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July 19th 2005
Published: July 19th 2005
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View of Ayacucho from a hill above the town.
I am here. I am tired. I am out of it.

This morning was hell. Got to the airport at 330am, running on 1 hour sleep. Julie did not have a flight, but I did. We ended up dealing with it. She had to buy a one way ticket.
When we got here everyone was eating breakfast and getting ready for their first day at their placement. I went straight to bed and slept until noon.
The house is much different than the one in Tanzania. It is actually more hotel style, with all the rooms in the same building, and some common rooms for reading, hanging out, etc. No outside area except the roof. And it is right on a main street of the town.
I got lucky again and have only one roommate. A 17 year old kid who is here with his parents and 2 sisters. There are quite a few families this time. And there are kids! Aged anywhere from 7-15. The 7 year old from London has the strongest accent and it is quite a character.
When I woke up, I walked into town with Tashie (the girl who lives in Rocklin near my dad, and who could be Lisa Bennetts sister) and a few other girls, including a nurse who lives in San Fran. They shopped the whole time, and I got bored. But tit was good getting to know new people. I guess I freaked out everyone else though, because nobody knew where I was, including Julie, and they thought I might have gotten lost somewhere. When I got back to the house, Mira (the girl who runs the show) was looking all over for me and was about to send out the search party. I thought it was kind of funny...but then again, I think I was a little delerious from the altitude.
Mira took us on a tour of the city. She is very sweet. Mother of two. Lived in Ayacucho during the 80s when the Shining Path Communist rebels and the Peruvian military were slaughtering people in the streets. They killed or disappeared 60,000 people in a small period of time. She had to flee to Lima. Crazy story.
Everyone in the group seems great so far. But I am real bummed that we got here so late. I feel like everyone has already grouped up, and Julie and I are kind of on the outside of everything. But hopefully as the days go on, that will change.

Well, I am beat, and dinner is served soon, so I gotta run.

Talk to you soon,



20th July 2005

hi from mom
glad to hear you are there safe..I'm not sure if I'm suppose to respond on this or your regular e-mail. love mom..p.s. glad you found those skittles :)

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