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July 17th 2005
Published: July 17th 2005
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Somehow I have made it to Peru, but my luggage went back to San Francisco. I guess it got fed up and decided to go home. I would normally be pretty upset about this, but I'm not really in a normal state of mind right now. Things just can't really get to me anymore.
I seriously considered staying and volunteering at LAX for 2 weeks instead of coming down here. They could really use the help. And I was already prepared to teach conversational English and computer basics, and I think the majority of the employees there could greatly benefit from those skills.
But, they finally got me on a flight out of there to New York, and I decided, what the hell, I'm sure JFK employees could use my help as well.
So I flew to New York, and finally got some sleep after being awake for 24 hours. When we landed at JFK, there was a plane in our terminal, so we had to wait. I started getting frustrated because I knew I was going to miss my flight to Lima. So I calmly rang my attendant button, and explained to him that I slept in LAX the night before because of this same problem, and while I didn't mind sleeping in JFK this evening, I would really appreciate it if they could pull my luggage before it got sent to the other airline. The people around me heard my story and could not believe how calm I was being. But it ended up paying off. He brought me to the front of the plane, and I was the first one off. So I ran. I ran and ran and ran to the International Terminal. And any of you who have seen me run know that's not a pretty site. Especially with a 50lb pack on my back. But I made it. I got on the plane to Lima, they bumped me up to Business, and I was relaxed for the first time since I left. I probably didn't smell too nice, but I have a mimosa in one hand, my dinner menu in the other, my pillow under my head, and my nice warm blanket on my lap. :-) I was happy. I drank and ate and watched a movie and then went to sleep and didn't wake up until we touched down in Lima.
I got off the plane, knowing already my luggage wouldn't be here, because there is no way United would have transferred it in time, went through customs, then went to report my bag missing. What I didn't know was that my bag would be in San Francisco and not JFK. So anyway, who knows when I will ever see that thing? And I could really use the pounds of Sour Patch Kids that were in there too!
So, now I am in this cute little Peruvian hotel, and am going to take a nap. My friend Julie is also stuck here in Lima, so I think we're going to meet up later. Probably go shopping for some clothes, so I'll have something to wear.
On a side note, Lima is not too nice. It's like most developing capitals I've been too. Dirty, crowded, and lots of exhaust in the air. Driving to the hotel passing all the McDonalds, Starbucks, Dominos Pizzas, and Blockbuster videos, I couldn't help but think that this is Che Guevara's worst nightmare. I just keep picturing that part of Motorcycle Diaries when he says "they destroyed this (Machu Picchu) to create this (modern day Lima)." Really kinda sad.


17th July 2005

Glad you made it
Glad to hear that you made it safely. Sorry to hear about your luggage. At least Julie is in Lima too so you two can explore around together. I was working when you called, I guess that call was when you were taking off from JFK. I'm off to finish up our proposal. Miss You. Be safe. Drink Water. ~Elisa

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