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26th May 2016

randy said that you should bring one of them home he could eat two couches. love call you when you get home
26th May 2016

Love the blog and all of the pictures! Looks like you guys are having a great time! Needless to say...I'm jealous!! Cant wait to see the new Volvo and puppy when you get back! I'm sure more great stories are on the way! Enjoy you guys!
7th June 2015

Can hardly wait to find out whether you recovered your laptops!!
2nd June 2015

Thanks for sharing this with us!
2nd June 2015

Thanks for sharing this with us!
2nd June 2015

Thanks for sharing this with us!
2nd June 2015

Thanks for sharing this with us!
28th May 2015

Love your blogs. Keep 'em coming!
14th September 2013

I am enjoying your travel adventures. So nice to see you having such a good time. Have fun! Love, Mom
11th September 2013

Have been enjoying your blogs and pictures!
9th September 2013

Thanks for checking in.
Amy and Brian: You look so happy and relaxed. I am so happy for you and glad that you are having a good time. The pictures are great. Love, Mom
23rd July 2009

You did a super job and the pictures are beautiful. Friend of your Moms.
19th July 2009

We enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pitures that you submitted as well. Glad that you had a good trip and a wonderful time in my old homeland. Actually, I grew up im Erzgebirge ( that you should visit some time) which is also a beautiful part of Germany. Congrtulations on your new job Amy, what exactly will you be doing? Take care and stay in touch. Love, Anita and Bill
2nd July 2009

Your blog
Exellent blog and pics - we enjoyed reading it over and over again. We will always think of this time together.
1st July 2009

We are glad you got home safely. Thanks for all the pictures and diary we share. It was nice to have you here, sorry we could'nt spend more time with you!!!!! May be you could send me the video of Elena?? would be great. Hope you have a good start back home Everybody says hi Gabi
1st July 2009

Vielen Dank!
Hi Brian and Amy, Just want to drop you this note to thank you for allowing us to share your German holiday via this blog. We followed your daily adventures through pictures and narratives. My, someone must have put in quite a bit of study and research to get all the details recorded along with the historical data. Great job! Glad that you all made it back safely and once again can enjoy your Mac Filet-o-Fish and cheeseburgers! Think about a trip to California... Hans & Alice
29th June 2009

The pictures are beautiful and it was fun to read about your trip! I see Brian found a McDonalds...did Amy get her happy meal fix? lol Hope you have a safe and relaxing flight home!
25th June 2009

Amy, be sure you don't have Swine Flu!! Love, Mom
24th June 2009

Hi Brian, Thanks for your blogs. I have been following them each day and so have kept up with all of your adventures! Sounds like you are really having a great time. Glad that Amy is beginning to feel better. May be Eva needs to give her an "Underberger" to help her stomach!! Keep 'em coming...
24th June 2009

Take care
Dear Amy: Be sure to take care of yourself. I don't like hearing that you're sick when you're so far away. I have been keeping up with your trip and it looks like you're having a great time. Love, Mom
23rd June 2009

Amy & Brian/ It looks like you both are already off to a great start with some great sites and family time. Hab Spab!! (you may need to buy some padded pants for those pedaling expeditions ;) Best/ Brad
21st June 2009

Looks like you are having a great time and getting lots of exercise! I head for France tomorrow via Munich. Enjoy! Scott
20th June 2009

Eva's birthday
Thanks for keeping us updated on your trip. The party for Eva's birthday sounds wonderful and we enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone. You will have lots of fun memories of your trip to Germany. Love, Anita and Bill
18th June 2009

Rot Haare is die schonste
Während Sie unterwegs in Deutschland , rufen Sie mich von meiner Deustche Familienname, Kohler. Rot Haare is die schonste. Ich habe keine umlauts, das tut mir leid! Wie wird der "full-on" trocken Wien? Ciao
18th June 2009

Great Trip
Looks like you guys are having a great time. Thanks for sharing it with me. We made it back last night from Orlando via Auburn and a day of golf. The shuttle launch was scrubbed two times so we did not get to see it. Hope things continue to go well.

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