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10th May 2009

still coughing a lot but feel fine. Much better than you by the sound of it.
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27th April 2009

what are you thinking??
Get your mask on silly!!! You've already been sick once, you feel the need to temp your immune system again! Sheesh. Glad you hear you had a better luck getting out of the country than Vitaliy and I did.
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25th April 2009

Have not needed the moleskin but do have it!
25th April 2009

My tour bus didn't come, but I got here by a different bus yesterday so toured the ruins late afternoon. Leave again for my return to Guat City at noon. All is well on my last day in Centroamerica!
25th April 2009

Thanks Pat. I washed my socks and shirt in the shower last night, so I hope I don't smell too bad! Actually I do have clean ones back in Guat City, so should be OK!
24th April 2009

Find a good bakery!
Hope you enjoy the cerveza and the rest of your time in Guatemala and Honduras. It sounds like your Scotland trip is coming together nicely. Great to hear that the Scouts there are so welcoming and accommodating - You must be getting excited about going there for the first time. You'll have a chance to brush up on your Scottish accent - the question is will we be able to understand you when you come back??? Be sure to find a good bakery when you get there - you need to keep up your strength you know!
24th April 2009

On the move
Just want to assure you that we have been reading your blog, tracking your progress, and will have your room waiting for you when you arrive in Toronto. Wll meet you at the airport. Have a safe journey. Pat and Jim
24th April 2009

Gautemala and Xela
Definitely be careful where you go in the capital. My hostel (Hermano Pedro) is enear the airport and thsi area is quit safe, but not downtown alone. Antigua on the other hand is crawling with students and tourists andd is very safe I think. I studied in Xela, which is also very safe and recommended for elarning Spanish because there arenĀ“t as many English speaking people there. This time I was at La Paz, a very small school but very supportative and fun to be with.
20th April 2009

Good to hear you are well again and are drinking coffee .you will have to visit a brewery and then tell us how the cerveza was. Do not try to much and get lost .Hope that you will bring back some Scout expearence and Spanish for your students here.Your BLOG is good.Keeps us thinking and enveying you . ENJOY
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9th April 2009

Great pictures Alan. Hope the chocolate was good!
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3rd April 2009

hey Scout Al
Hi ya Scouter I hope you're having a great time there. Don't worry about missing beautiful weather here ( not that nice yet). We are all reading you're adventure and wish all of you the best. Derrick ( partner in crime)
31st March 2009

Did I do this right LOL
Hi ya Scouter Al!! I hope all is going great for you and everyone. I hope you get this message. I wish everyone a safe and healthy trip. We will be doing lots of reading and following you. Take care my friend, we are all wathing over you.
29th March 2009

thank you
Enjoying your blogs immensely.aj
26th March 2009

Travelling seems to always present a challenge these days. Hope the rest of your journey goes more smoothly. Enjoying your blogs!
25th March 2009

Hello from Icetown!
It's good to hear you had fun despite the disruptions in travel plans. Hope Rachelle and Vilaliy arrived okay and that you all have a great time together. The weather here has been a mixed bag - first we had a lot of melting, then we had rain and freezing rain, so it got really slick, then it snowed (so you couldn't see where it was slippery!) I felt for Barb Cook who had to walk on that to deliver "Meals on Wheels" today. Hope I didn't make you homesick with all this talk about the weather here! Yeah right! Anyways, I look forward to your next entry and hearing about how your Spanish classes go. Take care and have fun! Ttyl - Bonnie Presiloski
19th March 2009

How true!
Have a great trip Al! How true it is what you said about all of us being connected no matter what our culture, faith or social status. I know you believe that everything we say and do affects all around us, no matter where we are in the world - so good on you for taking the time and energy to learn about others and how we can influence change to make the world a better place, especially for the disadvantaged. I wait with anticipation to hear what you discover about how people living in such poverty and difficult conditions still manage to find joy in their lives. I look forward (as does Austen as well!!!) to hear all about your experiences and explorations. Have fun! Like many others, we will miss you here, but wish for you a safe and enriching time on your travels. Make sure to take time to relax and rejuvenate!!! You deserve it. Adios mi amigo! Ttyl - Bonnie
9th March 2009

Good for you Scouter Alan!!! Hopefully, you'll remember to pack better hiking shoes and lots of moleskin for this journey. Looking forward to reading about this round of adventures :-)
7th March 2009

Have a wonderful time!
I'm hoping the three of you have a wonderful and educational time. Be safe and enjoy. I can hardly wait for the blogs. Don't forget to relax while your gone. It sounds pretty hecktic in those travels. Have a great sabbatical.
7th March 2009

Thanks Arlena - great to hear from you again.
7th March 2009

Thanks Cathy. I trust you'll be taking care of my "grandson" while I'm away! I don't know if he'll read my blogs - I may try to do something more kid-friendly on Facebook - they have something called "notes" that I think I can use, as well as pics of course.
6th March 2009

what an adventure!
Alan, Have a wonderful time on your adventures!! I look forward to reading more blog as you journey along.
6th March 2009

Hope you have a great experience!!
I am so excited for you for this opportunity!! I know there is so much to gain by traveling outside our country and connecting with other cultures. I would think ministering to other people must take it's toll after awhile so I am so happy that you can take this time and rejuvenate!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you for a safe journey for you, your daughter, and her friend! I look forward to reading your blogs! take care,Kathy
26th April 2006

I have enjoyed your commentaries on your trip. It is true that we don't probably understand enough about the real world in the more tropical areas. I look forward to seeing your pictures.
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23rd April 2006

Trip report
Hi: Just read your comments about your trip. What a wonderful story. I will print it as a keepsake. We look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing more about the country. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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22nd April 2006

Thank you
Thank you for sharing your experience. I have enjoyed reading your blog - will miss now that you are home. I do hope to see you soon. I am in Edmonton home May 2.
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