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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chase September 4th 2011

Just could not resist stopping a little sooner than originally planned, because this trip is mainly about connecting with Dianne's "Chase" relatives and we found Chase, BC on our map route. Stayed at the Lion's campground on the edge of town, beside the river. Met wonderful neighbours from Kelowna, and when our new stove would not work we borrowed theirs. Also viewed a bear eating apples from a tree across the river (glad I brought my new spotting scope along). Free showers and great neighbours made our stay fun.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 3rd 2011

Left the farm before 6AM, back in Melfort just after 9AM. Found my passport immediately (exactly where I thought it should be and where I had searched 3 times earlier!) Got gas and was on the road by 9:20, back at the farm by 12:30 for lunch with Dianne. After that it was up on a ladder to pick apples from one tree before leaving around 2:30. Bypassed Calgary (more or less) and after a short stop for gas etc headed west on the old #1 highway. Called it quits for the night at Cochrane as dusk arrived and we were tired. There was already a tent on the site the campground gave us so they found us another in with the motor homes but with a piece of grass for the tent and much nearer ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Luseland September 2nd 2011

Left Melfort later afternoon, supper in Saskatoon with our daughter, got to our farm at 10 PM. Looked frantically for my passport which I could not find in Melfort, and finally decided it must be in Melfort. Decided to drive back there early morning to get it as I cannot get into the USA without it.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County May 18th 2009

I'm on the train back to London, and Durham is the next stop. Train movement doesn't improve my keyboarding any! But with any luck I'll be in London at 12:17, and at my hotel by suppertime! That will involve another train ride, but in the morning I think the hotel has a shuttle to the Metro to Newcastle, a train to Hexhmairport. Yesterday I made it to a well known stop on Hadrian"s Wall about a half hour out of Newcastle. I took the Metro to Newcastle and was told to take a train to Hexham. Once there I found the information place closed (iut was Sunday). Since there were no signs, I folloed somepone's directions to the bus station which was sall, closed, and almost abandoned. One guy there said few buses run on Sunday. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland May 16th 2009

Somewhere around noon today, when I was alternately dozing and watching the scenery go by as I rode the Perryman bus from Edinburgh to Berwick-on-Tyne, Scotland's Border Country slipped away on me and I was back in England. It turned out there was only two buses a day to the Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and the second was late afternoon, with the last return being a half hour later (the tide floods the road). So I thought I had missed out, but then I founjd out I could take the taxi for the 20 minute ride from Berwick. The island was very interesting, thanks in part to the fact that the historical centre stored my bagsa for me when I was looking around. There are many places of interest including a castle built in the 18th century ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh May 15th 2009

This morning it was heavy overcast, and this afternoon it rained more and more, though it let up a bit this evening. I was busy in the archives searching for wills and intestate records. Between 2 & 4 I was in the General Registery Office searching death records. I ran out of time! Then I walked to Edinburgh Castle in the drizzle and toured it with the help of a audio headphone set. I didn't see everything but it was very interesting On the way back I got quite wet despite stops at a factory tartan place and some other shops on the "Royal Mile". I finally stopped at Bosten Bean company for yorkshire pudding and roast beef! I even found my hotel again without much effort. Of course, I'll be moving on tomorrow. Edinburgh has ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh May 14th 2009

Another good day! I managed to find the Scottish Crop Research Institute this morning, and was given a tour by one of their people. I learned about the sort of work they are doing, particularly with barley, potatoes, raspberries, blackberries and black currents. Apparently the latter are high in vitamin C. They are working on food values, environmentally friendly and sustainable crops, and of course crops that are economically viable in this part of the world. From there I managed to get to the Eurocar location without causing any accidents, though the traffic was heavy closer in, and I had to stop once and phone them. So I no longer have a car. I was able to walk to the bus depot and get a bus to here in Edinburgh an hour later. I did need ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee May 13th 2009

I got lucky today. Iona was uncharacteristically sunny, and though the wind was strong and cool, it was a beautiful day. I had spent the night in my car, and that was a bit cool but OK. Got my ticket as soon as they opened, and then went shopping a bit, almost missing the ferry! It's a 45 minute ride to Mull, a large island in the Hebrides chain. Then we had a tour bus take us to the ferry port for Iona, and he was great - very knowledgeable and also quite a comedian! The second ferry ride, to Iona, is quite short. We arrived on schedule at 12:30, and its a short walk to the old abbey, passing other parts of the old community including a nunnery and gardens, as well as the cemetery ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Oban May 12th 2009

I saw a couple of these yesterday while we were driving, but they were always on the wrong side of the vehicle for me to take a picture. They're pretty wild looking, with long horns and shaggy coats! Today I finished my explorations of my ancestral home, and made the five hour drive to the west coast this afternoon. I t was a beautiful drive, through forested area, alongside two large lakes, show-capped mountains in the background a fair bit of the way, with warm sunshine and clear skies all day, and very little wind. The west coast is apparently a lot warmer than the east coast due to ocean currents. Tomorrow morning I'll be taking a bus tour to Iona, an ancient abbey built originally by St. Columbus, heavily damaged during the reformation, and revived ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Fraserburgh May 10th 2009

Greetings from the land of sheep and rabbits! So far I've caused no traffic accidents (but those roundabouts are scary!) and seen some beautiful country. The broom grass is in full bloom. I've explored lots of cemeteries and photographed lots of old churches and other buildings. Yesterday I was at the Battle of Culloden historic site, where 1500 Scots lost their lives in a few minutes trying to route a very superior English force (maybe my rebellious streak is in my genes?) I also travelled the coastline from near Inverness to Banff (saw the Banff Springs Hotel again) and on to Fraserburgh. I've been to two Scout meetings and one Cub meeting here in Fyvie and Banff. Today I worshipped at Fyvie Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) and had lunch at their hall after (tattie and leek ... read more

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