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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 22nd 2012

So this is our last day, and today will be spent typically hurry-up-and-wait style. Our flight is only at 23:45. So it will be going slowly untill we rush to the airport, only to wait for boarding, rushing in the plane, only to wait for lift-off ..... And so on, and so on. Hong Kong so far is a very impressive city. Very modern, neat, orderly. We've walked a lot and seen just as much. Taking everything in before our return home. The light and sound show in the harbour is very interesting and this takes place every evening at 8 pm. We took the ferry over to Hong Kong island the morning and walked to the tram station. Not a good decision, considering the heat, cause the sweat was again just pouring down by the ... read more
Blue lights at museum
Hong Kong taxis
Junk boat infront of lighted harbour

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo July 19th 2012

Our last days in China, before leaving for Hong Kong was spent just relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere. We had a absolutely great time so far. This is for sure not the best time to travel in China, since the temperature barely goes down to 28 degrees. But besides that, it is an awesome place to see. Language can be challenging some times, so patience is needed and a good semse of humour added, makes for some interesting days. Make sure you get a aircon room to sleep in, and drink plenty of fluids, and it is plane sailing. We left for Hong Kong very early in the morning, so had to get up at 4 am to catch the taxi ride of 90 km to the airport. Our plane left at 8 am for ... read more
Bamboo rafts waiting on the shore
Hoe sag ry my bootjie ?
Old and new

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo July 18th 2012

So we decided to take a bike ride in the area. This turned out to be very scenic. Luckily it was a bit cloudy when we started the morning. A nice cool breeze cools you down as you ride, but as soon as you stop the sweat starts pouring down. The ride starts in town and negotiating your way through traffic until you reach the outskirts of town and start seeing some villagers on their bikes. We decided to use a local guide called Peter, who knows where to go and also can explain to us as we go along. What a beautiful ride along a smaller river called the Yu Long, which eventually flows into the bigger Li river. Took some awesome photos of rice paddies and the overlooking hills just makes it so peaceful. ... read more
Old village n the area
Rice harvesting
Morning mist

Asia » China » Guangxi » Xingping July 17th 2012

This is one of the most scenic areas in the province. We took a local bus from Yangshuo to Xingping. It is only 25 km and cost about 7 yuan. Passing through villages along the way, we arrive in Xingping, only to be swamped by local touts who pester you with nagging to go on a bamboo ride. Of course their prices is highly inflated, and since you do not know the system or understand or read chinese, this makes it very difficult and frustrating. There is actually a very simple system, once you have figured it out, but these woman try their best to distract you from finding out how it works. After some very frustrating negotiating, we decided first to go for lunch and try to loose these pestering woman. What a great decision. ... read more
Old town of Xingping
Harbour area in Xingping
Bamboo boats wating for tourists

Asia » China » Guangxi » Longji Rice Terraces July 16th 2012

Wow, this is one scenic place. About 880 m above sealevel. Climbing to the top is a very sweaty business, however. The beautiful scenery is just such a great reward. Starting the morning early by bus from Yangshuo we traveled by bus to this Longji terraces, also known as Dragon's Backbone due to the mountains ridges that can be seen from the top with beautiful rice terraces everywhere. It is about a 3 hours drive through a curving and climbing valley to this area. Before reaching the terraces we first stopped off at the famous long hair villages at the bottom of the valley. Some womans hair is 2.1 m long and they twirl it around their heads and then tie it in a certain way. The way they tie it also indicates if they are ... read more
Rice terraces in Longji (dragons back-bone)
Rice terraces in the background
More rice terraces

Asia » China » Beijing July 14th 2012

Some more photos of Beijing!!... read more
Forbidden city
Entrance to Forbidden city
Forbidden city

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo July 13th 2012

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 12th 2012

Our first decision to get to Xi'an from Suzhou by overnight train had to be changed due to the summer holidays in China. All trains were fully booked and so we decided to fly to Xi'an, or actully we did not really have any other choice. This meant we had to take a fast train to Shanghai from Suzhou and then fly. The flight was 2.5 hours long and we arranged with our guesthouse for a pickup at the airport. By train it would have taken about 13 hours. Xi'an is also a big city with huge buildings being constructed everywhere. The population is about 7 million. In the centre of the city is the old city which is surrounded by a big wall. The lenght of the wall is about 14 km. This city used ... read more
Old city wall of Xi'an
Tandem biking on the wall of Xi'an
Crickets for pets

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou July 4th 2012

Sorry for all my english friends, but this one is in Afrikaans. Ons laaste dag in Beijing het ons spandeer in die Lama Boediste tempel wat die grootste tempel buite Tibet is. Hier is baie pagodas met allerhande soorte boedas wat jy aan kan dink. Daar is tot een wat oor die 30 meter hoog is en uit een stuk soliede sandlewood gekerf is. Hy is ook heeltemal aangetrek met syklere. Hier was dit vrek warm, hier is op die oomblik 'n hittegolf in China, so,ons sweet lekker. Gelukkig het ons aircon in die kamer, en ook is daar darem so paar reuse malls waar jy kan gaan skuiling soek van die hitte. Ons was ook by die Confucius tempel. Baie rustig en kalm plek, maar nogsteeds vrek warm. Volgende oggend het ons 'n taxi gekry ... read more
Suzhou train station
Bullet train at 306 km/h
Garden of the humble administrator

Asia » China » Beijing July 1st 2012

This is indeed a Great Wall!! This is totally not overrated. The wall was definately worth the visit, and something we will forever remember. We started the day with a trip we organized with a hotel across from where we are staying. The girl could at least communicate in english with us, so we decided to book the trip with her. Our hotel also do trips, but because of the language barrier it is just not easy to explain, so we chose the path of least resistance. This was such a good decision, because we really did this in style. We were picked up by our tourguide and driver at 7:30 the morning. We thought we were going in a mini-van, but no we had a grand black Buick all to ourselves. With aircon, wich turned ... read more
The Greatest Wall of all
Stêrre rus op die Great Stairs
The Wall

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