Saturday, June 27th - Gabi’s Big Birthday Party

June 27th 2009
Published: July 1st 2009
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Town View
Today was our last day in Eva’s home in Edigheim. After packing up our gear, Karin and Roland picked us all up for the trip to Amonau where Gabi and Henry and their family live. Gabi and Henry worked hard all week preparing for the big party to celebrate Gabi’s 50th birthday. They live in a wonderful old house and barn that Henry has done lots of work to remodel and restore into both a home and Physical Therapy practice for Gabi. The barn area is a perfect place for a party. They also own the historic home next door. Gabi had a house full, with around 90 people sharing in the celebration. Her children prepared a presentation with Phillip playing the piano, Nicolas reading a poem and Elena belly dancing. Henry and the whole family sang for her and the crowd’s amusement. We have some videos but we thought the belly dancing one might create stalkers out in web-land and the singing may be better to keep in our memory. Actually, they are just huge and hard to upload. We'll send some snippets to Aunt Eva once we make them smaller. It was all terrific fun as well as heart-warming.
Gabi's HouseGabi's HouseGabi's House

Brian in front of Gabis House and Practice
This kind of big celebration with family, friends, speeches, amusing stories and sentimental gifts, is tradition and typical for the “round” birthdays (20, 30, 40, 50, etc). The food was overwhelming, with all kinds of appetizers, salads, and grilled wurst (sausages), beef and pork. The “Amis” started trying to call it a night early and the Germans are now REALLY sure that we’re all party-poopers. They don’t realize that Brian has called it a night around 11pm since college (midnight is like dawn to him). All of our friends know he starts herding them out of the kitchen and cleaning up around the witching hour (Colleen and Jay could explain!). Brian is a 80 year old man in a 42 year old body and that’s what we love about him! Plus Amy and Peggy are both still sickly and tired so we have and excuse. Jerry wanted to rock and roll all night but we tied him to the roof rack and brought him home. We made it back to our hotel by 11:30 but the party went on until at least 5am. Good Times!

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Walking Around AmonauWalking Around Amonau
Walking Around Amonau

Brian, Osse and Millie
Party ShotParty Shot
Party Shot

Perfect place for a party
Brian, Karin and MillieBrian, Karin and Millie
Brian, Karin and Millie

Brian thinks all parties are better with dogs.
Eva and JerryEva and Jerry
Eva and Jerry

Our family table at Party
Brian, Anna and EvaBrian, Anna and Eva
Brian, Anna and Eva

More party pictures
All GirlsAll Girls
All Girls

Eva, Anna and Lotte
Brian and GirlsBrian and Girls
Brian and Girls

3 roses and a thorn
Phillip PlayingPhillip Playing
Phillip Playing

Phillip playing Happy Birthday.
Singing to GabiSinging to Gabi
Singing to Gabi

Even in another language, the singing wasn't on key!

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