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July 17th 2005
Published: July 17th 2005
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Independence Parade CrowdsIndependence Parade CrowdsIndependence Parade Crowds

Thousands of people on the streets of the Miraflores district of Lima, celebrating Independence Day.
Julie, a friend that I met in Tanzania last year, is stuck here until Tuesday with me! There are also two other girls that are stuck here as well, but we don't know where they are. So Julie came and woke me up today and we walked out to the main strip. There were thousands of people around and the streets were blocked off. I guess they are celebrating their Independence Day this weekend, even though the real Independence Day is not until July 28th. The parade was just getting started this afternoon, and has been going well into the night. In fact, it's 7:30pm now, and I can still hear the fireworks booming outside. They sound like bombs going off across the hall! I should still be out there enjoying all of this, but I hit a brick wall about a half hour ago, and had to come relax. Julie just went back to her hotel, but we're going to do a city and archeological tour tomorrow morning.
So, I went shopping today. I figure between my credit card, Travelocity, and my traveler's insurance, someone will have to cover my expenses for lost baggage. I ended up buying a whole
Independence ParadeIndependence ParadeIndependence Parade

Independence Parade, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
new wardrobe, including shoes and everything for a couple hundred US dollars. I'm talking nice stuff, stuff I would buy in the US. I figure it's at least half the price as it would be in the US as well. So the only thing I'm really missing now is all my meds in case I get sick, and all my junk food, in case I get hungry. But I'm not too worried about that. I had Sea Bass for lunch today, and it was actually real fresh, and amazingly good.
So, I know you've been getting inundated with messages from me, but I think once I get to Ayacucho, I won't have as much access as I do now.
So, hope you all have a good week, and wish me luck getting to my final destination!


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Cafe and CakeCafe and Cake
Cafe and Cake

Julie and I take a break in shopping to eat cake, drink coffe, and watch the parade.

18th July 2005

sour patch kids
well kevin.... no worries about the junk food because your sour patch kids are on their way! send my love to julie :)

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