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Europe June 27th 2009

Today was our last day in Eva’s home in Edigheim. After packing up our gear, Karin and Roland picked us all up for the trip to Amonau where Gabi and Henry and their family live. Gabi and Henry worked hard all week preparing for the big party to celebrate Gabi’s 50th birthday. They live in a wonderful old house and barn that Henry has done lots of work to remodel and restore into both a home and Physical Therapy practice for Gabi. The barn area is a perfect place for a party. They also own the historic home next door. Gabi had a house full, with around 90 people sharing in the celebration. Her children prepared a presentation with Phillip playing the piano, Nicolas reading a poem and Elena belly dancing. Henry and the whole family ... read more
Gabi's House
Walking Around Amonau
Party Shot

Europe June 26th 2009

Feeling a little more adventurous today, Brian and Amy hopped on the bikes and set out for the River Rhein (Rhine for us in the USA.) Thanks again to Britta and Osse for the loan of their bikes and some tips for interesting sights! Originally, the plan was to just ride a short bit to visit the Rhein and have a picnic at a little lake close-by. After a 15 minute ride to find the river, we were standing and looking out over the water and, from around the bend, up swam a border collie right to Brian at the beach. So, of course, we had to stay awhile. There were several people walking along and we saw nice dogs and owners playing and walking near the water. They inspired us to to strike out the ... read more
Dog Out Of Nowhere
Amy Biking Around Rhein
Brian Biking Along Rhein

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 25th 2009

Brian and Amy went for a run/walk and had some breakfast with Peggie, Jerry, and Eva in the morning. Amy's gone back to healthy oatmeal for breakfast but it's hard to turn down "brotchen" (great crusty rolls)", cheese and salami. Brian's weakness is the liverwurst on black bread. Plus, sometimes, there is "speck" (bacon) - bacon is gooood. We better walk more. After yesterday’s bike to ride to Frankenthal to pick up more Euros, today we returned to Frankenthal to spend them! We all loaded up into Eva’s car and she drove us to town for some shopping. She dropped us off in the center of the city and we fanned out to find some bargains. Since the dollar is not very strong, most things were a little expensive and we’re really sorry we can’t easily ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 24th 2009

Amy on the mend - Hurrah! We got up early to go for a run (for Brian) and a walk (for Amy). Then, in the afternoon, we biked to Frankenthal in search of the magical Deutsche bank ATM which gives us money for no fees. We got there, had great maps and knew EXACTLY where we were. The problem is we didn’t know exactly where the Bank was. We “phoned a friend” and found out that the “Colleen Deal Google Search Helpline is equal to the “John Kriz Map and Direction Service” which was closed for the moment. Thanks for the save! We explored around the shops and town and had a three scoop gelati - canceled out the exercise of the ride completely. Then we cycled back to Edigheim, which is where Aunt Eva is, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 23rd 2009

Amy’s started to come back to life a little. Today she had a mid-day massage in the close-by spa town with both hot and cold stones. We’re hoping this chases the last of the germs away. While Amy relaxed, Brian, Peggie, and Jerry walked around Bad Durkheim. After Amy was finished, Karin picked us all up and we drove to the historic town of Speyer. The town was the home of German Emperors with some of the earliest architecture dating to the 1200s. Karin, Brian, Peggie and Jerry walked around the town, while Amy stayed at a café both to rest and to do work . You know she’s feeling better when the computer and phone come out! She got to talk to a lot of the gang - John, Greg, Barb, Christine and Ron so ... read more
Street in Speyer
Look what Brian Found

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 22nd 2009

Boy, the Germ in Germany isn't fooling around. Amy still feeling "mir ist schlecht" - that means like crap. When she wants her Mom to bring her ginger ale and crackers, you know it’s serious. Aunt Eva found some magical meds that Amy started taking today and by the afternoon some of the fever and flu seems to be fading. She actually got up and moved around. Now it’s just a cold so we might be back in the game tomorrow. We managed to all go out to Dinner in Frankenthal with Brian’s cousin, Uli. We ate at a very small restaurant where the family goes - a mix of Tapas and Spanish with a German twist was interesting and aioli is good in any country. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 21st 2009

Amy started feeling a little weird last night but today was officially down for the count - wicked sore throat, stomach pain, and achy bones. She slept for almost 24 hours and had to break out the old remedies - drinking hot tea and gargling salt water. Everyone one else needed a day of rest too, so it worked out okay. Did laundry, read books, watched it rain, caught up on the blog. Tomorrow we’re going to take it easy as well until we’re all back to fighting strength. Happy Father’s Day to Amy’s Dad, Randy, and hope all of you Fathers out there had a great day. Since there are no pictures today. You can learn some German words. Tscheuss (Chuuuuussss in a kind of high voice) is Goodbye or See you. Geburtstag is birthday. ... read more

Europe » France June 20th 2009

We slept in a little and then piled into two cars for a day-trip to France. We drove to a town in the Moselle area of France, named Bitsche in German, Bitche in French. On the hill in Bitche, there was a citadel converted into a museum with an interactive and historical tour. They had a very interesting set-up for visitors - you put on cordless headphones that pick up signals in any language. They guide you around the old rooms and you follow the story of a French soldier during a siege in by the Germans in 1870. Once inside, there were movie screens that told of the battle between the French and the Germans in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The French withstood assault in the citadel for 230 days. We’re going to have ... read more
Listening to History
Brian checks out the historical facts
View from Citadel

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 19th 2009

Today was outdoor adventure day. Osse, Britta, Karin, Roland, Peggie, Jerry, Amy, and Brian (and Millie!) drove about an hour to Altenglan for a “Draisinentour”. We picked up “draisinen”, 4-man railway cars equipped with two sets of pedals and room for 2 more passengers. We chained them together and took off. The old training tracks led through the countryside and through small towns. The route was 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), and we made several stops along the way to take a break. We took turns pedaling so everybody had a chance to get some exercise and Millie was a perfect passenger. See videos. Poor Jerry’s behind ( his “hintern”) took a beating. Peggie sat up front and gave the signal to stop whenever we came to a road crossing. Brian tried to show his Mom ... read more
Mille taking it all in
Sights from the Tracks

Europe » Germany » Hesse June 18th 2009

The day started with the caterers and the tables arriving very early. Brian’s cousins, Uli and Gabi, and their families arrived a little later and the rest of the guests arrived at 1130. Karin and Britta were here soon after and it was nice to see all of Eva’s children celebrate their Mutti’s birthday together. The theme of the party was to show the “stations” of Eva’s life. She’s had an exciting one and traveled all over the world, actually living in China, the United States, France and Germany. Friends gave toasts and speeches. Each of Eva’s children gave her some gifts relating to each of countries (U.S had burgers and Burger King, of course) as well as special tokens of love and good wishes. 80 roses marked the special day. Each also said a few ... read more
Garden Before Caterers
Garden After Caterers
Peggie and Jerry

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