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Published: July 16th 2005
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I left my house 12 hours ago and I have only made it as far as LAX! My flight out of SFO was delayed, and I missed my connection to Costa Rica. So in other words, I am screwed. I tried to sleep on the floor at LAX last night, but it didn't quite work out. I would've gotten a hotel, but by the time I realized I was screwed in was 2:00am and the ticket counters opened at 5:00am this morning, so I decided to stay.
United now has me on a flight to JFK at 1:00 this afternoon, connecting with a LAN Chile flight to Lima. I only have a 2 hr. layover in JFK, so if we're delayed, I might be sleeping in JFK tonight! Oh yea, TACA airlines has my luggage and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get it back from them...
And somebody was supposed to meet me in the airport at Lima with my tickets to Ayacucho, and now that I'm not going to be there...have I mentioned that I am screwed?
I did e-mail them to let them know I'm going to be a day late, so hopefully they get that.
Well, I am stealing this wireless connection from someone here in the airport, not sure who, but it was unsecure, so I decided to jump on it. I better run though. Even though I'm using VPN, I still don't trust it.
Wish me luck! And hopefully my next entry will be from Peru, and not Pleasant Hill! Because if this goes on much longer...I might just come home :-(


16th July 2005

hope it all works out kevin
Well I hope you are on your flight now to JFK and all goes well from there..and I really hope I understood the lady in Peru and gave you the proper info..if you keep doing this, I'll have to learn more languages and how to read these damn travelblog...but I read them all safe, get sleep and e-mail mom

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