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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan April 16th 2006

After a fascinating six weeks on the road, it was a good feeling to be back in Canada Friday afternoon, and even better to be back in Esterhazy tonight! My return flights were without serious incident: Air Canada ripped a handle off my new suitcase (it was pretty heavy I guess), and kept us waiting in the plane for an extra 40 minutes in Vancouver before taking off today, but the flights themselves were smooth and the weather here is much warmer than I expected. In fact, my room is hotter than any I had in Guatemala while I was away, including the two nights at Tikal where daytime temperatures hovered around +35°C. I'll try not to say "si" when you say something I agree with or call my name. It will take me a bit ... read more

Though there were surprises, my trips from Xela to here and from here to Tikal and back went well. Internet is more expensive here so I´ll keep this brief. At Tikal I toured the Mayan ruins as planned and spent the night at the Tikal Inn, the classiest there it turns out, even with a nice swimming pool (but only electricity in the morning and evening for a few hours). I missed taking a ride on a cable (like a zip line on the level for abvout 2 km due to a shortage of cash and the lack of any banking machines at Tikal. There weren´t any banks or machines at Flores either, but it turns out that across on the mainland there are lots in Santo Helena). and I bought more souvenirs after a shopkeeper ... read more

Didn´t feel like sitting at home tonight, my last night here, though I am tired. I went to the waterpark today with the Cubs as planned. It was about a one hour or 75 minute ride in two "microbuses" (vans). There were about 20 kids and maybe 8 or 10 adults. As it turned out my English speaking friend who was scheduled to be with the Scouts also came because the Scouts didn´t show up on time at the zoo to feed the animals. As a result, I elarned a good deal about Guatemala from here on the trip there and back, The waterpark is a showpiece for all of Central America apparently (Mexico is not counted of course as it is considered part of North America). It is about an hour from the ocean, much ... read more

I just discovered that many of you had sent comments that were not posted to my website because I needed to review and approve them. They should all be there now - my apologies, and many thanks for taking the time to express your comments. Nice to know you have been following along.... read more

Yes!!!!! School is over. I gave my dictionary to my teacher because she's been praising it and she wants to study English. I have a small pocket one to use on the rest of my trip. Tonight later on (officially starting at 8PM but more realisticaly closer to 9PM) is our "grad"party. so I just went to the bakery and bought some sort of coffee ring - no idea what it taste's like but it look's to have fruit of some kind. Sure hope I graduate! Tomorrow holidays begin and it's off to a water park by the Pacific with 30 Cubs and family members (none of whom speak English!) This afternoon at the main park there was a big parade/protest organized by the students of San Carlos University. They were having a good time and ... read more

Wow - its been thyat long since I updated this site? Maybe you read the updates opn the kid´s site. Since I changed homes over two weeks ago its´been very busy. Living enar the centre of town encourages me to go out more in the evening, as I have tonight, buyt most internet cafes close between 7:30 and 8:30. Last night I went for a stroll but the one I got to was open only a very short time - just enough to call Dianne (my wife). Many stores are open until 7:30 or later. I started checking out shoes becayse the ones I have been wearing are collapsing with all the walking I´ve done, much of it on uneven surfaces like broker cobblestones and of course the volcano. But I hope I can find some ... read more

My stomach has been a wreck all day today because yesterday I decided to leave the family I was with and accept a new one. It didn't seem to bother them but I have been very affected by it and I don't know why. My new place has a real shower, though I'm told hot water runs short in the morning after 7AM so maybe I will try to remember to shower at night. The house is very neat and clean, with a glass table top instead of a dirty cloth one. I ahve a table in my room, also two light bulbs instead of one, and shelves to put stuff on (only had a window ledge before, and the window was into the kitchen area (glass you cannot see through). This one is right across ... read more

We spend most of today on the buses to and from our destination. It wa about a 2 1/2 hour ride each way because it required at least three different buses/taxis. Going, we took a minbus to the outskirts market of Xela, and a chicken bus to Huehue (luckily it was not crowded and the backs of seats were padded, and I could sit with my foot in the aisle. The mountain scenery was great but being on the aisle and with dirty windows I could not take pictures. The buses are all old worn out USA school buses, and diesel, so the funes from the dozens of them that jostle for space and passengers are at tiems almost overwhelming. At Huehue we took a taxi to the side - an old dillapidated one! We toured ... read more

Teaching school was a challenge this week as the kids were really hyper, and their teacher left the room. Yesterday I was sick most of the day but did not miss any school. My digestive system was not good and I had a bit of a fever I think because I had chills and later was sweating in bed. But I seem to be fine today. Most students get sick sooner or later and I was lucky to get by with such a mild and short case. Of course I´m not done yet! Yesterday afternoon we saw a real tear-jerker of a video called "If the Mango Tree Could Talk", with interviews of kids 12-15 who survived the war years, and had parents, brothers and sisters, uncles, grandparents, and friends and neighbours killed, who had often ... read more

The time is flying past. But I'm back to a Spanish keyboard so expect lots of mistakes! Sunday afternoon I did get to the \presbyterian church in La Esperenza - there is urban area area the way there. The music was slower tyhan I rememberf in my childhood, and we had a very slow organist then! Of course it was the pastor playing! He invited my to preach and Valeria and I to sing but Valerie turned him down for us! My sore throat seems better today so hope it was a minor passing thing. We took a taxi back and Valerie paid for both of us as I put my last Q20 in the offering. But the driver got lost and could not find my address. Once I started walking but he came and got ... read more

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