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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 19th 2019

Dear All Yay! Greetings from Peru! I have arrived safely, and have had an amazing first few days in this magical, mysterious country. On Wednesday early afternoon, I boarded a British Airways flight direct from London Gatwick to Lima, Peru, for what was really quite a long 12-hour journey. I was really very fortunate though, as two people who were sitting in two seats right at the back of the plane, just opposite from me (I had an aisle seat in the middle group of seats) were somehow bumped up a class, leaving their two seats vacant. On what seemed otherwise a full flight, I ended up switching to these two seats, and had them both to myself for the whole 12-hour flight! Perfect! I had no-one behind me (I’m not the most patient of passengers ... read more
El Circuito Magico del Agua
Pachacamac (Life-Giver of the World) Deity

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores June 14th 2019

13th June – Fly back to Lima (via Silustani) After our exertions on Lake Titicaca yesterday, we both had a remarkably good nights sleep although I think this was down to exhaustion rather than acclimatisation!!! So, our adventure is nearly at an end. We were picked up at the hotel at 08:00 although our flight, from Juliaca airport, wasn’t until 13:14. Why so early? I know!! Let’s squeeze in another ancient archaeological site as if we haven’t seen enough already!! We were told it was on the way to the airport anyway. So that makes it OK, does it?? As the bus climbed up the road leading out of Puno, the driver suddenly swerved as a car pulled out in front of us without indicating. We heard a dull thump on the side of the bus ... read more
Final view of Lake Titicaca
A boat left to rot in the dried lake at Silustani
The funeral towers of Silustani

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores June 2nd 2019

2ndJune 2019 – Touch down Lima. Only a few weeks after the end of our round the world odyssey via Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, we once again cancelled the papers, paid the window cleaner for the next two weeks and ensured all our favourite TV programmes were selected to record!! On this occasion we planned to leave our sea legs in the cupboard at home. We wouldn’t be needing them as traveling over water would be kept to a minimum. Instead we would need our altitude legs but as we don’t possess any, we had to revisit our cupboard as our sea legs would have to do. We were ready for our biggest challenge yet. Peru. Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, both high in the Andes, where the air is pure and clean. ... read more
Paddington showing Pooh around!!
Parque de Faro
Faro de Maritima, Lima

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Barranco March 18th 2019

In hindsight we could have spent less time here and found another place in Peru for a week or so. We found Lima too big, busy and crowded for our liking, particularly after the charm of Cuenca. Traffic in and around Lima is brutal so we avoided taxis and Uber and walked, 75km last week. The apartment was excellent and of all the districts we felt Barranco was the most genuine and the best bet for us. There are 6 panoramas in the section above. They change every 5 seconds. 1. Barranco beach on a hot weekend. Too crowded for us. Reminded us of Sauble Beach on a long weekend in summer. 2. An Incan inspired wall mural in Barranco. 3. Plaza de Armas in central Lima. 4. From Miraflores, looking south to Barranco. 5.Huaca Pucllana. ... read more
Colourful streets of Barranco
High above the Pacific

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro March 9th 2019

I have an interrupted night’s sleep due to: 3 am – texts from daughter number two. 4 am – the old man leaves for an 18 hour coach/boat trip. I have spent enough time on a bus recently so opt out. 5 am – the fire alarm goes off. I go to the foyer in my pyjamas, only to be told not to worry, it’s just someone smoking in bed. It’s our last day in Peru with its stinking beaches and salty food. I can see why Paddington (a) wanted out and (b) stuck to marmalade sandwiches. After a few more hours sleep, I get up, have breakfast (jam sandwiches) and set off down the Malecon in the opposite direction to yesterday. First stop, the Lugar de la Memoria (full title – Place of Memory, Tolerance ... read more
Lugar de la Memoria
Lugar de la Memoria
Lugar de la Memoria

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 8th 2019

Today we are having a quiet day, just wandering round Miraflores. We walk along the Malecon for a couple of miles through the line of parks, until we reach Larcomar; a shopping mall built into the cliff side. On the way we find Paddington Bear – who knew he’d made it back to Peru? Then we walk back through Miraflores via the central park, which might be called Parque Kennedy, or may be named after some random date. Here, dozens of very well fed stray cats live amongst the flower beds. We stop at Café Buena Vista for a drink and a microwaved empanada. Not the best lunch, but the café is on a cliff overlooking the ocean, so at least it’s not kidding about the view being good. We spend the afternoon watching tennis on ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima March 7th 2019

Today we are going sightseeing in Lima. For the first time in days, no early morning alarm or eating breakfast with one eye on the time. We have the luxury of a lie in (minus the texts from daughter number 2 at 3 am). The old man wimps out of using public transport, so we take a taxi into town. We start at the art museum (MALI) which takes us on a brief chronological tour of 3000 years Peruvian art. The Spanish colonial art is fun; indigenous artists weren’t allowed to sign their work, some got round this rule by painting their faces into the picture. It’s like playing a religious game of ‘Where’s Wally’? Then we walk the length of the old city through Plaza San Martin to Plaza de Armas where we stop to ... read more
MALI - angry pot
MALI - Funeral of Atahualpa
MALI - spot the artist

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 6th 2019

Today we are flying to Lima. I’m so looking forward to returning to sea level – very sea level as our hotel is only 400 metres from the ocean. We are back to flying with LATAM, the only airline we have used in South American without problems. And sure enough, we are due to land at 11.06, and by 11.07 we are sitting in a taxi en route to our hotel. We are staying in Miraflores, an upmarket suburb by the Pacific. The hotel is nice but backs onto a scrap metal yard, so is rather noisy during the day. But if you peer over the car wrecks, you can just glimpse the ocean. After lunch in the neighbouring chicken shop, we go for a walk on the promenade which runs along the cliff top. It’s ... read more
Miraflores Malecon
Miraflores Malecon
Miraflores Malecon

South America » Peru » Lima March 2nd 2019

Eigentlich ist der Titel selbsterklärend und doch möchte ein, zwei Worte dazu verlieren wo es hingeht und vor allem: warum? Ich bin nun bereits in Peru und zwar weil meine Schwester (Aileen) hier ihren weltwärts Dienst abliefert. Doch was sie hier genau fabriziert, das werde ich nochmal näher erklären sobald ich es selber gesehen habe. Und normalerweise gibt es von so einer Anreise nicht besonders viel zu erzählen. Jetzt war eben jene Anreise aber durchaus außergewöhnlich. Ich habe wie bei jeder Reise meine Sachen geschnappt und wurde von meinen Eltern zum Flughafen begleitet. Um fünf in der Frühe... Alles wie immer. Ich hab meinen Rucksack aufgegeben, mich verabschiedet und bin zur Sicherheitskontrolle. Und in dem Moment in dem ich mein Handgepäck auf das Band legen wollte kommt es zu einem Stopp. Es dauert ein, zwei Minuten ... read more
Im hellen wirkt es schon viel netter
Ein Versuch mich auch auf die Bilder zu kriegen

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima October 26th 2018

Only one day in Lima, so decided to do a suggested walking tour of the old downtown area and do a bit of Miraflores if we had time. It was a late start because of our late arrival. We had a small but adequate breakfast before setting out at 10:15. Originally we thought we’d take a taxi into downtown but the owner, Aluaro told us to just take the bus as it only costs 1.5 soles instead of about 20 for a taxi. Also in Lima the taxis don’t use meters and you have to agree (or haggle) about a price, so we thought we’d give it a go. It was just a short walk of about 10 minutes and we saw the 301 bus arriving and rather than wait for the lights, we made a ... read more

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