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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen May 6th 2009

It's been a blur of activity since I arrived here last Thursday morning. The trip was delayed slightly in Philedelphia but arrived more or less on time at 6:45AM. Then it took me until after 1PM to figure out and use the train and the bus to get to my hotel. Luckily the airline put my main bag on the wrong flight (actually I don't think that flight existed - they changed the flight number on my ticket for some reason). So I didn't have to carry it around, and they delivered to my hotel the next day. On Thursday afternoon I had a bus tour of downtown London, interspersed with cat naps (had about 2-3 hours sleep on the plane). About 6PM I headed to a train station further east (Eltham) where I was to ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas April 27th 2009

It's $US55, but worth every penny! I came here to Sleep Inn in Irving, TX last night around 12:30AM local time. They sent a shuttle to the airport for me and one other couple. I found this place through a brochure at the airport listing a toll free number for "Choice Inns". Getting here was a bit more complicated that it should have been because I had no coins for the pay phone, and I had to call this location directly to arrange pickup. It's the first time I've used VISA to make a local call, but my Sasktel calling card number would not work here. Anyway, I had a room with a king size bed, great shower, and many other trimmings. This morning the continental breakfast allowed me to make myself a hot waffle, had ... read more

North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico April 26th 2009

Well, I´ve made it this far. About 80% of people here at the airport are wearing masks that the army are handing out to everyone - I am most of the time. But it is quite warm and the masks sure don´t help any. I´ll be glad to get out of here, though its not a bad airport. I just discovered thay are one hour ahead of my time, so I have just two hours to boarding time. I had no trouble at all elaving Guatemala or arrivng here. At the airport in Guatemala, I didnt even need my receipt for my ticket, as they found my reservation using my passport. We got here about 8:30 my time, and I guess 9:30 locally. I checked my cary on bags in a locker, so I guess I´ll ... read more

After so much confusion yesterday, today went ever so smoothly. I ended up buying a few small souvenirs from a boy of about 12 years who sells items he makes himself on the street. I originally bought two similar articles. I had left and was a block away when he came running after me and gave me a third item free. So I went back to my hostel a block away and got a small flag and head bandana for him, and also got him to write his name in my book. Then I bought a few more small items to give away (they were very cheap) and left him with a big smile on his face. The first item I bought was a package of what he was selling and a photo of him! Lunch ... read more

Yesterday was another unexpected adventure. I was up at 4:15 for my 5 AM shuttle pickup to Copan. Coffee and a light breakfast was ready at 4:30 (excellent service as Hermano Pedro). But the bus still had not come at 5:45 so we began phoning the company. When my hostess finally got through to them, she got a blast on the phone for being abusive (she was anything but because I was standing right there). She told me they were into "narcotraffics", which she said is very common in Guatemala, or at least around Antigua (where I bought my tour package). I finally suggested I might try taking a different bus. She phone again to the company and perhaps got a different guy, but no satisfaction as the bus was gone. Then a few minutes alter ... read more

The day before yesterday I discovered in the late afternoon that Adrelina had no shuttle to here in the afternoon, only in the morning. But I had decided to go to Petan in Honduras Friday - Saturday, and they would not let me drop off my bags here on the way, so I booked passage with them to here leaving at 7AM this morning. That meant yesterday was my last day of classes. I presented my teacher with one of my Canada "Cat In the Hat´s" and said farewell to everyone. I had planned to go to the hot springs again with the other students, and I could have, but they were leaving a bit early, and not all of them were going, but the one guy that was going is quite young, not very dedicated ... read more

Is it really four days since I posted something here? I have uploaded pics, used email, and made a cpouple of entries on my other blog since then, and much has happened. ... read more

This morning our school took a three hour trip to a neighbouring town. We walked through the very busy local market, complete with chickens of all sizes (and some chicks painted different colours) as well as the usual incredible variety of fruits, vegatables, grains, seeds, and other household requirements. Across a small river we watched some men making yarn from several colours of thread. After walking back through a different part of the amrket (this one is well-known for textiles I think) we went to the third floor of a house where an elderly man was weaving cloth. One of the students tried her hand at it! Then we were given samples of a somewhat fermented fruit they are known for, and also a similar beveridge (one glass for all of us mind you!). And then ... read more
The Weaver
Oldest Church
Inside the Church

After a time of struggling, this has been an excellent week. I have continued to feel better each day, and am now back to normal. That may not be good news to some of you, but I feel great! I resumed my classes at the school on Tuesday, and have learned a lot, though I continue to struggle with understanding the spoken Spanish. My teacher says I am well advanced in grammer but still pretty weak in understanding what is said. On the plus side, I was able to talk a little with 2 or 3 people at church this morning and make myself understood. I even understood a lot of what they said! Fueled by Gatorade diluted half and half with water, I am attempting to be more deliberate in approaching others and asking questions. ... read more

I experienced personally this past weekend, not death and resurrection, but severe illness and now considerable recovery. Did I tell you that my very first night in Guatemala I brushed my teeth with tap water? I have such a great memory! For a week I felt kind of off, and the mountain roads didn´t really agree with me. I started having digestive problems on Friday of last week in the afternoon, though I spent from 10:30 in the morning until about 2:30 at a ¨retreat¨at the Anglican church (three services with breaks in between). After that, I retreated to the house briefly and then headed on to to Parque Central for the big parade that was happening, the last of several. It is a religious procession with a hand pushed ¨float¨ for each of the 12 ... read more

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