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5th April 2018

The best bachelor party
I was at the best bachelor party ever! Poland does have the best parties! Me and my friends visited the New Orleans club. Amazing dancers of stunning beauty. I’ve never seen a striptease like this in my life. I wish everyone to have this kind of a good time. You can only have this in Warsaw!
23rd November 2017

Great Place
When it comes to me and the guys, we visited the New Orleans club in Warsaw. I’ve been to many parties for guys in my life, but this one beats them all. Great food, fine cooking and drinks of the highest quality, not to mention the best striptease one can get. Perfect for a guys’ night out.
11th March 2016

there are many nos of barbershops for women haircutting the male barbers do all the serevices of the vietnam women very decently includingunwanted hair shaving,boobs massaging etc on reasonable charges
11th June 2014

this, and barbershop hookers. i've got a part time, permanent-ish residence here, and i never run into any hooker places. maybe i'm hanging out around the university and with students too much? thanks for the post ... now i'll have to go expand my cultural horizons.
19th July 2013

23c - too warm!
On the north of Russia in winter we have - 40 degrees celcius below zero. cockere ha-ha.
31st October 2012

posh bars in vietnam
evening all... i am off to vietnam in january and i am looking for posh bars to visit. I dont mind paying the extra, so if anybody could give me the address it would be appreciated. I am not a spring chicken anymore so i dont want to be near the backpackers (no offence of course)..... also any good tips on hotels? around 70 usd a night? ....i will probably visit the capital in vietnam but again if you can reccommend somewhere better......then that would be great... regards...
8th September 2012

Thank u again!
As always, thank u Kevin for taking me on a fun and interesting trip! Kamaka and I loved it!!!
7th September 2012

How much beer?
Hi, Gary Cruz forwarded me your post. I'm in BRU right now, and I was wondering how much beer I'm allowed to bring home to the US? Nice post, btw. I was telling Gary that we've followed a similar itinerary -- Delirium, Cantillon, and Moeder.
7th September 2012

how much beer?
I brought only brought home a few bottles, wrapped up tight in my check luggage. I didn't declare anything, so I'm not sure the rules. Would have liked to bring back more, but just didn't want to go through the hassle, so I just stuck with the rare stuff like the westvleteren 12. btw, the cheapest place I found it was at Au Bon Vieux Temps. It was still 10€, but most of the bottle shops that carried it were charging at least 12€.
22nd January 2012

Thank you !!
I am sooo damn glad that I found this side!! I have to hold a speech which is about the Vietnam War and the American involvement, in my English class. And until now I wasn’t able to understand just one thing!! So thank you very much!!
22nd January 2012

We Vietnamese did not invade Cambodia as you mentioned. We just liberated and escape Khmer people from genocide of Khmer Rouge. Why Vietnamese soldiers did that? You should know at the time Pol Pot regimed Cambodia, indeed China support them to attacked Vietnam and kill thousand Vietnamese people along Vietnam-Cambodia border. We came to help the National Liberation Front of Cambodia. China then attacked Vietnam on the north border in order to revenge it lost in Cambodia. Today China wants to normalize with Cambodia and drive the Cambodian government to return to kill it own people and conflicts with neighbors.
3rd August 2011

This was one of my query in my mind for years.....and i never got a clear answer till i read this .....thanks a lot....
16th May 2011

this was very exiting! I hate pol pot..
11th April 2011

I just HUG you two!
10th April 2011

The happy memories brought you back. It is always nice to reminisce and revisit those corners of our hearts where we stored those fond memories. The smell of curry. The taste of exotic fruits. The breeze. Good for you to be back and rekindling those memories. Good for the heart!
From Blog: 5 years later...
10th April 2011

What a lovely final stopover before heading home! I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and wondered why I only found you now. I am heading to review some of your other blogs as well. Full of insights. Lovely message. Great writing. Good travel information. Love it.
5th April 2011
Favorite line "Bill Kornele was a balloon inflated with happiness ready to explode and it was awesome to witness!" Such a clear visual of Billy!!
1st April 2011

From Blog: Losers Plan It
31st March 2011

Sounds like you are having fun...don't take any babies home :) xoxo love mom
From Blog: Losers Plan It
31st March 2011

Remember the moment
Beautiful blog entry. You're a pro. You know how to adjust. Just stay in the moment. You'll be aching for Southeast Asia as soon as you leave it. The torment of weather will seem like a luxury in your mind as soon as you pass it by. And yes...have a baby. Just saying. ;-) Love you guys!!
From Blog: Losers Plan It
31st March 2011

Thanks for taking me back to South East Asia!! Sounds wonderful! Especially sitting here at my desk at work!! Have some Happy Pizza for me! :) mi
From Blog: Losers Plan It
30th March 2011

Pol Pot
i dont see how how he could be so brutal
23rd March 2011

Why Cambodia?
Hi Bob, thanks for the comment. I am retracing my steps just because we don't have much time and I'd like to stick with what I know. I love Thailand but also think a few days in Koh Tao and Samui will be enough for this trip. I do plan on another trip to Thailand where we can do the North and rock climbing in Krabi, but couldn't do everything this time. I loved Cambodia the first time around and I am really looking forward to getting back. I know Sihanoukville doesn't live up to the Thai beaches, but we are flying home from PP and thought a day or two there would be fun. I liked it last time because it wasn't tourist-packed like most places I was in Thailand.
From Blog: 5 years later...
23rd March 2011

So glad to hear you are doing well! I remember talking to you and regret we were not able to meet. Good to hear from you and maybe someday, somewhere we will!
From Blog: 5 years later...
23rd March 2011

This picture was taken in Cambodia...Angkor temples...
From Blog: 5 years later...

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