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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima January 25th 2016

R: We had a reasonably late start into Lima, our flight arriving at around 8pm. We went to El Salvador again on the way here so we are now experts in El Salvador airport including where to taste the best Guatamalan rum and which Subway has the better free wifi. As we collected our luggage at Lima it was clear that some items were being taken off the baggage carts and treated more carefully than the other items. They were in the shape of bubble wrapped religious statues. After a few minutes, a group of elderly nuns wandered over and grabbed one each and walked off with them under their arms. Now either they were exceptionally strong nuns, or all was not as it seemed... We had a luxury at Lima... We used a load of ... read more
Lima Cathedral
Lima French Palace

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores January 22nd 2016

I had been excited and nervous about coming to South America for a month on my own. Mostly, I wanted to expand on my Spanish, but also to try something completely different. And for the first time, I was doing a long term trip on my own with no one that I was planning to meet at any time. So, yes, this is a first. I was nervous. And my dad did not help my nerves. First things first: Dad drove me to Syracuse airport to catch my flight to Atlanta then Lima. Full on, lake effect snow storm. I was a bit worried our flight would be delayed or cancelled, but if anywhere is normal in such conditions, it's Syracuse (take that NYC!). I did make my dad drop me off though so that he ... read more
Causa rellena
Lomo saltado - yum!
Lighthouse Guesthouse Miraflores

South America » Peru » Lima January 10th 2016

Holà tout le monde ! Nous vousinformons officiellement de notre arrivée à Lima. Après une sortie de l'aéroport plutôt comique, Guillermo, un chauffeur de taxi plutôt insistant, et plutôt mucho mucho collant nous a presque convaincu de reprendre un avion pour rentrer en France. Heureusement que Mario notre hôte âgé de 24 ans est venu nous chercher. Oui, heureusement, après plusieurs tentatives pour l'avoir au téléphone... Mario est arrivé, sans s'presser... Nous avons donc débarqué chez lui à plus de 4h du matin, et lui sympathiquement nous a présenté sa mama. Aujourd'hui, lorsqu'on s'est réveillé, on s'est très vite aperçu qu'il n'y avait pas que Mario et Maria sa mama, il y a aussi un des frères de Mario, une de ses tantes, ses grands-parents, son cousin, la femme de son cousin, la fille de son ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores January 3rd 2016

It is my first night here. I’m staying at the Kokopelli hostel. Minus the heavy smell of feet and the drunkards right outside the window, who find it necessary to scream in unison every single time they take a swig, its pretty alright. I think I’m starting to feel a little queasy from the altitude, but maybe its all in my head. Actually…it is all in my head because we definitely passed ocean to get to this hostel. It was smart on my end to arrange airport pickup and drop off from hostel. I would have been too exhausted to find other means of transportation. My flight arrival was an hour delayed, so I was greeted by a bunch of eye-rolls from the driver. Just got here and I’m already making friends, yay! It might be ... read more
Plane flight to Peru
Kokopelli Complementary Breakfast
Kokopelli Supporting Local Artists

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 28th 2015

We weren't on an overnight bus this time from Ica to Lima, but it was still pretty hot and uncomfortable. Avoiding drinking water to avoid having to go pee on this bus with no toilet, I also felt a bit light-headed on the way there. Which may explain the state of semi-awe I was in during our taxi ride to the hostel. It was nice to be back in a proper city again - for the first time in over a month and a half, since I was in Santiago, I saw skyscrapers and modern buildings. It felt nice to be somewhere developed again. So when we arrived in the neighbourhood of Miraflores, I almost couldn't contain myself. Towering glass hotels and apartment blocks perched on a long stretch of cliffs with a number of very ... read more
Plaza de Armas
Huaca Pucllana

