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June 24th 2009
Published: June 24th 2009
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Brian bikingBrian bikingBrian biking

Brian biking in Frankenthal. We think this was a horse. There are lots of cool sculptures. Looked better in person.
Amy on the mend - Hurrah! We got up early to go for a run (for Brian) and a walk (for Amy). Then, in the afternoon, we biked to Frankenthal in search of the magical Deutsche bank ATM which gives us money for no fees. We got there, had great maps and knew EXACTLY where we were. The problem is we didn’t know exactly where the Bank was. We “phoned a friend” and found out that the “Colleen Deal Google Search Helpline is equal to the “John Kriz Map and Direction Service” which was closed for the moment. Thanks for the save! We explored around the shops and town and had a three scoop gelati - canceled out the exercise of the ride completely. Then we cycled back to Edigheim, which is where Aunt Eva is, to wander there and try to figure out why we always get lost on foot. The biking is great when there’s a bike path but can be a little challenging on some of the busy or narrow streets. If there is no marked path, adult riders are supposed to ride in the street and kids on the sidewalks. The sidewalks are usually wonderful brick ones and Amy really wanted to ride there all the time. Sometimes she cheated. We, of course, also had to find a grocery store to locate some Cola Light (Diet Coke for us). This is a necessary event. You don’t usually find cokes really cold with lots of ice here - so, of course, that's what we’re craving. We looked for another ice cube tray as a present for Aunt Eva because the two of us go through 10 cubes pretty darn fast, but no luck. In the evening, Eva, Peggie and Jerry had to pay some visits and we uploaded all of this to catch up. Tonight is Chinese, our favorite.


24th June 2009

Hi Brian, Thanks for your blogs. I have been following them each day and so have kept up with all of your adventures! Sounds like you are really having a great time. Glad that Amy is beginning to feel better. May be Eva needs to give her an "Underberger" to help her stomach!! Keep 'em coming...

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