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I thought my blister was getting better, but after much walking yesterday, it is now bigger than ever and sore today! I walked to Iglesia San Marcos to go with the youth group on a trip to a nature preserve which was to leave at 7AM. It turns out that the priest's wife (my Scouting contact) was sick and didn't go. The woman I tried to talk to didn't unerstand me, and told me things were not happening until the afternoon. So I spent the first part of the day strolling the area, and hanging out in MacDonald's. Yes you ehard me correectly, MacDonalds. It was the only place in the area that I could find where you can sit comfortably in the shade! I had hotcakes for breakfast and hot chocolate. Later I had a ... read more

1. I left my camera at school but got it back today 2. My teacher says I am well advanced in writing Spanish after only four days - wish I could say that for understanding the spoken stuff! 3. Finally found a store that took a travellers cheque - and enar the school too! 4. Found a polular student hangout that burns pictures to CD and allows me to upload I hope - I think it is working - there should be ten pictures appearing on my älbumpost site shortly - I got a "popup blocked"message but hope that is not important. 5. This "cafe"(no beverages) has English keyboards that are much easier to navigate than the other one I was using. 6. Cloudy today for the first time since I arrived - but still fairly ... read more

Very sticky keyboards in Spanish (important keys in different places) and very sticky mice, combines with my normal shaky hands made worse under time pressure (cost) are making this task less fun but I won't stop! Today was my second day of Spanish lessons. Yesterday I attended a three hour colleg elevel bible study course at an Anglican church, led by a Presbyterian who could teach in any of our churches in UCC, attended by RC's, evangelicals, and lots of professionals as well as others - they all pay to take it as it is a credit course but I jsut sat in. a friend I made at San Marcos Anglican on Sunday translated some of it so it was OK. Hearing the language spoke is important. I could have went on a tour to a ... read more

All is well. Greetings from Xela! My host family is very nice and helpful. They speak a few words of English and the youngest boy studies English in school so his fatherf told me to speak English to him - but he does not understand very much yet. I got last last night walking home (trying to) from a dance at the school. I made one wrong turn. But it was warm by our standards and eventually one of thge scvhool staff found me and took me back! I feel very foolish not being able to say what I want and will learn much more and have more fun once I can say a bit more in Spanish. The father of my family says in two weeks I will be able to talk - we'll see! ... read more

Hi all! I've had trouble accessing my "kid's blog" at, so now have a new one. It's found at (make sure you don't put any "www" in the address). Please spread the word.... read more

If you want the kids and youth version of my story, go to - thanks. Well, that was an "interesting" start to what promises to be a challinging experience. I went into Regina from esterhazy, no problem. My girls came down from saskatoon to see me off in spite of the bad weather forecast. Yesterday I was awake at 5:45 AM (not excited at all of course!) After a hearty breakfast with realtives, we decided to check on the plane and found the flight had been cancelled! OK, no panic. I called AirCanada and they said no planes are flying into Regina on account of weather. I could try another carrier (Westjet), or they would take me to Vancouver after supper and on to San Francisco at 9AM today. I accepted the latter offer reluctantly ... read more

Exciting news today: I received a message from the school I will be studying at, and now know who I am staying with. The name of the mother (don't know if there is a father there) is Martha Nimatuj, and there are four kids: boys 15, 13 & 10, and a girl who is 2 years old. They live at 9 Calle 5-34, Zona 1, Xela. "Calle" is Spanish for "street". I also learned that there is a b&b who offer a transfer service from the airport to the bus depot for a very reasonable price, so I will probably use them for that purpose, and stay there on my way home because I have a plane leaving at 7:30 in the morning. "Dos Lunas" has a webpage on the Xelapages website. They also help people ... read more

It's now just two weeks until I will be on my way to Guatemala.Some people fast in lent, and while I hope to lose some weight by eating less food, that won't be the biggest part of my experience. Lent is traditionally for mainline churches a time to focus on world developemnt issues, and Guatemala is very much a part of the "third world" - a place where extreme poverty exists alongside of much wealth. "To what extent might we as Canadians be contributing to that reality?" is one of the questions I plan to pursue. The temperature in Xela today is 82°F with a predicted low of around 40°F, with predicted highs in the extended forecast of about 79° - about what I can expect when I get there, though the nights can get cooler ... read more

In just over two weeks, I'll be heading for Guatemala City, and then immediately to Xela (known to Europeans as Quetzaltenango "the place of the quetzal" for a six week experience. I'll be studying Spanish 5 hours a day for the first five weeks (excluding weekends). I have some church contacts there and expect to attend a small Presbyterian church just out of Xela. I also have Scout contacts there and hope to do lots of Scouting things. Unfortunately, the Scout jamboree around which I planned the trip has been postphoned for six months due to the mudslides and devastation from Hurrican Stan. I will have internet access there and hope to add comments at least twice a week. And I plan to upload pics to this site: (do NOT insert "www" in the address). ... read more

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