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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 11th 2015

CANADA - LIMA Arrivée du vol International à Lima en soirée. Transfert à l'hôtel dans le quartier riche de Miraflores. Nuit à Miraflores. Mise à jour Nous partons bientôt pour l'aéroport. Le grand jour est enfin arrivé ! Tout est prêt, les valises sont fermées (et complè l'espère) et même le dernier pipi est fait ! Pour les fanatiques, le vol AC 455 à 14h (Ottawa- Toronto) et le vol AC 80 à 17h55 (Toronto - Lima), les vols sont confirmés...pis nos places itou. Adieu neige !! Dimanche matin 8h30 Allo à tous. Le vol était parfait, on avait pris un upgrade pour des bonnes places dans l'avion pis on avait des places où on peut se levé et s'étirer les jambes. C'est pas qu'on est des grand jack mais c'est bien. L'arrivée était tardive alors ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima March 29th 2015

hulloo! here are a few photos to start, will upload more when we're back from hols... doing this low key because not everyone in jonel's family knows that we got married and if they find out that we didn't invite them there might be some noses out of joint. ciao from Mrs Organ de Arana and Jonel Arana Ruiz (I told him he should be Arana de Organ but he's not up for it - where's the justice eh? Lots of love xxx ....And here are some photos from our honeymoon in Easter Island- which was fab! :) xxx... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima March 14th 2015

Port of Callao and Lima, Peru We docked at 7:00 and were heading to the capital of Peru, Lima by 8:30. We first travel through the industrial port of Callao (ca-la-o) where our ship has docked. We understand the dock area is not too safe, as in many countries, (a few robberies and pick pockets) so a shuttle will take you to a shopping center a few miles away if you are not on a tour. Since we are on a tour, we hop on our bus and… what a surprise to find within a few blocks of the port, nice parks, clean neighborhoods, lots of stores, and to all appearances, a nice place to live. Lima is the 4th largest city in South America after Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires and founded ... read more
1. Mansions of early 1900's
2. Cope in the Plaza
3. Cathedral of Lima

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 14th 2015

No, I didn’t misspell the title. When I last updated, we had just arrived in Lima after several adventure-packed days in Cusco. I’m currently sitting at home in sunny Bourbonnais, Illinois, but I would be remiss if I didn’t finish a final blog post detailing my time spend in Lima, Peru. La Ciudad Grande Lima is big. Bigger than Chicago. If you’re a consistent reader of this blog, you will know that I do not like big cities. Contrarily, my two traveling partners LOVE big cities. We took a taxi from the airport to our hostel and I just looked out the window at all of the traffic, huge buildings, flashing lights, and droves of people everywhere and I immediately wanted to go back to Cusco – the cultural, scenic, slower-moving, smaller city we had just ... read more
Best Meal Ever
Catedral de Lima

South America » Peru » Lima February 26th 2015

We been on vacation! took several busses south to Paracas. Sadly, we werent being good travellers, but were acting like travellers! we pu tour bag in the overseat storage, and it was gone an hour later. Lost some good stuff, but we got over it, bought another camera, and went on. We arrived in a vicous sand storm, unusually bad for them. we had to hunker down in our hotel room both afternoons, and when it was over , near sunset, everyone was cleaning up like after a snowstorm. but sunset was great, dinner was fantastic, ceviche, seafood, and people watching on a lovely oceanside boardwalk. Trip to Islas Ballestas the next day was a treat, with very powerful boats of 35 people each. Saalions, gorgeous scenery, birds, and more birds including sealions. and we saw ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 20th 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015 Today is our last day of our wonderful Trafaglar Tour, last night in Cuzco. So sad. Unfortunately all good things to come to an end. Todd woke up at 5:00 am to work on checking school stuff and responding to email, he also type of some of the blog. Cindy and I ate breakfast at 8:00ish this morning, we needed to get back to our room to make sure our luggage is in the hall by 8:40 am. Not sure I mention this before but since we have to give up regular luggage at the Sonesta hotel on Tuesday, when arrive this hotel, Novotel Cuzco, our luggage was waiting for us at this hotel, in our assignment room on Wednesday evening. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, however Trafaglar ... read more
Cindy and I in from of the Museum Larco
Grounds at the Museum Larco

South America » Peru » Lima February 17th 2015

a few shots of our lives this month... read more

South America » Peru » Lima February 17th 2015

We have started our first project. First it was necessary to fight our way out of Lima. There are no lanes apparently, though they are clearly marked, the taxi drivers ignore them completely. I have returned to my habit of closing my eyes every time a collision seems unavoidable, and that seems to do the trick. All is well when I open them again. We left Lima and the road began to climb into the impossibly dry, dusty, rocky landscape around us. The pavement was certainly worse as we progressed, and the government has thoroughly solved the problem of speeding by using speed bumps lavishly. It’s hard to believe people can live in this arid landscape, but they do. On every horrifically unfriendly rockpile of a mountain, small wooden crates testify to people needing a place ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima February 17th 2015

okay hopefully photos... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 15th 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015 We ate breakfast around 8:30 am this morning, our actual tour did not start until 11:45 am. Breakfast was great like Saturday, there type of food was about the same, however they did not have our favorite chocolate filled pastry. Following breakfast we returned to the room. Cindy Skyped and Todd ventured out of the hotel to get water for the day. We meet our entire tour group in the hotel lobby, Novotel Lima. By 11:50 am we were boarded on the bus ready to start our tour. Each us were given name tags which I thought was a nice touch. Particularly since none of us knew each other. Our tour guide, Angel, explain several things about the Lima area. There are 53 mayors in the Lima region and one head mayor. ... read more
Family Coat of Arms - Casa Diez Conseca
Family Room - Casa Diez Conseca
A letter from JFK to the family - Casa Diez Conseca

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