Sunday, June 28th - Packing

June 28th 2009
Published: July 1st 2009
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Rapunzel HouseRapunzel HouseRapunzel House

Illustrator from Brothers Grimm must have liked this house and used as a model for the one where Rapunzel lets down her long hair.
Our bed and breakfast Hotel in Wetter includes quite the breakfast - everything you could think of with fruit, muesli, yogurt, meats, breads and cheeses. Amy, as usual, can’t resist the bread, salami and cheese but she woke Brian up with her choice. We were sitting at breakfast and he kept wrinkling his nose saying “What IS that smell!?” It turns out, one of the cheeses was some kind of stinky Limburger - it had to be removed from the table for the good of all. We all gathered to be picked up at 10am to go back to Gabi’s but didn’t see anyone. Another couple with us called and Phillip, who is 10, answered the phone - we figured he was the only one able. Everyone was up late and the house was just waking up. Soon a caravan whizzed in to get us with some bleary-eyed drivers. As the crowd began to stir, we took a walk around Amonau, visiting a house that the illustrator of the Brothers Grimm Rapunzel fairy tale used as a model, the half timbered houses, the fields and the local horses. We even saw a tree full of fired up bees you could hear from the path. We checked it out with caution. The village really has an historic air and you can imagine the past. After our walk, we went back to snack on some leftovers and say our goodbyes. Many people had to get started back to Ludwishafen, Bad Duerkheim, Edigheim and other spots around Germany. Gabi’s best friend even came from Switzerland and had to catch her train. Goodbyes and tears all around. It’s sad to say goodbye (for now) but it was a trip with many memories we will carry with us. Now, we’ve turned our thoughts toward home and we’re ready for the last leg of our journey. Gabi came by to check on us one last time and offer us more food and hospitality. We decided to stay at the hotel and dedicate the afternoon to packing. We enjoyed a final evening in the Biergarten at our Hotel with Peggie and Jerry, having some quiet time together with drinks and soups to hearten us for the trip home.

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Amonau BridgeAmonau Bridge
Amonau Bridge

Shaggy Dog UnicornShaggy Dog Unicorn
Shaggy Dog Unicorn

We almost found a unicorn
Brian and SilverBrian and Silver
Brian and Silver

Brian wonders if he can see.
Amonau ChurchAmonau Church
Amonau Church

Very interesting churches in every little town

Everyone waving goodbye

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