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores December 15th 2015

Well we finally made it to Lima Peru. After a one day layover we had an LA where we were able to spend some quality time with our friend Celina. And her beautiful son Noah. We arrived in Lima in the middle of the night and with my rusty Spanish as quickly as for the are taxi driver to drop it off at the grocery for a little bit of water and guess what I got all the water I can handle. He drove us near the Pacific Ocean and said hey, there's your water! So I was thoroughly chastened and ready to get better at my Spanish speaking skills. This morning we started out strong after a fitful night of rest not much sleep going into the day but we had a fantastic day. After ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima November 11th 2015

Juz dawno nie byłam tak wyspana - jetlag sprzyja siescie, a równik wstawaniu i chodzeniu spać z kurami. Kury są tu zreszta bardzo popularne - otwierają i zamykają każde menu. Prośba o empanadas - ichniejsze pierogi wielkości cepelinow - z samym serem nie spotyka żadnego zrozumienia u ekspedientki - mieso to podstawa tutejszych posiłków. Trochę ubolewam nad brakiem opcji vege, a trochę się dostosowuje - czasem zreszta z zaskoczenia. Zjedliśmy obiad w obdrapanym, lokalnym barze i myśląc, ze to smażone kalmary jedliśmy smażone kawałki wieprza - chicarron. Nie zmienia to faktu, ze to były delicje! Lima pełna jest rozklekotanych aut kopcących jak śląskie elektrownie w latach świetności. Nie ma to nic wspólnego z VW, bo wszystko co ma cztery kolka przypłynęło z Japonii/Korei - kto nie widział jeszcze toyoty yaris w wersji sedan z sześcioma pasażerami ... read more
Promenada w Milaflores
Plaza de Armas - główny plac Limy
Kościelny wystrój/strój

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro November 9th 2015

Tumbes to Trujillo We started out early the next day at 6.30. The scenery varied from yesterday with more desert-like arid areas which climbed to rocky hills. There was loads of maize, some bananas and what looked like a bit of rice growing along the way. We had a long day riding to cover some ground and arrived in Trujillo around 5pm where Gerardo found us a nice place to stay. Trujillo, Peru to Lima, Peru Next day was also an early 6.30am start. We road from Trujillo to Lima (Peru's capital city). I've gotta say, I'm absolutely astounded and horrified by the amount of garbage on the sides of the road; it really is something else and there's no excuse! Having traveled from North America, Central American, Colombia and Ecuador; Peru definitely has the worst ... read more
A nice selection of dogs on the roof at our lunch stop 😊

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima November 9th 2015

Breakfast was awesome; I've been avoiding OJ as it looks like it may have water in it but here it actually looked like squeezed juice so indulged in that and the fresh fruit on offer; I've got away with it a few times but I'll continue to be wary. First up we did a city tour of Lima which has a population of nearly 10 million people! We took in plenty of city sites with the - to be expected - churches and old buildings etc but my favourite was the museum and catacombs. I'd always wanted to go to some catacombs as we missed the ones in Rome and Paris. Catacombs are subterranean passageways with chambers used as burial places. They were just as I'd read about. Following this we went to get Trev a ... read more
Another empty beach coming into Lima
Our tour conductor, String Irvine

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores November 8th 2015

Třetí den v Limě jsem se zašel podívat do historického centra. Cestou jsem konverzoval s taxikářem španělsky. Fungovalo to jen díky tomu, že se opravdu snažil mluvit jednoduše. S tím jsem se zatím moc nesetkal, místní na mě mluví buď rychlostí 200 slov za minutu nebo ukazují rukama a použijou jedno anglické slovo, popřípadě zavolají kolegu, co umí anglicky. Scéna s taxikářem byla poněkud komická, říkal slova nebo fráze španělsky a já mu je překládal do angličtiny. Přišlo mi to trochu jako soutěž jednonohých v kopání do zadku nebo jako paraolympiáda ve výuce angličtiny. Ale zdá se, že na to, aby se dva lidi domluvili, stačí dobrá vůle a pár slovíček. Centrum města mě zase tolik nenadchnulo. Ani mi nepřišlo, že by tam bylo moc turistů. Rozhodně převládali Peruánci. Asi do centra dělají výlety spíše místní, ... read more
Kopec v Dáli
Krásky a zvíře
Čestná stáž

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