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July 2nd 2009
Published: July 2nd 2009
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I am on a mandatory furlough for the week of July 6th. Luckily I have enough vacation time to cover it and will not have to take any non-paid days. Some people are not so lucky. I have been going back and forth about what to do with this week. Jamie will be working, Nicolle will be in Y camp (I could keep her home, but she has more fun there with all the kids than she would be me) and everybody else I know will be working or out of town.

I could do things around the house. But my house has some major problems right now. Some of those problems include flooding, mold, leaking faucets, and ripped up drywall and carpet. These problems have consumed me for the past four weeks. Hours and hours a day spent with plumbers, water/foundation experts, mold experts, contractors, real estate agents, inspectors and now attorneys. For the next week or two this is out of my hands. It is now in the hands of my attorney. Rent forever folks!!!

I would love to hop on a plane somewhere but I just got back from 2 weeks in Central America and cannot afford to take off like that. Not with the upcoming legal fees and all. Plus, I think Jamie might kill me if I hop a flight to Thailand a week after proposing to her. ;-)

I can’t sit here in this house or I will go insane. I don’t have work to keep me busy. Nobody is going to be around. I have no money to travel. So what do I do?


I have decided to get in my car and drive. I am packing an ice chest so I can save money on food. I have my WHERE GasBuddy iPhone app to find the cheapest gas. I have my Google maps. I have my laptop so I can send and receive updates from my lawyer from hotspots along the way. I have a list of cheap shows across the country that I’m going to try to hit up. Only one show over $15 and that’s the Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp show in Knoxville, TN. I plan on sleeping in my car every other night. I plan on spending less money than I would if left to my own devices at home. I plan on doing a lot of thinking about the situation I am in right now. I plan on coming home with a clear head and ready to deal with the next month or two of these issues.

Going to spend the holiday weekend here with the family.

I will leave Monday and be back Friday or Saturday.

Here’s to the USA and it’s highways on this 4th of July.


2nd July 2009

Am I to understand you proposed? And her answer? I suppose congrats are in order. So, congrats. She's a great girl. Sorry about the house. Hopefully it will get resolved, one way or another. I see on your roadtrip map you left off Memphis. You have to add it to go see Graceland. Unless you've alread been there. We're going to Elitch Gardens tomorrow morning if you're interested.
5th July 2009

That is the spirit
Kevin, this sounds like a perfect idea. Looks like your dealing with a lot, and there is nothing like taking a road trip to give your self time to think. Good for you darling. I look forward to pictures and insights. Promise to holler out my sisters name when your in TN. Just call out, Savannah for me since I can't see her.
8th July 2009

dude wheres my car....
Think that this is an awesome idea you have going for your self... travel safe, lock your doors when you sleep and rock the dance floor...

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