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Jon is on his way to Tamarindo. Drew is sitting a couple aisles over listening to his iPod. The overhead voice is informing me we are going to experience turbulence and delays flying into Miami. I am on my way home from Central America. It’s been a good ride and now it’s come to an end. Drew and I are spending one night in South Beach on the way home. Sounded like a good plan when I booked it. Doesn’t feel like such a good plan now. Especially since it’s flooded with more rain on the way. Oh well, guess it’ll get me ready for my flooded house. Oh yeah, my house has been flooding since I’ve been gone. (I owe you honey!) It was a great ride though. Since the last blog we have done ... read more
San Juan Sunset
Where we should've stopped

I had traveled for 8 years without ever really getting sick. That changed a few nights ago in Esteli, Nicaragua. The same night Drew landed in Managua. Coincidence? I think not. ;-) We took the Tica bus out of San Sal through Honduras into Nicaragua and jumped off in Esteli instead of going all the way into Managua. We had heard it was a great place to see the true country. It really was. We only saw one other tourist while we were there, a white man in his 50’s that looked as lost as most of the stray dogs on the streets. We were stoked to be off the beaten path. That night we found a Sandinista bar with all kinds of amazing memorabilia from the civil war. Good drinks, friendly people and some culture ... read more
Made it past em!

San Salvador is not what I expected. Most Central American cities I have been to have great contrasts...the very rich and the very poor. But I never expected the shopping centers and hotels that are all over San Salvador. It really looked like any U.S. city. As soon as the bus pulled in I asked Jon if he wanted to head to the beach right away and he agreed. We went down to El Tunco and it was a very rustic developing part of the country. A place I'm sure did not even have electricity not long ago. We found a room with a fan and booked it for the night. Great little spot on a black sand beach, We realized quickly a fan was not enough. It was so hot and humid that I could ... read more
El Tunco
El Tunco

Everybody look at me cuz I’m sailing on a boat! John and I just got to Antigua and we are both beat. After having an 8-day party in Denver and then partying at Lake Atitlan for 3 days I need a rest. I can only imagine how John feels after being at The Iguana for as long as he has. Anyway, don’t have much to say…just wanted to let everyone know I got here safe and that John has shown me a great time. Had a crazy chick pick me up from the airport and drive me to the lake, walked into a crazy costume party at The Iguana, met some great people, got to stay in a great house, and had a boat party on Monday that ended with us stranded on the boat for ... read more
House where we stayed
John @ Lake Atitlan
Rowena (the artist)

Europe September 19th 2008

All pictures have been posted. url= Amsterdam, Netherlands (94 pics) url= Warsaw, Poland (40 pics) url= Vilnius, Lithuania (75 pics) url= Rig... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 12th 2008

The trip is over, I am writing this from the Prague airport trying not to think of the 24 hours of travel I have ahead of me. I woke up with a stuffed up nose and sore throat this morning, so breathing recycled air all day should be fun! Not to mention I somehow twisted the wrong way getting out the cab yesterday with my luggage and pulled a muscle in my leg. I looked pretty cool limping around the cobblestone streets and climbing the stairs of the castle, etc. Just goes to show you can get hurt when you exercise! ;-) It has been a great trip. I can’t believe I fit so much into 2 weeks and actually enjoyed myself. If there is anything I would change, I think I would have cut Latvia ... read more
Train to Poland
Work will set you free

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 9th 2008

I started the solo part of my trip in Kiev, Ukraine. I knew it was going to be an interesting place the moment I landed and the whole plane burst out in spontaneously clapping. Successful landing an occasion for clapping? Awesome! I knew I picked the right place when exiting the airport I saw everything was written in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. There isn’t anything more thrilling or terrifying than being alone in a foreign place and having no clue how you are going to manage any type of communication. Driving into the city from the airport, there were thousands and thousands of Soviet style buildings. They look a lot like the projects. I had seen quite a few of these throughout the rest of Eastern Europe, but nothing of this magnitude. I was also a ... read more
Soviet Living, Kyiv
Kiev (from hotel room)
Oh, yeah, now I know where to go

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 3rd 2008

Sorry to inundate you with 3 blogs over the weekend, but since this trip was broken up into different parts; I figure I would do a few small blogs instead of one big one. And really, I’m just trying to catch you all up on everything. I have actually been solo for about 3 days now in the Ukraine, and the guys are probably on flight home right now. Before I blog about Ukraine, I need to get the last part of the bachelor party trip down. For some reason we thought the drive from Warsaw to Vilnius would only be about 4 hours. When it took us about 8 hours, we were a little grumpy. Not to mention the Ford wagon was not comfortable and there were photo radars everywhere. The good thing was they ... read more
Wait for me guys!
No Beer!!!

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw September 2nd 2008

Last Sunday morning we flew from Amsterdam to Warsaw. This is where we picked up the car, and where we realized the one issue with my planning…no GPS. It took us a good 15 minutes just to find our way out of the parking garage. I’m going to blame the Polish signs though, because when you have arrows pointing towards ‘do not enter’ signs, there’s really something wrong. With Kevin driving and Josh navigating, we got to see the nice bridges Warsaw has to offer as we crossed them back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Eventually we did get to our hotel, got cleaned up and had a couple beers at the bar. After grabbing some sausage and dumplings at a small café, we wandered around Stare Miasto (Old Town). It’s the part ... read more
Our Hotel in Warsaw
Coffee to wake up

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam September 1st 2008

It's been over a week and this is the first time I've had a chance to get online and do anything. We booked this trip solid and have been on the go non-stop. Unfortunately I don't have much time to say a lot about what's been going on. It’s getting late and I have an early morning tomorrow. To sum it up, everything has gone according to my 'perfect' plans. I got to do everything I wanted to do, put it all on Mazolla's credit card and even got rid of the guys a day early! It’s so peaceful in the Ukraine without them around! haha! Seriously though, we had a blast in Amsterdam. It was the perfect amount of time there. More on the rest of the trip soon… About 30 or so pictures attached... ... read more
Welcome to Amsterdam
Getting the party started
Matty the Sinner

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