an adventure, every minute the equivalent of an hour in the real world. Last time ... read more
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang March 30th 2011

The first rule of SE Asia is that YOU have to adapt to SE Asia, SE Asia does not adapt to YOU. This is why planning anything other than your flight in and your flight out is futile. This is a lesson I seem to learn every time I come out here, only to forget it as soon as my plane touches down on US soil. After 24 hours of travel, we were sitting on Khao San was 1am and we were enjoying our green curry and jug of Singha much more than the bad techno music blasting out of every corner of Bangkok's famous strip. People watching through the reflection of Jamie's amazed eyes, I noticed a guy with a T-Shirt that said 'Losers Plan It' was a play on the Lonely Planet logo ... read more
Grand Palace
Tuk Tuk

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver March 21st 2011

It's been 5 years since I stuffed a backpack full of crap, booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok and set off on a 6 month journey through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia and Myanmar. In the years since I've been back I started a new job, moved into the city of San Francisco, made a lot of new friends, met my wife and daughter, moved them to Denver, bought a house, adopted a couple dogs, started my own blog about music instead of travel and made a completely different life for myself and my family. A journey that has been just as interesting and even more rewarding than those days in SE Asia, but also quite a bit more limiting when it comes to jumping on a plane to some faraway land whenever the wind ... read more
5 Years Ago
5 Years Later
5 Years Later

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver July 13th 2009

It's Monday morning. I am back at my desk in my home office. The trip is over and the weekend is over and it's time to start dealing with everything again. I am alright with that. I am just so happy that for 5 or 6 days I was actually able to turn it all off. The whole time on the road I did not let any of the negative thoughts about this house seep into my brain. I blasted them out with very loud music and thoughts of the past and future. Not much time to write now as I'm a little overwhelmed with real-life stuff but I did want to post the pics and make one last observation about the countryside I just drove through; a country that has been expressed in different ways ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville July 10th 2009

The shows I have attended while on the road have really brought me back to my formative years. First, seeing Willie Nelson performing ‘Angel Too Close to the Ground’, ‘Whiskey for my Men, Beer for my Horses’, ‘Always on my Mind’ and of course, ‘On the Road Again’ under a picture perfect sky in Louisville, Kentucky brought me back to those years when we used to visit my grandfather and my mom's family in San Jose. That drive to San Jose from Auburn seemed like an entirety back then. The whole grueling 3 hours of it. Back then I thought San Jose was the end of the Earth. It was soooo different than Auburn and soooo far away. Funny to think about that now when I just drove 2500 miles in a few days and have ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville July 8th 2009

3 Days of driving, music and porn in the Heartland (with 44 tell the story better than I please scroll through the pics...they can be hidden on this site so you have to keep clicking next to see them all) …1600 miles later and I’m in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve been through here before but like so many other cities in this country, I was in and out for work and didn’t really experience the area. It seems like a nice enough “small-town” type city but it’s not dark yet and like the song says ‘the freaks come out at night’. If I have learned one thing over the past 3 days driving through America’s heartland it’s that this country is no safer, no cleaner and definitely no less strange than most of the countries ... read more

North America » United States July 2nd 2009

I am on a mandatory furlough for the week of July 6th. Luckily I have enough vacation time to cover it and will not have to take any non-paid days. Some people are not so lucky. I have been going back and forth about what to do with this week. Jamie will be working, Nicolle will be in Y camp (I could keep her home, but she has more fun there with all the kids than she would be me) and everybody else I know will be working or out of town. I could do things around the house. But my house has some major problems right now. Some of those problems include flooding, mold, leaking faucets, and ripped up drywall and carpet. These problems have consumed me for the past four weeks. Hours and hours ... read more
4th of July
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