Kate Robinson


Kate Robinson

North America » United States » Utah » Torrey July 27th 2015

I woke up this morning totally confused because the black out blinds were amazing and the AC made the room icy cold, for a good few seconds I was sure I was back in England in winter and this whole trip was a dream! I packed up, filled my cooler with ice (usually I only half fill it but the lady on reception was tutting at me for making noise by the ice machine... So I made sure I filled it riiiight up ha!) I drove north and then west towards Capitol Reef National park. I have read quite a lot about this park and I was excited to find all the quiet hikes and stunning vistas that people talked about. I went (as always) to the visitors centre to get maps and find out where ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab July 26th 2015

Arches Slooooow start to this morning. I just felt really tried and I also had great wifi AND phone signal so I called around family and checked up on Becky to see how the jet lag was treating her. By the time I got out the door it was around 11am. Arches national park is one that I had been really looking forward to. It's only a couple of miles out of Moab and the road in was absolutely rammed with cars. After talking a little while to get through the pay station I did my usual and headed to the visitors centre to get insider tips for the best places to go. I'm not sure where everyone was but even though the car park was full the centre itself wasn't and I had plenty of ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab July 25th 2015

Canyonlands When I left the motel this morning I wasn't feeling much excitement for Canyonlands. I only decided to go because it was en-route to Arches National Park from Monument valley. I figured I'd just drive in, take a picture and then leave. Well, today has been one of the most spectacular of my life. I know that nobody has heard of Canyonlands. I know it's not as big as the Grand Canyon or as arch-ish as arches or as Monumenty and Monument valley but I don't think I scraped my jaw off the floor once in the several hours I spent there. I chose to go to the southern part of the park first as I'd read online that it was quieter. Being a Saturday on a state holiday weekend it seemed like it was ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Monticello July 24th 2015

Monument valley My phone died last night so I woke up at around 9:30 rather than the 4:30 alarm that I had set to watch sunrise over the Grand Canyon. I wasn't too bothered though because I figured that the sunrise would be more or less the same as sunset, just from the other side.The drive to monument valley took me back into the national park and skirted along the side of the Grand Canyon. I was stopping every five minutes or so which really slowed down progress but was worth it for the views! Just before leaving the park I was driving very slowly and a baby elk (or something similar) just strode out in front of my car. I grabbed my camera and it just stood there and gave me a dirty look. Unfortunately ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon July 23rd 2015

The Grand Canyon Leaving Las Vegas this morning was really hard. Not because of a deep attachment to the city but because I was slightly hungover and very tired after last night. The front desk called me at 8:50 to remind me that I was due to check out at 10am. I hadn't packed and after accidentally falling asleep after the phone call I had 5 minutes to get dressed and get out! The 6 lane each way roads were surprisingly empty at 10am and getting out of the city was much easier than finding out hotel on the way in. I stopped for fuel and headed south and east towards Arizona. I didn't know I was going to pass Hoover Dam but when I saw the signs I thought that I had to stop just ... read more

We slept so well last night and took a really leisurely start to the day. Once we found Becky a Starbucks we drove the couple of hours to Sausalito. The traffic in California seems so much worse that anywhere in the states I've been before (except New York) it took us a long time to get there but just by an absolute fluke we managed to park instantly and right in the centre too! We walked a little way and found a restaurant / café overlooking the bay. The view was utterly gorgeous and it was warm and just so beautiful! After lunch and whilst we were on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove up to the Marin Headlands to get the best views of the city. Whilst we were up there ... read more

This morning we woke up slightly later than yesterday but we were still up and about and laughing at Fox News by 6am. Breakfast wasn't offered in the hotel and the only other thing open (and by that I mean not shut down) was a petrol station so we decided to hit the road and figure out food as we went. As we drove out of Tonopah, we headed due West towards California through wide open desert. Only 5 or so miles down the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and was gob smacked at the view. The road seemed to go on forever and the perspective was perfect for pictures. We bundled out of the car and did a few obligatory jumping shots before continuing on our way. As we drove the scenery ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Tonopah July 10th 2015

This morning we were wide awake by 5am and so excited to get on the road and REALLY begin our adventures. We had breakfast, checked out of our wonderful little hotel and set off West towards the Bonneville Salt Flats and Nevada. We weren't even a mile out of the city before we were absolutely struck by the beauty of where we were. There were mountains towering in front of us and the flat, mostly dried, great salt lake to our right. It was still early and the I-80 was almost empty. I think we both had a little moment on that road and felt so privileged and lucky just to be there! After around an hour we came to the rest stop which sits on the edge of the Salt Flats. There were a few ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City July 9th 2015

We landed in Salt Lake City at around 12pm and once we collected our bags we went to pick up the standard size little hire car we ordered. We ended up driving away in large 4x4 which wasn't much more money for the trip and in a four wheel drive we are allowed to drive on unsaved roads and there are a lot of them around these parts!We stayed at the Peery hotel in downtown Salt Lake City and found it very easily. I only had to remind myself that "I need to be in the middle of the road" a couple of times before driving on the "wrong" side was second nature. As we were still too early for check in, we took our little big car across town to the gigantic Walmart to stock ... read more

Today I went into full tourist mode from the moment I woke up. My bag was packed and ready for every eventuality, my cameras were fully charged and I was in the mood to see me some sights! I've not really used my car since coming to Charleston, and despite two consecutive "hottest days of the year" I'm enjoying wandering the streets, (power walking the streets if it's dark!) so I walked a little way up to the big tourist office to see what things they could fill my day with. I opted for the bus/boat package and by 10am I was being slowly (and air conditioned-ly) take around the sights of Charleston. I did a similar tour when I was last here but this one was so much better. The lady was a real local, ... read more

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