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13th August 2015

'Becky had a little wobble'. Becky FREAKED OUT.
31st July 2015

fantastic post
Sounds like a brilliant trip, though don't like the sound of the wind and and the effect on your poor eyes. It would be too hot for me I fear
From Blog: Capitol Reef
21st July 2015

Great Blog
Cant work out how to follow you but enjoying reading about your travels
14th July 2015

Amazing Descriptions
I'm glad you're on the road and enjoying your western adventure. B takes fab photos! You, too. Can't wait to read future posts.
17th July 2014

see you haven't lost your touch with the have a good time kate
From Blog: A1A north
15th August 2013

Awesome Update
Isnt that the way... You follow the rules and others flaunt them. ;). It sounds like it's been quite an adventure. Safe travels home!
9th August 2013

Interesting Experience
It is incredible what people do to each other. I felt much the same at the German concentration camps.
From Blog: Phnom Penh
4th August 2013

7 hour trip
Those boats rides always seem long. The poverty slaps you in the face but most of the people seemed happy.
31st July 2013

Loving the blogs mrs !! can I just say you have a way with words, loving the fact you still like sticky rice its so much better than fri ri !
25th July 2013

Still well jel
Well Ladies, looks like your having an amazing time, just to make you two jealous i've just booked my summer holindays........ Rhyl Sun Centre for the afternoon !!!!!! Don't fly home just cos ya wanna come now will ya ????
25th July 2013

This trip sounds facinating Kate, loving all the detail, almost feel like I'm there with you both! Enjoy!!!! love, Rosie x
25th July 2013

Well Jel!
Sounds like you are both having a fantastic and entertaining time! Keep the updates coming Kate. Rosie x
24th July 2013

Are we there yet!!
Sounds exciting glad you are both embracing it all. X
23rd July 2013

Eireann gets it from her Gran- who would be proud of her!!!!
22nd July 2013

Well??? Wasup?
Waiting on some interesting updates!
21st July 2013

So it starts ..... Have a brilliant time. Xxxx
21st July 2013

Up up and away
So it starts ..... Have a brilliant time. Xxxx
20th July 2013

Have a great trip, stay safe, stay together and stay healthy. Pedra.
20th July 2013

Look Out Thailand!!!..Here they come!
Have a wonderful time ladies. Can't wait for the updates and remember... so many holiday hunks, but so little time! :) Have fun! Rosie x
20th July 2013

Soon on way to airport
20th July 2013

Well girlies let me be the first to comment on your epic trip to Thailand!! Have fun - be safe - buy lots of hear !!! Miss you both Ali xx
17th June 2011

Cow in a pick up
Decided I want one of them there mascots for my jeesylessy jeep, please could you fetch me one back from Nigeria please ? Gracias
From Blog: Cow in a Pickup
5th June 2011

Howdy, gosh wish I was with yer mrs, what an adventure and an eye opener. sounds like the school is chuffed to bits you have come over, just dont do too good a job or they might not let you come home, love ya little sis. happy adventurin !!!! pp ee x

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